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Rina Tue, Jun-24-03 04:57

hi debbie..

wah... u motivating me u managed to change abit of the original atkins???

I abit sianz liao.. so anyhow mix.. heehee.. any tips for me??

btw, u got any idea wat does 1/4cup of watermelon mean???

Fumih_81 Tue, Jun-24-03 09:59

1/4 cup of watermelon? that is if u chop em into bite sizes n put into a measuring cup...and it makes up only a quarter...think abt 2 tablespoons of chopped watermelons...

but leh cheh lah!!! :cool: anyway usually i just allocate from 10g to 20g per consumption ...those sizes u buy from fruit shops... when u finish lunch with colleagues...

debbie, i am not afraid of the fats. but i do fear fried food nowadays coz it can give me cysts.....i used to love KFC the buddy meal...

hey i heard abt pilates and in fact tried to read what is it abt. but later on hmm guess the interest didnt last that long. i think gym is still quite ok...

salmon salmon i still love you....hahah been sometime since i ate raw salmon fish :D do y'all know that the cold storage at raffles city can help u slice up the item if u choose to purchase a "big" chunk of salmon (sashimi)? i mean usually at the japanese raw food corner u can choose between buying raw chunks and been-cut-nicely-ready-to-eat? i didnt know seriously and i pictured using my little kitchen knife to cut up the chunk in front of my tv. then suddenly there was this chef who 'broke my dreamland' and asked if i need to have the chunk cut. of course i am happy that they do this even if we buy the chunks. and in fact he packaged it nicely just like the ready-to-eats....and much more fish meat compared to same priced ready ones....

i love having big tablespoons of butter into my cream soup... cheese... milk all dump parents say i ang mo....haha

next week i am invited for a pizza hut lunchie...oh no......

btw anyone planning to study in America? particularly in Columbus, Ohio?

debbie16 Tue, Jun-24-03 11:30

half cup watermelon? wah lau. half cup eat wad? half cup very little leh. :D

Rina, actually is not i modify the atkins is got this diet existing already. called Stillman's. they say will get into deep ketosis damn fast. then u wun be hungry and normally eat ard 700 calories a day only. its something like low fat low cal low carb. lol. hope lidat can lose the weight faster.

Fumih, u going to study in America? good for u leh if lidat. america seems like a better place to lc. got all the sugar subs and everything. so gooooooooooooood.

Rina Wed, Jun-25-03 11:54

fumih... if u going to sudy in America, then can help me get those low carb food like splenda and the baking mixes anot??? i very much wanted to have them but couldn't bear the transport charges.. sigh... btw, are u a muslim or u can eat anything under the sun??? Cos i been to breks. the one at MS is not halai... I am look forward to our meetg where we can shop and eat togther..

hey, since we worked so close together maybe we can meet for lunch someday.. heehee.. wat do u think??

Debbie... u in novena area??? can join us also.. :D

debbie16 Wed, Jun-25-03 12:00

no la. i not live in novena. i live in pasir ris. :) ya lor. fumih, if u go there also help me leh. i always want to get those splenda, atkins bake mix, da vinci syrups and pork rinds. eh, rina, if fumih send den we share the transportation cost leh. cheaper leh.
ivery jealous of those ppl in US leh. so unfair. so ez for them to low carb there. how come they got all the things we dont haf? :mad:

debbie16 Fri, Jun-27-03 09:35

how come nobody?
hey. how come nobody 1 huh? all disappear? i come at night den always see no one in this singapore forum leh. all u guys come at night or when? tell me leh den i can come join also or else only me leh. very sian.

Rina Fri, Jun-27-03 10:16

Ops... i usually ome during night time cos got to work during day time mah...

debbie16 Fri, Jun-27-03 14:16

then the rest of the people leh? i read the last time all the posts den like here very crowded leh. now like so quiet lidat.

anouska Mon, Jun-30-03 02:29

turkey bacon & ham
i'm moving to m'sia and i'd love to know where i can get turkey bacon and ham in KL. apparently they're not readily available in supermarkets. (a friend actually told me she's only ever seen beef bacon on restaurant menus, and the only bacon she's seen at supermarkets is pork bacon.)

thanks in advance. :)

shawnee Mon, Jun-30-03 03:20

Hawker Centre Blues
Had my 1st major setback since starting this diet one month ago over the weekend & it should be educational for anyone reading
I went to the "Brazilian" party on the East Coast & Sat night & consumed only water. On the way home we stopped by Newton to show my brother-in-law who is visiting & going home soon anyhow based on this diet I thougt I was safe having some grilled chicken wings w/o using the chili sauce & some soda water. WHAT A MISTAKE.

The next morning even after about a 3KM early morning brisk hike at McRitchie my weight was up one kilo & blood sugar reading highest since I started the diet.

The damn things must have been basted over & over whole grilling w/sugar based sauce. Today is Monday & I've almost pulled the weight back off by being careful what I ate & exercising like hell yesterday but the blood sugar is much slower coming back down.


I have been able to eat out w/Caesar Salads (w/o croutons) Steaks, even a bunless Grilled Chicken at BK w/o any adverse effects but the hawker food was like deadly poison.

Live & Learn, Never Again

debbie16 Mon, Jun-30-03 05:28

wah skank, u sound very angry leh. like screaming at the top of your voice. :eek: ya. hawker centre those bbq wings confirm got sugar 1 ma. u see the skin brown until so nicely. they got brush honey over it one. i also don't eat in hawker centre, not until i reach my goal weight then slowly add back rice and bread because i think in singapore its impossible for me not to eat rice forever.

anouska, i am in singapore so i've pratically no idea as to what turkey bacon or ham they have in KL. maybe u want to ask those i malaysia. good luck!

Fumih_81 Wed, Jul-02-03 07:17

eh oh sounds like the words here are getting more and more singaporean...dont play play ah...hahahah :nono:

anyway to me hawker food or any food that is not cooked by you yourself (yes you! then who else lah....) is not 'safe' ....i mean yeah do take note about the carb content, but take it easy when you knew you made mistakes.....just tahan for a wk with stricter LCing and you will see yourself off the plateau.

in fact right now i am very relaxed about carb contents on my plate. just like what debbie said, it is rather impossible not to have rice in sg. but i mean all of us when we get more experienced we know what to do 'in the face of emergency'. btw, today i was treated to pizza lunch at united square....

in fact, i am very famous for leaving carbs behind and my colleagues knew that i will always leave behind a handful of noodles or rice when i order laksa, or vege/meat/ matter how small the portion is. one time i was lunching at a kopitiam and the serving was colleagues must have a lot of ????? when i seemingly couldnt 'finish my noodles'. later on i grabbed a piece of honeydew.

heyy skank, now the reservoir attacker incident is be careful when u go running or brisk walking at those ulu areas.

with regards to a meet up...these few wks i shld be busy... what about in August?

Rina Wed, Jul-02-03 08:04

Fumih... aug is fine with me... how abt eating buffet at merchant court hotel??? heard that they serve sashimi also and as a hotel, i shld be halai certified... btw, r chinese or muslim huh??

debbie16 Wed, Jul-02-03 09:10

ya lor i agree with fumih. skank, u go jogging better becareful. but anyway, the macritchie so dark and so ulu, why the girl jog there? she don't think dangerous meh?

i feeling very low todayy...... i think i ate 1 year worth of carbs today! my friend got party, then eat cake, eat some chips, nuts, then drink soft drinks. NOW SO BLOATED! helpppppp... :cry: but whats done cannot be undone.. so strict induction from thursday onwards. next wednesday going to my friend's condo's gym. going to weigh in and record. hope i can lose weight! very sad. can see my stomach so bloated. so bloated until can't drink water. :Party: feel like my stomach like the balloon going to burst anytime. :lol: its time to :stop: loading on on carbs already.

You all going to meet up in August? can i go? post the time and date and i see if i can go also. :D

Fumih_81 Thu, Jul-03-03 09:03

rina, i ate once at merchant court. oh well not bad for the durian paste and the crayfish.. but i was rather disappointed with the salmon sashimi... it was also not cut in the right way...just bits and pieces cut by an inexperienced or non-japanese cuisine chef. talking abt hotel standards! and the wasabi is kinda weird that it doesnt taste good on the overall. and one thing, i kept drinking water after it. my family members too...

if y'all dont mind keep going back to the sashimi chef in the buffet booth...i suggest plaza parkroyal hotel at beach far the best i have ever ate...though it is rather costly at $26-$28 per person for dinner...

i heard the roxy hotel at marine parade is now managed by an ex-mgr from merchant court hotel...abt the same foods...sashimi and it is cheaper. but i never tried it.

i am chinese...last time i used to avoid beef only at home coz my dad told me we are Buddhists. Since then i have decided to be my own free thinker...i ate beef again...basically i dont have any food limitations. but i tend to have skin breakouts when i eat those heh bee (dried prawns).

debbie, i can guarantee that u can get out of the so called one-year-worth-of-carbs plateau so long you spend one wk religiously into induction. :doah:

hmm what abt 10th August ...after the National Day holiday?

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