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tamarian Tue, Oct-23-01 16:56

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
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Just published. Please feel free to add comments, corrections and questions here.

jane anne Sat, Aug-03-02 20:49

i was on the specific carbohydrate diet for almost 3 years for ulcerative colitis. although i used honey, and was overweight, i still lost 30 lbs. most of the recipes are very good. i am now on the atkins diet but i find that frequently i will use many of the recipes that i am fond of. i have substituted sweetner for honey in some of the recipes and find for the most part it works. however there are a few that have required some tweeking. honey being a fluid and sweetner being dry. i usually increase the eggs, butter or add cream.
i also used to make a kind of hamburg bun out of almonds and eggs with an italian style dressing as flavouring. it worked very well.
i miss the fruit on the atkins diet but am adjusting. i was in very good health until an already faulty gall bladder gave out and that just thru a terrible wrench in things. had to go off diet for 2 years while they had me on low fat to keep the attacks at bay until they could operate then for recovery. i gained so much weight. certainly anecdotal proof that low fat and carbs makes you gain weight.
starting to feel normal again. fortunately no recurrance of ulcerative bowel. that seems to be totally healed.


shellseeke Sat, Jun-26-04 20:38

SCD vs Atkins
I have been lo-carbing for several years. I am diabetic and find that the Atkins way of eating works in well. I have been on medicine for this for several years. However, I have IBS and with this comes chronic diahrrea. I tried going off my medicine for a while to see if that was causing the diahrrea and it didn't make a difference. I still had to stay close by a bathroom at all times. Someone told me about the SCD diet. I was wondering if any diabetics had been on it and what the results were. I wanted to continue to lose weight and read where you lost 30 lbs on it. I'd love to have any information anyone can give me about this. THANKS!!!

jane anne Sun, Jun-27-04 06:16

concerning the specific carbohydrate diet, i would recommend that you get the book "breaking the vicious cycle" or "food and the gut reaction". they are written by the same author who developed the diet for her daughter who was dying of ulcerative colitis. it is extremely informative and well worth the read. i wish i could remember the author's name but i have packed those books away, as i am moving tomorrow. when i have unpacked i will post her name and the publisher for you. she is a canadian lady i know that and the diet has worked for countless people.
i hope that this helps you for the moment. if you have trouble finding the diet, post here again and i will give you the best overview that i can.
good luck, jane :wave:

probiotic Fri, Oct-27-06 13:48

I am new on these LC forums but am on a sort of SCD/atkins hybrid for my IBD, and thought I'd post a few good basic SCD-related links to this comments thread: (start here) (SCD for autistic kids)

There are also several current SCD-related lists but I don't have links handy anymore.

tanyapurk Wed, Feb-09-11 15:55

Hi Everyone I am a new member,
I am looking for any advice on following A Low-Starch Diet, I have been on A LSD for 5 weeks now and have lost 8Ibs, but I am struggling to lose any more weight! It seems to be coming off very slowly and I think it may be due to my other medical conditions, I have IBS, an under-active Thyroid and I am a insomiac and I only get a few hours sleep a night! I take medication for my Thyroid but I have stopped taking any medication for my IBS as I feel it was not helping much! I have also started 30mins Cardio a day as soon as I started my Diet and almost have to break through pain due to pain in my joints, but weight lose has really slowed down even though I have stuck to the Diet! What am I doing wrong? I thought I would have lost a lot more weight by now! Can anyone give me some advice?

brendo182 Sun, Jan-15-12 17:24

SCD / Grain-free site to recommend
Hey there,

Not sure if anyone is interested by has been a great site I have used for SCD/Grain-free recipes. Plus it has some great recipes like one for post-workout protein supplement cookies! Anyway give it a try! The email updates are nice.


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