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Verbena Sat, Nov-14-20 21:53

Many people will be planning, or having planned for them, a much smaller Thanksgiving gathering this year. If you are one of them, what are you looking at? A scaled down version of what you usually do? Taking advantage of the chance to try something new? Or just getting take out Chinese, because, who cares?
Our Thanksgiving “crowd” will be reduced by a third; that is, my single brother from out of town will not be joining DH and me. So, instead of 2 ducks, I will be roasting just one. The side dishes will be fewer and smaller, but more or less the same. Brussel sprouts in some form, root veg mash in some form. Some form of LC dressing, and ditto, the gravy. DH has asked for grilled scallops wrapped in prosciutto, skewered on a fresh rosemary twig, for a starter. My “famous” pumpkin pie, of which I will only have a small slice. Yes, I know there are various LC options out there, but this is once a year, and I’m okay with the single slice. And it keeps the boys happy. And the LC options are, IMO, really not as good.
And then comes December, and we get to see what happens for Christmas - and, in my case, my birthday. :-)

Kristine Sun, Nov-15-20 02:13

That spread sounds great!

We had our Thanksgiving in October here in Canada. Pics below. Our families don't get together, so this year was the "same old" for us. I like it that way; my job is always really busy in September and I like having the long weekend off just to rest and recover (and cook. ;) )

My tradition now seems to be a roasted chicken (they go on sale) and a couple of sides. This year, I did dressing - mine from chaffles and DH's with stale buns. Mashed cauliflower will always be on the menu, I think, as will the dressing. Last year or the year before, I did green beans with bacon. That was great. :thup: I skipped dessert. I thought of doing pumpkin something, but didn't really feel motivated. Too much food for two people.

Not pictured: coconut flour cheese tea biscuits that I knew would be too filling, and I just left them in the fridge. I actually put the chicken drum back after I took the secend picture, knowing I wouldn't finish it. I was stuffed on 1/2 chicken breast, the dressing, the cauli mash and gravy on everything.

Verbena Sun, Nov-15-20 10:00

Kristine, that all looks delicious! I could skip the dessert too, as sweets aren’t something I crave. But DH, and DB when he is here, like to have the pie.

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