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APP22 Mon, May-13-13 09:18

Atkins books?
I'm wondering if these two books are the same book with different publish dates?
Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution 1990
Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution 1972
I can't find is his book list that he wrote a new version in 1990.

Ms Arielle Fri, Sep-06-13 11:17

I don't have the1972 book, but my impression of reading the 1990 version is that it is not exactly a reprint as newer information has been included. IMO the diet portion is exactly the same.

I have later editions, and overall I cannot see a big difference between any. If anything perhaps more discussion on some topics, new recipes, and again more current research data.

I hve 3 editions and I find them completely compatable; others have mentions variations , but I think this diet is broad enough that many diet plans would result when creating a plan to suit an indiviual. I find them all interchangeable.

NOt sure this answered your question . . .

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