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vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 19:55

Vegas Kelly's My PLAN Recipes
I'm going to start a thread to all the recipes that I have on My PLAN so far. To add them to your recipes simply click on the link and click the add to favourites button. That should work.
Most of my recipes have been found here and modified a bit to suit my taste.

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 19:57

Low Carb Lasagna

Low Carb Lasagna
I think this is one of the best recipes yet. I served it to a non lowcarber and he said it was the best lasagna he had ever tasted. :agree:

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 20:06

Pork Rind French Toast
Pork Rind French Toast

This ones been on the breakfast recipe forum forever and as most will tell you from that thread that it is WONDERFUL! You would never know this is made from pork rinds!

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 20:18

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche

This is yummy, had to make it in a smaller round pan as that was all I had at the time but it still came out fantastic! I've made it several times and it just keeps getting better!

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 20:35

Bacon and Mozzerella Quiche

Bacon and Mozzerella Quiche

One of the first recipes that I tried when I started low carbing again. Tasty and easy.

LadyBelle Tue, Mar-21-06 22:41

The linking to the nutritional info is really neat. Is there anyway to post the recipies, or a link to them if there is an existing recipie? I want to make the quiche at some point, but too tired tonight to do a search on it. If it was a direct link it could make life easier to some of us bums (or those who aren't great at searches yet)

vegaskelly Tue, Mar-21-06 22:56

usually I've linked the original recipe in the actual recipe...if you click on the link that gives the my plan recipe it should have an additional link that says view recipe...that usually should point to where I got the original recipe.
Let me know if I am misunderstanding what you mean because it's late and I am tired. hehe.
It won't post to a MYPLAN recipe if there isn't already one that I know of.
Let me know if I've messed something up.

LadyBelle Wed, Mar-22-06 20:43

Ahh ok I see it now. There is a very small link that says "view recipe now" Sorry, tired eyes can miss the fine print.

cnmLisa Wed, Mar-22-06 21:01

VegasKelly--how do you do that?? meaning....

how do you get the link with the just the name of the recipe (instead of the entire thread name).

how did you get the recipe up?? I have tons of custom recipes that people ask me for and would love to post it just like you did.


I'm making pizza quiche tomorrow:wave:


sunrise02 Wed, Mar-22-06 21:57

Originally Posted by vegaskelly

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche

This is yummy, had to make it in a smaller round pan as that was all I had at the time but it still came out fantastic! I've made it several times and it just keeps getting better!

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing..Send more pls!


vegaskelly Wed, Mar-22-06 22:15

Hey there! What I did was make a recipe within the My PLAN system. Once that happens and you get to the stage of the actual recipe creation(where it shows you the nutritional info) it creates an individual ID # for the recipe...all you have to do is copy and paste the URL from your browser and link it to wherever you want and it will show the link to the recipe.
Let me know if you have any more questions...I may not have the answers but I will try! ;-)

vegaskelly Wed, Mar-22-06 22:51

Chicken Fingers
Made these to follow...
Really good, not crispy when reheated in the micro
Chicken Fingers

cnmLisa Thu, Mar-23-06 10:46

Thanks so much for posting the "instructions". It took me awhile to "get it". Now I've got to clean up some of the recipes and make them post worthy. Generally my recipe intructions are just the down and dirty.

Chicken fingers here I come!!!


vegaskelly Sun, Apr-02-06 16:30

Homemade French Salad Dressing
French Dressing

I've been using Carbwell french dressing for quite some time because French is my fave dressing but lately I have been unable to find in my local stores so here is the recipe I took from an Atkins recipe.

The original recipe called for green onions which I didn't have so I didn't use them. Still tastes pretty good.
Oh and the net carb on this is 2 for the ketchup...wasn't sure how to fix that in the system.

sphinxy Fri, Jun-16-06 17:03

Kelly just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss, you are doing sooooo good.

I'm just starting over and seeing the changes in people really helps me stick with it.


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