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PammySue, you asked about skipping meals and whether it has any effect on weight loss. Yes - a negative one! The whole idea is really to manage your insulin levels by never overloading your system with fuel, or letting it dip too low for lack of fuel.Taking the amount of food eaten by one in 3 meals in a normal day, then dividing it into 6 equal mini-meals (with protein at every one) has been proven to reduce weight on non-dieters, get rid of both hypoglycemic and diabetic symptoms, reduce intestinal distress, and in general, have health enhancing effects. This included weight GAIN for the skinny, and weight LOSS for the plump. So I would have to say that you, by emulating starvation conditions in your body, have convinced your body to desperately hang on to every calorie, every ounce, and is nullifying your weight loss efforts. EAT MORE of good proteins, lc veggies and good fats - especially the good fats, and track what happens. And spread them out, not eating in one or 2 large meals per day.
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