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Default Coronary Artery Calcium Score

It is becoming more common to see the recommendation that if you are worried about cholesterol numbers, have a CT Coronary Artery Calcium Score done. The history of the resistance to its use was part of the movie 'The Widowmaker.' Dr. William Davis has used it for years, now it is accepted by the NIH and AHA as a useful test.

Dr. Jeffrey Gerber had his done, here is his review of the procedure.

The question of cost was started on another thread.
My previous posts were:

Here's what my Radiologist's office has to say about coverage...likely to vary by state. In Texas it is mandatory thanks to one legislator who pushed for it.

Once you find out how it works in your state, call around to various radiology labs to find the cheapest. Our state and BC have a big push to shop price...they are putting common procedures on a website. Get out of high cost areas and go to the rad lab of a small town hospital and maybe cut the price dramatically. Or not. Duke! had the cheapest hospital colonoscopy in the Triangle, way cheaper than the private gastro I used ten years ago.

At one local hospital, a CAC is $225, you do need a doctor's order to have one, and BC/BS does not cover it because they still consider it an "investigational service or procedure". The privately owned Radiology practice I use charges $350 (umm...need to check my Mammo prices ) Now to check a few other hospitals as it is not on that BC price checker, since it is not a covered service.
But possible checking other CT heart procedures will direct me to other cost effective solutions.
. [Edit, this didn't work well, price for stents and the heart procedures on the price checker are all over the place, and not related to the Radiologist's prices]

Havenít done a thing since those original posts, until now. (DH has doctor appointment tomorrow). Found a community health service down on the coast that charges $125 and $149 at a radiologist in Charlotte. Helpful info about the test at

Now to find a place without the road trip, but I have a base line price....

Edit a few minutes later. $150 right in our town. A private imaging service I have not heard of before, But googled Radiology near Raleigh to find it.

2/10th of a mile and $200 separate the two private radiology practices in town.
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