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LoMo Sun, Feb-06-11 09:46

When irish Eyes are Low Carbing!
So just before christmas I decided that the Low carb lifestyle was for me. The thing is it's working well but for some reason beyond me, every 12/14 days I go mad and binge on carbs. Anything I can lay my hands on finds it's way into my mouth!

So today is day 14 (again) and so far I'm on the straight and narrow. Chicken, leeks, red pepper in cream and mustard sauce for dinner.

Today is going to be a long day so I think if I get the urge I will write on here to maybe distract me,

My weight is dropping and I want it to continue. I couldn't tell you my actual weight as I think I've got the most rubbishy scales ever made. Lean forwards my weight drops, lean back i go up half a stone lol. But oh well its generally going in a downward curve.

Why am I in the Ireland group, well I'm in Kildare in ireland and hope that a few more of us may start posting here.

This site has been brilliant to read through with the huge amount of information on it.

552089 Sun, Feb-06-11 14:57

Greetings to Kildare from London. If the curve is downward, despite naff scales, you are doing OK. I hope that, like me, it's not just about the numbers, but the baggier clothes,the energy and throwing away the painkillers. I try and make sure that carby nonsense is not to hand, that is to say, I avoid bringing the stuff into the house to begin with, I can't eat what I ain't got. Believe me, it will diminish, to the point where its not a case of 'can't have' but 'don't wan't'. Carbs are addictive, you are the recent smoker who just wants a couple of puffs to shut off the cravings, but like cigarettes, you may have to ignore it at first, but it gets easier as the body adjusts, although, sadly, there is as yet no such thing as a 'carb patch' to get you over the craving hump. Good luck !

LoMo Mon, Feb-07-11 08:26

Thanks a million!

Well last night went fine. No reaching out for carby rubbish. Today so far I've had portobello mushroom, chorizo brie roasted so that'll keep me going for a while.

LoMo Wed, Feb-09-11 16:04

Woohoo still on the straight and narrow here. Delighted I've stayed on track, had some yuk sung this evening, very spicy very delicious.

My clothes are starting to fit me better, even if the darned scales is next to useless.

One day at a time, thats what I'm doing. Long may it last.

GalwayGirl Tue, Dec-09-14 09:10

Hi Folks,
I'm in Ireland also and have just joined this forum .. Wondering is there anyone out there that knows anything about the Dr. Stillman diet. Started it last Thursday, 4th Dec '14 and going pretty well at the moment - could do with some encouragement though as finding it severe ..! :help:

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