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Rina Thu, Jul-03-03 09:20

Hi fumih n debbie.. tentaively 10 Aug is fine with me.. :D i went merchant court once but tat was quite long ago... so cant really remember things in details... I also went to this parkroyal once.. n its nice.. although abit on the ex side.. but i guess since its our 1st time meetg up... maybe price shouldn't be tat much of a consideration... iso.. i am fine with tat idea... :D

Debbie... how abt u?? wat u think??? Tat one yr of carb tat u have consumed.. i guess u must really go back on the induction ... abit hard but no choice lor... :D

lngirl Thu, Jul-03-03 22:47

:) Hi ladies, I've been away awhile and it's so nice to see you all are getting together. I guess I will have to learn some new words, because after catching up on the posts I had no idea what some words even were. This is going to be fun. Looks like I'll arrive in Sg about August 8 or 9. Seems like everyone likes sashimi especially the salmon. Oh no, I like my fish cooked :cry: Someone wrote and asked me about bringing over some supplies. I have an interview next week with my relocation advisor and will see if that's allowed. I know I offered and will try, but have to follow their rules so they don't throw all my stuff out. I live near Sacramento in California and it's hot here, but not so humid. But I was reading about the "odors" and I was experiencing the same so changed to Mitchem deodorant and it seems to be helping. Am looking forward to this new adventure. Don't worry about throwing out the buns, I do it all the time. There is one burger place here called In and Out and they make burgers protein style and use lettuce instead of buns. Love them.. When I eat pizza I just eat it all but the crust, some people think it's wasteful, but I tell them it helps me control my blood sugar which is true. I'll try to check this forum more often, it's great to see all the suggestions. lngirl (aka ellen)

debbie16 Mon, Jul-07-03 03:36

helpppppppp me......
Ingirl: if you're coming on the 9th of August its going to be our national day! LOL. great timing. err.. could you help me bring over some splenda and da vinci syprups? TIA

Fumih_81 Fri, Jul-11-03 06:20

sing song....mari kita rakyat singapura sama sama...~ happy National day in advance

oh well Ingirl, keep us updated so that we can have a meet up =)

frogger Wed, Jul-16-03 09:23

Hi from SG
Just want to say hi!

A bit about me, I tried low carb last april (for one month only) with promising results but somehow just could not keep it up b/c of lots of traveling. Anyway, have decided to start again today. Hope to hear from others doing LC in singapore, Thanks.


debbie16 Sat, Jul-19-03 08:24

hi frogger
good to hear you had good results on it. keep up with the good work.

RabbitLee Mon, Jul-21-03 03:00

Keto-Diastix found
Hi. In case u've got trouble looking for Keto-Diastix.
You may find them at the Guardian Pharmacy ~ IMM.
S$28.40 per box/100 strips.

debbie16 Mon, Jul-21-03 07:32

wah rabbit. u so skinny still need to lose weight? how long have you been low carbing?

RabbitLee Mon, Jul-21-03 18:57

Hi Debbie,
Officially I just started LC diet yesterday (21/7). Past weeks, I have taken the wrong food, I have included grapes/watermelon/honeydew in my dieting list, which I later found out that I am not supposed to do so. SOoo..gotto start all over again.

I am not extremely skinny..abit fleshy at certain part and anyway like most girls/ladies I don't mind to be very slim!

RabbitLee Mon, Jul-21-03 19:03

Can any1 share with me what's the feeling like during induction period? Weak? Dizzy? etc?

debbie16 Tue, Jul-22-03 01:24

when i was on induction 1st few days very tired. den always very sleepy. after that should be okay.

how old are u ?

Fumih_81 Tue, Jul-22-03 06:28

hey rabbitlee...dont get too skinny...not that good too...i mean everyone knows not to go to the extreme of being perfect looking....or to fit into ur bf's ideals.....heck care them lah!

last time my goal is to look as slim as possible. but as time passed by...i want to stop chasing after the ideals....i want people to know that i am an individual...i dont look like one of the barbie dolls on the shelf. (if y'all saw the nikon girls contest on magazines, you will understand my theory of 'barbie dolls')

yes i am still overweight...yes my waist is still at 31...yes....i still look rounded.... but i mean i grew to like the way i am....and i am proud to say this is ME. i am on LC because I want to be healthy... beauty isnt the top priority though i also wanna look presentable...

eh ....anyone still interested in August meet up? Any date and venue suggestions?

RabbitLee Tue, Jul-22-03 18:40

Hi Debbie and Fumih,
Thks for replying and pleasure to know both of u!
I'm 27 (abit old lah)...kekee
Sure, I will not go overboard and starve myself, not to worry. I tried to do diet the healthy way, I have been taking up cardiomix (aerobic + boxercise) and body sculpt! Very fun!!
Btw, can we take grapefruits during induction period? How about the black Melon Seeds that we normally eat during Chinese New Year?

RabbitLee Tue, Jul-22-03 18:45

Btw, how is 'stillmans' different from 'atkins' diet?

debbie16 Wed, Jul-23-03 01:50

no. no fruits allowed on induction. but after that you can have them.
stillman's is different in that you don't add fats into your food. so u kind of like eat hard boiled eggs instead of fried eggs. steam fish instead of fried. u get the picture? also, no vegetables and fruits allowed too.

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