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RainbowBri Thu, Oct-11-12 09:47

Atkins Diet Newbie (Ireland)
Hi guys,

I'm starting the Atkins diet next week. I have the book and lists of food but I'm curious as to what a typical daily menu looks like for others on the Atkins...

Any Atkins advice welcome.


Kelly_L Sun, Oct-14-12 13:54

Hi and welcome
My daily food varies depending on if I'm at work that day or not. On weekends I'm a big bacon and egg breakfast person, veg or salad lunch (or nothing if I've had a late breakfast) and big meat dinner (tonight its pulled pork and asparagus)
On weekdays I'm up at 4am and have no appetite so I have an Atkins bar mid morning for breakfast (they don't seem to stall me) veg soup or salad for lunch and a small dinner of meat or fish and veg. I eat lots of cauliflower, asparagus, summer squash, mushrooms, peppers, radishes and other colorful stuff. I find I don't always have much of an appetite so I like to get enough variety and nutrition when I do eat so I mix it up quite a bit.

Michaelk Sat, Oct-27-12 03:57

I'm only on Atkins diet for 3 weeks. My Menu varies like everyone else but basically this is what i have:-

Eggs bacon and a tomato or Flourless pancakes or waffels made with soy floor.I made a big batch and keep them in the freezer, or if i'm running late I have an Atkins bar.

Mid morning
Depends on what I had for breakfast. I try to have variety so I might have any of the folloing
Tuna salad
Bacon & Eggs with tomato
Egg salad
Cheese salad

Afternoon snack one of the following
Greek salad with olives feta cucumber and a little olive oil
handfull of cherry tomatoes
Small piece of chicken with salad
Half an avacado with lemon juice

Dinner one of the following
a stirfry made with chicken and vegetables
Steak and onion
Tuna Salad
Chicken &Broccoli cooked in forman with soy sauce

Evening snack
Atkins bar
Cheese crisps with avacado dip (Low carb)
Internet muffin (no flour) topped with cream cheese with sweetners.

Thats just a quick example. The thing is to become farmilliar with what you can have and the amount of carbs you can take and be as creative as you can be.

I try to keep to 20carbs per day and try to get about 12 of those carbs from vegetables.

Throughout the day I drink plenty of water and when I started first I put a little salt in every glass of water I drank. This helps you to keep hydrated and reduces some of the initial side effects.

Hope that helps

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