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Cadence Sat, Dec-29-01 20:26

Quick Easy Meals?
Can anyone let me know which low-carb plan is best for quick and easy meals? I'm a university student and I have a husband and little girl to look after. I was on the Heller's CALP but found it involved too much food preparation. I hate spending time in the kitchen. Any suggestions?

bsheets Sun, Sep-14-08 02:11

Gosh, 2001, I really hope your query was addressed in another post!

Kisal Sun, Sep-14-08 11:19

OP's most recent post was Jan 24, 2002. :)

Judynyc Sun, Sep-14-08 11:57

Originally Posted by Kisal
OP's most recent post was Jan 24, 2002. :)

Not only that...her last visit here was in Feb 2002. :)

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