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Default Carb Smart Ice Cream

Hey everyone in Vancouver My roommate bought me this Breyers carb smart ice cream the other day, and it was really gross!! I almost died when he told me how much he paid for it ($7.99), and it wasn't even that good! Had a very artifical mouth coating texture. Instead, my new favorite is Safeway NoSugarAdded strawberry! A bit higher in carbs, but awesome!! And pretty cheap $3.99...
Sometimes it makes me so mad how much people are charging for low carb products. I went to the low carb store on Arbutus the other day, and they wanted $11 for a box of frozen waffles (think Eggo waffles). Ridiculous. I can't remember back when LowFat first started, but were all the prices so jacked up then? Is there hope for low carbers to be able to spend $3.50 on a bag of toritilla chips (and not $7) like normal people?
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