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*Kris* Tue, Jun-22-04 08:04

Home made LC baking mix recipe?
Before my new WOE I made my own baking mix, similiar to 'bisquick', the main ingredients are flour and lard. My family is asking for my old biscuits, does anyone make their own baking mix? (The Atkins mix is way too expensive for my family). I was also wondering if I could make my old recipe more LC freindly by replacing the white flour with whole wheat, and the sugar with splenda-would that work?

twistermom Tue, Jun-22-04 09:07

From what I have been told, use gluten flour or almond flour.

scott123 Tue, Jun-22-04 11:55

Gluten flour cannot be used by itself or you'll end up with rubber. You'll want to use just a little bit of gluten flour to act as a binder or your biscuits will fall apart. To approximate the binding qualities of real flour, add 1 part gluten flour to 7 parts of whatever else you are using.

For everything else, almond flour is excellent but expensive. Soy protein is a little cheaper but the flavor is not that great. Whey protein isolate is very expensive but I've heard it produces good results.

Splenda should work fine in place of sugar, but you'll want to stay away from whole wheat flour - way too many carbs there. As it is, gluten flour has a few carbs, as does almond, so your carb count is already substantial. If you mess around with whole wheat, it will be through the roof. Plus, whole wheat flour, unless you grind it yourself has a very short shelf life. The stuff found in stores is usually rancid.

ladyvenom Sat, Jun-26-04 23:09

So what would the recipe be for the bake mix? The price of atkins is outrages!

J.K. Sun, Jun-27-04 05:41

I found this link in the thread about AMAZING Hamburger Buns. Folks are raving about em there. Gotta try..

Includes Atkins Style Bakemix too.... about half way down the page.


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