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Rosebud Fri, Oct-27-06 21:29

Recipes Suitable for Induction
Although these recipes may technically be suitable for Atkins Induction, it will pay to be cautious, especially with serving sizes!

Baked Cheesecakes
AMAZING Cheesecake!
The greatest cheesecake!
Cheesecake - custard style
Cheese Cake
Portion Controlled Cheesecake
Easy Cheesecake
Best (freezes well)
New York Style Cheesecake (Bakery style)

Unbaked Cheesecake
Mock Cheesecake
Creamy Dreamy Jello Cheesecake
quick as a snap cheesecake
Cheesecake Pudding
Killer No-Cook Cheesecake (lemon jello)
Key Lime Kool-Aid Cheesecake
Raspberry Cheesecake Squares
No bake, Induction Vanilla Cheesecake (small portions!)

Mousses, Custards and Creamy Desserts
Mock Danish
Cheese Danish - to die for!
Cream Cheese Quickie
Cream cheese cherry dessert
Cream Cheese Fluff
Sweet Sour Cream
Cheesecake custard
Baked Custard
Low Carb Baked Custard
Custard Extraordinaire!
Custard Sauce

Yummi pancake a'la Ancsi
Perfect Pancakes for Two (Induction Friendly)

Gelatine desserts
Jello Cream Cheese Cups
good jello...sets fast
Modified Pudding Like Recipe
Lemon/lime accident!
Jell-o Whipped Cream Cheesy Goodness
Creamy fruity jell-o treat
Jello Shake
Creamy homemade Jell-o
SF Jell-o and cream
dreamsicle gelatin dessert
Coffee flavoured Jello
new treat
Jello Rainbow Ribbon Mould
Improved Jello
SF gelatin made with Kool Aid
Another homemade jello
Sugar Free Gelatin made with Splenda 0 carb
Drink Powder Low Carb Gelatine (Jello) Dessert
Sugar Free Jello made with Splenda
Fizzy Sugar Free Jelly!
LC/HF GreenTea/Peppermint Jello

Frozen Desserts
automne delites: aromatic mousse/ice cream
Tastes like chocolate ice cream....
Creamsicle recipe
Frozen Cream Cheese Balls
Ice Pop Idea
Orange cream pops
Sorbet - With Pictures
Classic vanilla ice-cream

cheesecake crust

Rev Roll Lemon Cake
Creamcheese Pumpkin Rolls
Rev Roll Tiramisu

Knox gelatine candy
updated gummies
Knox Blocks
Cinnamon gummy candies
AMAZING sweet snack--- GUILT FREE!!

Sweet Snacks
Sweet Cinnamon Pork Rinds
Sweet Pork Rinds
Caramel Popcorn
Buttery Cinnamon Snack
really good pork rind dip

Lemon Curds
Lemon curd - low carb and low calorie
basic lemon curd recipe

Masala Chai
Chai My Way
Delicious coffee on cold day
Coffee Cream Soda
No Carb Mocha Vanilla Frappuccino-- now that's hot!
Sugar Free Gatorade®
Rosemary Lemonade
Cherry Slushee
Homemade "soda"
Flavor extracts - make diet soda yummy
Lemon or Lime Soda for those who hate artificial Sweetners
Summer-time treat...ROOT BEER FLOAT!
My new favorite sweet drink...
Italian Sodas
Sparkling drinks with natural sweetener

Year of the LC Golden Pig

1:1 natural sugar substitute

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