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Karen Fri, Jan-18-02 23:06

Low Carb Newbie Mistakes
This is a great thread I was reading on ASDLC. I was thinking of starting it here...and maybe I will!

Low-carb Newbie Mistakes...

My biggest mistakes? After lurking on ASDLC and reading about all the whipping cream and artificially sweetened desserts that were eaten on Atkins - oh how naive I was - I decided to start doing the same, after being super-successful with Protein Power. Big mistake!


EllieEats Sat, Jan-19-02 05:32

Great idea, Karen!!

My mistake was in eating too little!! :o

I wasn't getting in enough carbs. Once someone pointed that out to me.... I added in some veggies and the weight started coming off again!! :D
I still have a problem sometimes... because I always feel full. But I manage to keep my carbs between 20- 25 and I'm steadily dropping a pound at a time!!

Ellie :wave:

numberonewendy Sat, Jan-19-02 08:23

My biggest mistake:

To think I could relax over the holidays and then think I wouldn't want carbs again. Duh :rolleyes:

Like quitting smoking. To go without for such a time. Then to think one can take one puff and it won't bother you.

When will I learn :bash:

crg66 Sat, Jan-19-02 09:15

Me too, I thought I could relax over the holidays and easily get back to LC eating, but it took me weeks to recover! Also thinking that my Lo-Carb bars actually had only 2g carbs, but finding out that there were at least 20g of hidden carbs :mad:

These are the biggest so far, and it's only been a few months! Live and learn!!

Karen Sun, Jan-20-02 19:32

I'm glad to see that all the "oldsters" here did not make any mistakes when they were low-carbing "newbies".

Amazing! ;)


alto Sun, Jan-20-02 20:21

Mistakes? Me? Ah, had I but world enough and time....

My Journal is full of mistakes, trips, stumbles, falls, u-turns, rethinks, flubs and flops.

I think my biggest mistake was trying to do everything at once. I'm bright and capable, right? So I can get a book and follow everything to the letter instantly, right? Unfortunately, going from no structure, not eating three meals a day, eating only junk food and sandwiches and drinking soda, not drinking water, not exercising, not taking supplements -- it takes more than a day to change all that.

Close runner up -- plan hopping. This hasn't worked for six minutes, try That.

Still learning :) But down 19 pounds since November 1.

lisaf Sun, Jan-20-02 20:56

Oh let's see...thinking I would never plateau (that was for other people)...malitol-sweetened chocolate bars on anything like a regualar basis was WAY too much (see above about the plateau). Apparently I can also say the same about mock danishes ... these things are now only very strict treats for me. The first and second times I tried to lose weight, I weighed myself 3 or 4 times a day. The number became more important than anything else. This time, I had my husband hide the scale and had to deal with seeing changes in other areas of my body and psyche.


amieK Mon, Jan-21-02 04:48

Not necessarily LC mistakes, just mistakes!
My biggest mistake was thinking I could be vegetarian again. Just plain does not work for me.

Also that Fit for Life eating fruit first in the morning is a no-no. Sets me up for bizarre blood sugar swings all day. GIVE ME PROTEIN!!! GRRRR!

Eating fruit by itself is not at all wise. I must balance it with protein and fat. Like 1/2 c blueberries with 1/3 c yogurt, 1 t flax oil. Or an apple and 6 soaked pecans.

Also I have to be careful of fruit intake altogether. Only 1 serving per day is best, from the lower glycemic choices.

I admire all you Atkins followers and don't want to offend with all this talk of "forbidden fruit". I'm very happy with Schwarzbein and it works well for me but I have to be careful.

And although I'm nowhere near advocating low-fat, it works better for me if I don't go hawg wild with it. I like to use just enough, not more. When I was drowning everything in 3 Tablespoons of flax oil each day, I put on weight but that may have been due to that horrible fruit in the morning thing.

And I just recently found out I should abstain from even the occasional cup of coffee. *sigh* My system just can't take it. It makes me feel edgy and sets up cravings that lead me astray. So no more coffee and whipped cream treats for me!

jan9 Sat, Jan-26-02 15:47

new carb mistakes
I am fairly new and Karen mentioned that she was eating deserts with whipped cream like the Atkins Diet. I do the same what is the problem with it. I have cream in my coffee and a desert at night with cream like ice cream. Is that why I still haven't lost weight? My ketones are moderate.

Ruth Sat, Jan-26-02 16:24

Newbie mistakes?
Let's see:

1) Nuts: I can fall into a jar of peanut butter with a spoon & can't stop....Raw almonds - I luv em and can eat 2 cups without even thinking about it. :eek:
2) "legal" desserts with cr cheese, whipping cream, AS, yadda, yadda, yadda. :exclm: Does the whole batch count as 1 serving?
3) In the first month of Atkins, falling into the old 'low fat' way of thinking. It's awfully hard to beat the LF ways out of our systems, isn't it?

My oldster problems: eating way too much of legal treats, nuts, etc. I don't eat high carb foods, I just eat like a pig with legal LC food. AARRRRGGHHHH!

But since I've started BFL, I'm much better about what I eat. Why? Well, I'm working out 6 days a week, getting out of bed ~ 5:45 am on work days to hit the gym b4 work. There are 2 promises to myself at work here: 1) If I'm working at exercise that hard (and losing sleeptime :p ) then I'm not going to fail on the dietary side of things: I have an incentive to eat right and stay on plan. 2) And if I'm sticking to LC, no cheats or bad choices, then no way will I miss a workout. I had to remind myself of this only yesterday morning.

Good thread, Karen. I wonder how many more 'oldsters' you can flush out of the woods? ;) :p

Tama Sat, Jan-26-02 16:25

overconfidence biggest mistake. After I get settled into this new wol, and the cravings are subsiding, thinking that I can resist anything! I am invincible! Cookies and cake cannot touch me, for my cravings have disappeared! I will make my family a pie for dessert tonight and I will not touch it. Of course, I did touch it. I touched everything! It was a hard lesson to learn, that even though I am not craving it, that doesn't mean I can go hang out at the bakery and not be affected. Overconfidence got me into a lot of trouble!

razzle Sat, Jan-26-02 16:32

Karen, surely you jest! This semi-oldster has mistakes galore--including the recurring mistake of wanting quick results on the scale and so losing focus on the process and how much better I feel.

Ruth, yes, one batch does count as one serving ;) , especially with LC cheesecake. In fact, I discovered it tastes pretty good raw, No reason to wait for that one "serving" to get cooked! (can we say "trigger food?")

tree Sat, Jan-26-02 16:47

A little too late for me! Would you believe I JUST finished my first ever sugar-free jello with whipped cream? I was soooooo excited :daze: and it tasted sooooo good! I thought I was being good?! :confused: I can still taste the strawberry in my mouth.... and now I just finished reading Karen's "mistake" :( . Wow, what timing. Well, gotta laugh. :wave: I'll know not to repeat this mistake now. It will explain a lag in weight loss over the next few days I guess. Thanks Karen and everyone else for the warnings.

mariah974 Sat, Jan-26-02 18:09

jan9, i had the same question. now, i've loaned my dandr book to my new son-in-law and can't reference a page number for you, but there is a place where d a advises that if you aren't losing, cut back a bit on fats. he says that perhaps we have taken him too literally about the fatty luxuries of this diet. i think you will find the pages referenced in the index.

hope this helps. my best friend's father used to say, "all things in moderation" and i believe it's a motto that could take the grief out of a lot of these situations.

Karen Sat, Jan-26-02 20:24

"all things in moderation" and i believe it's a motto that could take the grief out of a lot of these situations.

The "thang" about moderation is that with food addicts or compulsive overeaters, there is no such thing as moderation. There are trigger foods that can set us off, and it doesn't matter if they are LC or not.

If you know yourself well enough to know that you are not an addict or CE, a little bit of something in moderation is fine. It's when you keep on going back to nibble on something sweet for example or make or eat sweets everyday that you're in trouble.


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