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WereBear Thu, Jun-02-22 07:44

I realized I'm doing a particular Protein Power Plan
It was called The Cure for the Middle Aged Middle (my recall, it was actually Middle-Aged Middle 6 Week Cure) and the link is a thread on it when a bunch of us were discussing it when it came out.

I realize my slip was Freudian.

The core of it was two shakes a day and a meal... which is what I'm doing. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Part of it was me doing a Dr. Jack Kruse Cortisol reset which means 50 grams of protein within 20 minutes of waking, and while I love breakfast meat and eggs, I don't need to play beat the clock every morning and there is clean-up that's a bit daunting for someone who took 5 months bed rest this winter.

(And it worked! I retired in time to save my life.)

I was interested in the Discussion in Semi-low carb plan about the importance of protein in the challenges they were doing. Marty Kendall's Data-Driven Fasting

This time, like the last time I did it years ago, was about protein smoothies. It was a quick to make, easy to clean up concoction I could shake up and drink on my way to work. And now, there's so many flavors. Once I discovered hot chocolate smoothies, it was over. Sometimes, they would be dinner, too. And it seemed to work well. I get along with whey protein, and hot chocolate can be caramel, mint, cayenne, amaretto, or with my real raspberries.

Got some new products, a marshmallow cereal flavor and cinnamon, because that's a tough mix until I get my technique down. It never seems cinnamony enough, but perhaps my palate needs to adjust. It's been doing plenty of that.

The last three months of paying attention to my protein has led to rebuilding and it's starting to feel good. So while liquid diets were failures in the past, ones we craft ourselves have much more sustainability.

This feels like something I might keep.

And I did give up coffee at the same time, and it could explain how finding a good substitute became something of a hobby :lol: :lol: :lol:

JEY100 Thu, Jun-02-22 11:13

I remember that book, but like you, I think the idea of two liquid meals turned me off. I had all the PP books out of the library at once, that one was skimmed and put aside.

Perfect timing to talk about protein shakes! Yesterday our intense water aerobics season started. The resistance of the water plus range of motion not available on land means parts are hurting I forgot I had. Today I also stayed on the blistering hot pool deck for another hour. Not in the mood for a hot stir-fry so made my favorite cold frozen smoothie. That is the "green hulk smoothie" you can find on the optimizing nutrition website plus the addition of 1/2 c frozen berries. Color ends up a bit muddy, but it is super simple.

Marty gives a list of reasons why real food protein is better for satiety, but he doesn't totally reject Smoothies, ON has an entire recipe book of them! I see a lot of frozen smoothies in my near future. Ted Naiman's rant about "processed food" was the start of adding a scoop of whey to help meet my protein goal.

Check out Marty's Pinterest and Instagram pages. On Pinterest there are also HP Protein Desserts boards, one is a 25 recipe roundup including Marty's Berry Protein Fluff. I also make this PSMF Flan in chocolate for a cool gelatin snack. If willing to use a protein powder and frozen fruit, a whole world of milkshake-like meals (that bodybuilders and models have been using forever) can be found.

Benay Mon, Jun-06-22 05:10

I too did the Eades' 6-week shake. I hated it. But then, at the time, there were so few options for making shakes and I am not creative when it comes to cooking. I now have the HLTH Code he recommends. Only 2 flavors and the vanilla is not to my taste even if it is better for adding other things like berries

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