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Lori_:) Sun, Dec-06-20 04:29

LC Our Way #5 - "Let's get ready for 2021"
Here's our new thread! Onward we go!

Lori_:) Sun, Dec-06-20 04:41

Good Morning!

Hope you all find your way to this new thread with no problems. I think I sent the link correctly. I screwed up with the title..It should have been #5 instead of #6, but can't figure out how to change it.....maybe skipping a # will bring us luck :q: EDITED: Thanks to Moderator Kristine, our # has been corrected. :yay:

Gabby decided to get me up at 5AM, so here I am. DH is finally having a day to sleep in a bit after a week of getting up early to go hunting. I suppose he'll be back to that tomorrow. Sigh.

All you girls talking about the series you watch on Netflix or Hulu or whatever makes me think I should jump in to that. I do have Amazon Prime video...I guess I should just use that since it's free with my membership. We don't have a smart tv, so I'd be watching it on my little Chromebook while DH watches whatever on the TV. Not a problem really. I put on the Bose headphones and am not bothered by what he has on.

Nic....glad to hear that DS22 is doing fairly well. Sure hope his symptoms stay mild. It sounds like you're doing the caring Mom thing just right while keeping everyone safely spaced.


Nothing happening here today. I really should get out for a walk at some point. I did so well last week, but now that it's in the 30's with wind, I'm becoming a wimp!

I'll check back in later. :wave:

Kristine Sun, Dec-06-20 06:09

Originally Posted by Lori_:)
I screwed up with the title..It should have been #5 instead of #6, but can't figure out how to change it.....maybe skipping a # will bring us luck :q:
*waves magic wand* ;)

Thank you, BTW. I noticed that it hit the 2000 post point at which we ask you to start a new thread, but I was going to let it ride until the new year. :) I'll close the old thread once y'all have made it here.

Whirrlly Sun, Dec-06-20 06:36

Follow Lori into the new thread! I am here LOL
thanks for starting it up.

Nicco, read up on how you are doing with the sickies and I am thrilled to hear everyone is doing ok at this point and hoping everything clears fast for your DH.

You are controlling your sick ward in fine shape!!

yes the amt of rain is crazy and could you imagine if that was snow amts....yikes. I thought that the other day, if our rain was snow, heck we would be at around 3 ft or something LOL omg!

Lori, yea the PA wind. Know it well. I remember one time walking my dog and I got out my ski mask and ski goggles the wind was so fierce. You can keep your back to it but when ya turn a corner then boom, right in your face and it burns, burns bad LOL

Blue, yea I rely on tv. I can't imagine a life without friggin' tv and I am not ashamed of saying just that HAHA I need it as a boredom killer alot of times and it works for just that! Plus if one 'weeds thru' the tons of crap, there is some great shows on worth watching :)

Hey Jaz, waiting for check in

Going to be easy slow type day. hubby is still snoozing and hasn't got much planned that I know of.

kid is sleeping and I KNOW she ain't doing anything big HA

Me, no plans either. Just have some smaller chores to tackle and other than that, hit store early AM for some 'rv food' I wanna take with us for mostly MY zc survival. They can eat anything, anywhere and do so while on vacay, but I am so damn picky and need MY own food that I make sure I do just that each rv trip now.

All good, nothing much doing, be good all
I got the fire roaring, darn that cold! ugh

niccofive Sun, Dec-06-20 08:24

Howdy Ho, Ladies!

Thank you Kristine for getting the title fixed up (btw I love your quotes) and thank you Lori for starting the new thread!

Lori, do any of your family members use Netflix or Hulu or anything like that? It is pretty common for families to share a membership. We have a couple, DD and SoIL have a couple and we share them between us all. For a long time DS22 covered Spotify. You could check with them and see.

Trig- Yay for shopping for RV food bc that means that there is a trip coming! You guys will have a great time just getting away a bit.

Brrr it is cold out this morning! I had the window open over night and the top of my head was a bit chilly this morning. Slept really well though!

Not much planned for today. Such is quarantine life.. I have never had such an empty calendar. Literally nowhere to go, not only things I have to do but things I might want to do. There is no leaving the house! Allll the time in the world at the moment.

I realized yesterday that I literally have no idea what day it is. Weekend, weekday, whatever. I obviously am not going to miss an appointment on my calendar or anything so what is the difference? I will try to remember tomorrow though bc it is my brother's birthday.

Haven't heard from the kid yet today so not sure how he is doing. I also need to keep in mind that the mornings are always the worst with colds and viruses and just keep my head about me.

I plan on baking the promised chocolate chip cookies today (they got put off yesterday bc I made soup) and I plan on grilling some chicken skewers for dinner. I also want to clean the upstairs master bedroom and bathroom and run the vacuum down here.

That's about it. Will check in later with update on DS22. Everyone else is fine but DS18 is SO READY to leave the house and desperately wants to see his GF. OH! By the way, speaking of DS18- he has been doing DuoLingo and teaching himself Italian. He is doing really well at it too. I'm impressed!

Jaz66 Sun, Dec-06-20 08:42

I'm HERE I'M HERE !!!!!!

Thanks Lori/ Kristine for getting us a FRESH start. I too was hoping we could wait it out- but I almost lost the last post.
We all are prolific posters!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lori- - Yea for a new Thread! Let 2020 die early! Although it looks like we all (collectively all) will be dragging 2020 into 2021. It is going to take some time. Urghhhhhhhh

I am right there with you on walking in the cold. I just don't want to. I hate being cold! But I do know I need to get off my butt and DO something! Walking is honestly the best way to get started!
So ready for Spring!

How is your sis doing these days? She has family near her right, a DD or ........ can't remember.
I tell ya I think my memory is going!
Sometimes I think I have ask a question and I haven't. Boy now that is a funny one! I keep waiting for an answer and I never actually verbalized it. Or my favorite is asking the same question and forgetting the answer....... Oh the joys of getting older! HA

Is your leg feeling better today? Does a heating pad help?

Blue- I just LOVED Anne with an E- LOVED it. I knew you would too!!! I have blown though all the Crown as well, including the last series with Lady D. So so sad.
I am trying to find something new now!
I watched the one Trig recommended about the nurse who sold her house, traveled and found Mr. Right! I am waiting for my family tale ending!

I didn't see where if you said you had decorated or not. Do you Zoom alot for business? That would require something other than Pj's. Something I am opposed to most days anyway! HAHAHA- I bet you didn't see that coming from me!

Ya- that Lil Bit- I call her that- sure has me charmed. Well the boy does too. They are as different as night and day. OMG cute story- I will save it for the end!
I can so see you dangling car keys, a puppy and a bra- and away you go. She wants the 3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: She is already asking for sparkly earrings. Wowsa on that girl!

Glad you are doing well and are staying in and healthy!!!
Writing updates??

NIC- Speaking of sic- I am sure glad to hear updates regarding your "boy". I sure hope it turns around quick and he is over it. Expect him to be tired for a bit. I have heard that is a lingering side effect! Sending good MOJO his way!

Wow on the chicken soup! Very ambitious!!!!!!!
I am absolutely sure you have your home running efficiently with a system! You are a women of SO many talents! Every family needs one of you! I am not that organized. I sorta wing it! Getting by on the seat my pants kinda gal.
Although when the kids were home it was sort of a controlled chaos. Lots going kids ALWAYS had friends over so I had to over look many kids. I am proud that we were the house the kids all came too. I am grateful for that. I knew what they were doing, even in the teen zone room. They had the entire family room downstairs. We had a trig-level then. It worked.

Keep us posted!!!!!!!! Again- don't forget to do something nice for yourself!!

Trig- I know you are chomping at the bit to get outta dodge.
No booze..... goodness you weren't feeling it! :lol: :lol: :lol: Hell Lori sticks it in her coffee now! HAHAHAHAH And here I thought my peppermint coffee was a real pick me up!!! :lol:

Did you get out and about yesterday? Almost nice! I could have used it a bit warmer.
What type of stores do you shop in? Do you have a Kroger or Publix?
Do you have a Piggly Wiggly?!?!?!- HAHAHAH Now those are true southern stores with their boiled peanuts and all! There is a Piggly Wiggly just outside of Savannah. I loved the name, but it was not real big or anything to write home about!
Now Trader Joes that is my kind of store! I seem to always find something new there. I like their spices and wine isle- not in that order!
I do like there frozen section to. Just lots to look at. Although I am not browsing much these days! Covid ya know! I don't think TJ has curbside pick up either!
So are you packing gloves!!!!!!? How long of a drive is it? Ok here comes a dumb question- only because I have never hauled a camper. But someone can't be in the back while it's moving right? I know that in Drivable RV's you can. I guess I just thought about it?
Woke up to bright sunshine and COLD!!!!
I was up too late last night in a chat room and looked up and it was 2am!!!!! I have a slight tired headache from not enough sleep. Coffee will take care of that.

Yea- I am going to TRY to finish up the last few things for the kids for gifts. I am not doing a big deal this year at all!!! New towels, dish towels, and toys. I will hit up Macy's- Thanks NIC!
Amazon spoils us and it is so easy- click , click done! They know it too!!!

Speaking of shopping I will put together my list for this week. I don't need much. Just a few things to fill in. Coffee almond creamer, a tomato, some bacon, hot sauce- I swear I go though that by the gallon.
I want to make a sausage breakfast casserole this week. I like having "stuff" to pull out done!
Will have chili as well, no beans.
Anyway- I do love curbside- grocery shopping.

Yup my Zoom interview is tomorrow at 2. It will require clothes.....HAHAHAHAHAHAH :( :( :(

I wonder what the lurkers and moderators think of our conversations- Lordy.......... bored to tears.........

Ok- back later

Jaz66 Sun, Dec-06-20 08:46

WOW was that a fast post- click, boom posted!!!!

NIC- we cross posted!!!

Just waiting on Blue to make her way here!

Lori_:) Sun, Dec-06-20 09:14

Just to clarify....I DO NOT put booze in all my coffee! :lol: As a matter of fact, I haven't had any Bailey's in several days. Thanks for the reminder Jaz....after a cold walk, I'm thinking that will taste mighty fine!

Nic....your homemade chicken soup sounds SO good! I love the sound of it, but there's no way I'm doing all that work. Working with chicken parts makes me queasy, plus I'm a lazy a$$. exciting shopping for RV food! I can't wait to hear about your mountain adventure!

Blue..... :wave:


It is after 10 and I'm about to bundle up and get this walk done. I have plenty of warm excuse to sit here on my butt. Plus, I need something to do to kill some time until I can open my eating window. A nearly 1 hour walk followed by a hot shower get me to nearly Noon, which is the earliest I want to eat. I go!!!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Back from a 3 mile/1 hour walk. The sun was out for the most part, but there was a bit of wind. I made sure I stayed on a route that kept me in the sun and it was awesome. I told myself that I would just get 30 minutes in and then I could come home. As usual, once I was out, it was no problem to keep going. I wore 2 layers on the bottom and 3 layers on top. As long as my ears are covered and I have gloves, I'm golden. Hot shower after was great and now it's time to eat!!!

Lori_:) Mon, Dec-07-20 05:08

Good Morning!

I was happily typing along and not sure what I hit, but *poof* went a few paragraphs of my rambling. Made me cuss. :mad:

Anyway, another Monday has come along. Every day is just like the next around here. The only thing on my schedule today is a massage. I know the therapist is very careful about cleaning and mask wearing, so I hope for the best. My hamstring really needs a good going over.

I talked to my sister yesterday. She's hanging in there. She was telling me about her daughter's health struggles. She's overweight and diabetic and not managing it well at all. She had a telehealth appt with her Dr. last week to go over her blood work etc. and the Dr. (finally!) had a come to Jesus moment with her. For now she's on pills for her blood sugar, but the needle is coming if she doesn't get control of things. She is such a wimp about needles that she doesn't even do the finger stick to test her blood sugar, so she is adamant that she couldn't inject herself. She, her husband and teenage daughter all have terrible eating habits. Take out food and a Starbucks addiction. It's sad...I hope she can get herself under control. She has bought a treadmill to get more exercise, but that will do little if she doesn't change her eating. I would be glad to help her, but she won't even listen to her Mother(my sis who is a nurse) let alone me.

Well, I need more coffee and will come back to check on you all later. Have a good start to your week!

Whirrlly Mon, Dec-07-20 05:53

Nicco, that is so cool your kid is teaching himself Italian. love kid is trying to learn German on her own. She isn't moving along at good form tho but comes out saying German lines to me and says, guess what I am saying HAHA

Yea the days run into each other....oh boy I know that one. Without something to mark our days I also don't know what day it is alot of times :agree: :p

Lori, hope that message helps your hamstring today! any relief is good relief.

I so get your Sis's kid and not wanting to change but at some point health has to trump over or you set yourself up real bad. Your niece is just like Tony's was pills first and Dr said shots are next and she would not eat right and took shots and now her insides are rotting out literally from the sugar troubles. All the days of her life becoming more miserable as her blood sugar spirals out of control making her feel awful and sluggish and all and not living that healthy life each day and then now, omg, she has like 15 specialist doctors and lives nothing but is SO NOT worth it. Many tho don't care about 20 yrs down the road if what they are diagnosed with isn't harming them on the spot ya know but oh yea, she will be harmed big time in a shorter time frame than she thinks.....ugh.....I was so sad to read that about her. I sure hope she has a come to Jesus moment but we can't walk another's health path for them, she will have to act and I hope she learns to do just that.

Jaz I do food lion and ingles stores. food lion is all around me and my closest and I do Ingles cause it has some products the other store doesn't have, like my Taylor Ham pork roll product I love. Publix is new in this area and too far of a drive, not worth it to me. No Krogers around here.

Interview, hope it fits you and let us know what goes down.

Hey Blue, waiting on ya to join the new thread :o :thup: :D

All good in my world.
Pack rv with alot of clothes, gonna do layers like Lori for survival ;) :lol:
Pack food in rv. Not bringing much, planning on eating out more for 'them' and I will be sure I have tons of meats for me. Being state parks and usually in the middle of nowhere type camping and also being covid crap, I never rely on restaurants anymore for me. I take care of my own food and believe me I am packing alot for me LOL The carby people can always find something to eat out there at some point, I am so extremely selective it is easier for me to take my chow....omg I love my full kitchen rv :lol:

just a small busy type day here, usual kinda thing. I did get 4 sets of battery operated lights for the golf cart....yes bringing it for this short trip cause kid loves to drive around with me in it and she drives so she gets good practice but we are gonna light that thing up wtih xmas lights....LOL....I got 2 strands of xmas lights for the awning to zip that up and gonna put 1 strand of xmas lights in the camper for some effect. I will try to take a pic of the golf cart nearing dark and post it for you guys HAHA this campground isn't all that big but enough sites that 'cruising just before dark all decked' out will be something the kid will love to do.

over and out and be good

Whirrlly Mon, Dec-07-20 11:08

oh forgot, it is my birthday....59 and going strong yet I forgot the actual day HA

niccofive Mon, Dec-07-20 12:34

Jaz- What kind of chat room were you in? Where are they? I haven't really heard of chat rooms in the past couple of decades! :lol:

I hope you found some good stuff at Macy's. :) And good luck on your interview today. We are all doing to want to hear so if you post before, then post again after too!

What is the update on your Ex and his wife?

Lori- Glad you are getting a massage and I hope it brings you some relief. Does anyone say whether continued walks are a good idea or not? You are in pretty good touch with your body though so I expect you know whether you should or not. Do you still think the injury is associated with the golf cart?

I feel for your sister, in terms of her DD and her health. I think as a Mom that would be so worrisome. My Mom is the same way as her daughter and it makes me crazy.. a total baby about checking her blood sugar so she just doesn't and makes all kinds of bad choices, over and over again.

Speaking of golf carts-- Trig I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of you decking out the golf cart in Xmas lights. You are a fun chick!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It is my brother's birthday too. I hope you have a wonderful day! Does your family to do anything to celebrate you?

All is well here. It's a pretty day out so maybe I will take a short walk. I think that would be allowed since I won't be near anyone.

DS22 is doing well. No complaints except fullness in his ears and he said that has lessened today. He is eating well- I fixed him cereal and sausages for breakfast around 9:30 and then he asked for lunch at 12:30! He is up and about in his room every day. I think maybe he is starting to study for exams. I encouraged him to consider taking a short walk to the end of the court just to get out in the sun and get a bit of exercise, but I know he is also exercising in his room.

DS18 said his exams are this week. I think he is finished with his first semester of college in three days. He said he has all Bs right now. So, not bad. Not great but not bad. Especially for doing his first college classes completely online.

He is doing a pretty good job of adulting.. I am proud of him. He sets up with his accounting tutor on his own, he made his own dentist appointment (I gave them him number and had them deal with him directly), sets up his own Telehealth and C19 test appointments, communicates with his boss at work etc. I have tried to push as much to him as I can, not bc I am not willing to do it but because I really want him to get to be an adult like if he were at college. I'm happy with the way he is transitioning into that role.

I am feeling just fine as are the rest of the family members. Today, besides the basic cooking I have been doing, I want to clean the master bedroom and bath. I've been doing a sanitizing daily but it needs a clean of other areas like the tub and floor, and the master bedroom needs doing.

DH commented on the number of packages that have been coming. He is clearly not used to being around as much so he doesn't know what it usually looks like around this time of year! I asked him what does he think it looks like when purchases are being made for 10+ people? :lol: It clearly just had never occurred to him- we all know the present fairy comes and buys and delivers and wraps, right? ;)

That's about it- been on plan now for a solid week. I got on the scale for the first time and I'm in the 150s but not as low as I was. I know it will come. I rarely weigh anymore though so not sure when I will do it again. Likely not for a week or two, minimum.


Lori_:) Mon, Dec-07-20 12:40

Happy Birthday Trig!!!!!!!!!! :Party: :bday: :cheer:

I, too, love the idea of the decked out golf cart! What fun!!

Lori_:) Mon, Dec-07-20 15:35

Nic.....glad to hear that your family members are still feeling well, for the most part. Sounds like DS22 is doing fine. It's a good sign when the appetite is good.

The massage therapist gave me a workout! An hour and a half with a lot of time on the bad hamstring. :eek: I came home and just passed out in my tired and dopey! Feel like I took something....weird. DH just got home and I have to get myself awake enough to get him something to eat.

As far as the golf cart being the cause of the hamstring tendinitis, I'll never know for sure, but I really think that was it. It will just take a LONG time for the tendinitis to resolve. A young guy who works part time with DH said he had a hamstring injury and it took a year to get over. Not what I wanted to hear.

Jaz.....wondering how your day went and waiting for you to tell us about the interview. So glad you are in the position to wait for the right opportunity and not to have to take something that isn't perfect.

My golf buddies were in touch today. We're going to try to play Thursday and/or Friday when it's sunny and in the 40's. We definitely have a problem. :daze:

:yawn: Have a good evening.

Jaz66 Mon, Dec-07-20 15:44

TRIG :bday: :bday: :bday: :Party: :cheer:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY My dear friend- MAKE today Wonderful!!!!!!!!!
:dazzle: :dazzle: :dazzle :bday:

I know you are happy about pulling outta dodge tomorrow. Did you get stocked up?
Safe Travels...............

NIC- So happy to hear you all really are all doing well and DS who is sick is doing pretty well.
You made me laugh over the about of packages coming your way!!! Present fairy!!!!! HAHAHAH

Stay healthy and well!!!!!!

Lori- sad face here for your sis.......Have you ever had a heart to heart with her regarding carbs and blood sugar? It is SO SO hard to see a family member needlessly going down hill when a diet SO could be an answer!

Blue- updates..............
100% on WOE-

I was actually super busy today. Had 2 interviews. One was a bust/ other super interested.
More on that tomorrow ------

Chat room, Yea I found a chat's new..... it is connected to the podcasts I listen to at night. It is real time- back and forth- like speaking. So I was pretty excited. I love this guy I listen too at night.
Nothing WOE wise so no issues I would ever leave!!!! Different topic altogether!

Safe travels Trig- check in when settled.

See ya tomorrow

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