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westcoast Sat, Aug-18-07 12:44

Anyone doing the No Grain diet?
How is it going for you? What do you think of it? How does it compare to other plans you have tried?

Demokat Sat, Aug-18-07 13:49

I don't eat grains because I'm celiac/gluten & wheat intolerant. I am doing Atkins, but obviously I skip the grain rung altogether. :)

Benay Tue, May-18-21 05:30

Because I may have developed gluten intolerance, I got Dr Davis Wheat Belly books to learn more about gluten intolerance and wheat.
Although he lists grains with gluten, not all grains have gluten, but he demonizes all grains anyway. Why?
Is it because they are high carb?
If so, all low carb books recommend eliminating all grains because of the carb content.
But is Davis "selling" avoidance of gluten or a low carb diet?
It isn't helpful to confuse these two principles.
Frankly, I was disappointed.

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