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lvin4jc Fri, Dec-18-15 09:50

LC Corned beef hash, seriously as good as traditional and the easiest recipe ever!
So this may not be news to all of you but if you're like me and you have been missing out on corned beef hash then this post is for you. If this recipe was any simpler it wouldn't be a recipe, it would be an ingredient!

I ran across a can of corned beef at the store, flipped it over to read the label (like I do with everything nowadays) and saw that it had 0 carbs. So I figured I could come up with some use for it and I threw it in the cart. Well last night I typed in "low carb corned beef" and I think the first thing to come up was corned beef hash. So simple, so good. I'm used to the canned hash and this was the same stuff. I had never realized that all the flavor is in the corned beef. The little potato bits are just near-tasteless filler and so cauliflower is a perfect substitute for a nice breakfast with very, very few carbs.

1/2 Can corned beef
Same amount of cooked cauliflower

Fry the beef in your pan, once some fat melts down add the cauliflower until crispy. I actually had to add some olive oil to the cauliflower which surprised me but it was really, really good. I threw some eggs together quick and put them on top of the cooked hash, it was delicious.

Corned beef hash used to be my favorite breakfast and now it may very well be again!

pollyanna1 Tue, Dec-22-15 13:58

Sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip!

Squarecube Mon, Feb-29-16 11:42

That can of 0 carb corned beef may have been a product of Brazil, If so, is most likely grass fed!!

lkelley36 Tue, Mar-01-16 09:30

yum!!! I bet that is amazing!! I hope I can find the frozen riced cauliflower.

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