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gilliath Thu, Jul-10-14 19:46

Milk Chocolate Bar - gluten free, sugar-free, dairy free
If you crave chocolate every now and then , but do not want the sugary ones, you came to the right place. This chocolate bar is AMAZING! It's very creamy, rich, and sweet. You won't be able to tell a difference from a store-bought one.

I did not invent the recipe, but I tweaked it enough by using coconut milk instead of evaporated cow milk.

2 oz *cocoa butter (get a 1lb organic from Amazon) (60g)
2 oz sugar-free/unsweetened chocolate (such as Bakers Chocolate) (60g)
2 TBS coconut oil (or butter) (30ml)
2/3 Cups sweetener (such as *Swerve) (150 ml)
1/2 Cup *coconut milk or coconut cream (125ml)

In double boiler, over medium heat, melt cocoa butter, chocolate and coconut oil OR butter using a whisk to make sure the chocolate melts completely. Stir in the sweetener and whisk until smooth. Add liquid coconut milk or coconut cream and blend with an immersible blender until smooth. Pour into 9 x 5 inch (23 x 12 cm) glass loaf pan or nonstick loaf pan. Freeze until firm. Cut into squares. Keep in the refrigerator.

*Cocoa Butter: I use this one

* Swerve is a mixture of Erythritol and Stevia extract.

*coconut milk: I use Arroy-D or Chaokoh

Approximately 1.5g of Net Carbs per serving (18 servings)

Try it out and let me know how you like it.

gilliath :yum: :thup:

SunnyDinCA Thu, Jul-10-14 19:54

Mmmmmmyy god! Now I want a king size hershey bar...with almonds! Sounds a little too good for me....this would be something that I would literally devour all day a day before tom......I get my 1 choco fat bomb about once a week....and Im ok with that.

edit: whew....ok just had my choco fix....I'll have one of my LC friends make this at her house win/win :)

Bob-a-rama Thu, Jul-10-14 20:20

Does anybody know what the "Natural Flavors" in Swerve are?

I know things like the excretions from the anal sacs of beavers are considered natural flavors.


Sereen Thu, Jul-10-14 20:22

Originally Posted by Bob-a-rama
Does anybody know what the "Natural Flavors" in Swerve are?

I know things like the excretions from the anal sacs of beavers are considered natural flavors.


I do not know, but thank you, Bob.
You made me LAUGH!!! :thup: :lol: :wave:

SunnyDinCA Thu, Jul-10-14 20:27

Mmmmmmm beeeeeeeeaver!!!!!

Nancy LC Thu, Jul-10-14 21:36

Beaver butt sounds natural to me!

I'm eager to try this recipe. Sounds great!

Bob-a-rama Fri, Jul-11-14 07:44

You've probably eaten it already, it's used for vanilla (so it can say natural flavorings and not that phony vanillin) and strawberry tastes.
Millions of people across the globe are eating "beaver butt" and don't even know that they're consuming such a substance.

It's called "castoreum," and it's emitted from the castor sacs within the animal's anus. For a beaver, this slimy brown substance is used to mark its territory, but for us humans, it's used as an additive that is often labeled as "natural flavoring" in the foods we eat - vanilla, strawberry and raspberry probably being the most common.

What I want to know is this:

What brave soul walked up to a beaver, bit his butt, and said, "Hmm, that tastes like vanilla"?????????


I'd still like to know what Swerve calls Natural Flavorings

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations describes a "natural flavorant" as:

the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or any other edible portions of a plant, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose primary function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional

Which means they could use cat urine and list it as a Natural Flavor.

gilliath Fri, Jul-11-14 08:01

Bob, with all due respect, this is a thread about chocolate, not beavers or vanillin. Swerve is organic and they guarantee their natural flavors aren't MSG.
I would rather eat extracts of the anal sacs of beavers than for example Sucralose - the final chemical compound created by the addition of chlorine atoms to sucrose molecules through a complex chemical reaction involving a number of highly toxic chemicals. If you don't like Swerve as sweetener , you can use something else.

Bob-a-rama Sat, Jul-12-14 07:15

Hey, I love chocolate, and I like the recipe - thanks.

But I also want to know what I'm putting in my body, and I've read some horrible things about "Natural Flavorings" - MSG is child's play compared to some of the other things they disguise by that term.

I'm not trying to hijack the thread, just to get more information.


GoAwayFat Sat, Sep-13-14 23:16

Just made these tonight and they are delicious :) Sure hits the sweet spot. One thing we had to do though is just use a hand whisk to finish it off instead of the immersion blender because the first batch we made separated the chocolate from the oil when using the power blender. Doing it slowly by hand was much better and made smoother chocolate.

Thanks gilliath! :)

gilliath Sun, Sep-14-14 07:21

Hi GoAwayFat
Thank you for your post. I am glad you tried the recipe and that it worked out for you without the blender.
Chocolate rules! :D

Luckyk26 Mon, Sep-15-14 11:39

Originally Posted by SunnyDinCA
......I get my 1 choco fat bomb about once a week....and Im ok with that.

Wow once a week!?!?!?! I couldn't live without my fat bomb every night. Sometimes its what I have for dinner

gilliath Mon, Sep-15-14 12:50

LOL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: these days, I have to have it every day too. :p

DeannaK Mon, Sep-15-14 13:24

Hey all -

I had to jump in..partly because of the beaver comments but mostly to share a recipe I came across a few months ago. I'm sorry, but I haven't the slightest clue where I found this but it's yummy and SUPER easy.

1 cup UNSALTED butter, melted
4 tablespoons natural, no sugar peanut butter (can add to melted butter)
4 teaspoons of Hershey's unsweetened cocoa
4 tablespoons Splenda (plus 1 packet of Sweet-n-low)
***I also add a few shakes from the salt shaker to balance the sweet, probably no more than 1/4 teaspoon****

Melt and mix well. I use these little silicone molds (think small ice cube tray) and get 42 little bites. I freeze for a little while and pop them out to store in a zip-loc bag. I love them and for me, they don't cause any cravings. ENJOY!!!

I too will have these in place of dinner sometimes. Usually no more than 1 or 2. Even my hubby, mom, dog and stepson thought they were really close to a Reese's cup!!


Bob-a-rama Mon, Sep-15-14 16:28

My fat bomb recipe:
In a bowl, mix:

3/4 cup melted coconut oil
9.5 Tbs. (150g) almond butter (can substitute Cashew, Peanut or other if you prefer)
60 drops (about 3/8 tsp.) liquid Stevia or 24 packets of Splenda (I prefer Splenda for this recipe)
3 Tbs. cocoa (I prefer dark, Dutch processed cocoa}
1 stick of melted salted butter

Pour 2 Tbs. into each of 24 candy or mini muffin molds lined with those little paper mini-muffin cups.

Freeze for at least 30 minutes, then pop out the Fat Bombs and store them in a bag or other container in the freezer. You can keep them in the fridge, but as soon as you hold one with your hot little fingers, it will melt really fast. Frozen, it melts slower.

Nutritional info for one Fat Bomb:
145 calories
14.7g fat (91.2%)
1.53g protein (4.2%)

Sometimes I'll add unsweetened shredded coconut in there too!


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