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Rina Tue, Jun-03-03 08:52

Jewel.. No stevia in Singapore either... sigh.. how to o baking then... :(

I am basically i town most of the time cos I am having night lesson there.. especially Centre point... & lately I have a great passion to shop at supermarkets hoping to find those things... but ...sigh.. not very rewarding....

I am on for the supermarkets and lunch date... but I am working... how about dinner instead? heheeh... I only exercise during lunch hour at my off gym... after that got to do assignments and go for night lesson so i guess amore is not for me.. :(

Btw, want2slim, you mention that we can get KETODIASTIX at Centre point guardian... I went oer today but the only one they got is called labstix and it cost arounf $53 for 100 strips. Where did you exactly get it and how did you tell the counter girl??

want2slim Tue, Jun-03-03 09:49

I told the pharmacist i want keto-diastix. "For testing ketones in urine" "for my ketogenic diet"
it cost $28, 100 strips.

I am looking at it now. Brand is Bayer
says "reagent strips for urinalysis"
for ketones, glucose.

I called up centrepoint yesterday they said they have it but i didn ot go to the one at centrepoint found it at the one next to planet fitness. labstix, is not it.
I am pretty sure centrepoint has it because she went to check for me and came back and tell me yes she has it. I even asked her when is the expiry and she said year 2005.

try calling and asking for pharmacist and ask her to reserve one for you. maybe those counter girls don't really know.

Fumih_81 Wed, Jun-11-03 10:47

fwoah guys!

sorrie manz i didnt notice there were already 2 new pages after my previous post in this thread...

these days i have been spending a lot of time on my new notebook bought from the PC Show at Singapore Expo (currently using it to type this msg)...doing the ethernet networking etc...woah buay tahan.....made me so pissed off...

so anyway i am game for a makan outing...

maybe wanna compile an outing list? then maybe correspond thru email/icq/pm ??

Makan/Supermarket Outing

1. fumih_81

mmm just want to know do most buffets have the halal cert? or which places definitely not halal?

anyone has recommendations for salmon sashimi/low-carb buffets? i know breeks buffet restaurant at marina sq is actually one good place for is abt 17 bucks per person...i never tried it but my brother did. can eat unlimited portions of meat, potatoes etc...blanja everyone to buffet this place also not bad.

woah jewel, you are very active. sometimes the most i go is 2X or 3X in one week for gym exercising...normally i hang out either at my office gym or bishan public gym... now becoming 1X ...sleepy and busy ah...tak boleh tahan...

jewel are u a full time artist ?

anyway anyone care to do an intro...other than our own low-carb history?


Fumih_81 intro

Currently i am working full time as an Interactive Media Designer but mainly taking care of print design. Anyway i am 22 this year hehehe and been low-carbing since 1998. you can say low-carb is on/off always.

since young i always been big...other than inheriting my grannie's endormorphic shape. so basically i am always the odd one out...

my interests include art, music, movies, gym, ktv, sleep, surf web...and prob some IT stuffs ...

mmm in future hope to have the opportunity to study overseas and marry ...wahahahah sorrie currently no bf so i cant think too much abt it.


jewelintan Fri, Jun-13-03 01:37

Hi hi! Count me in for the outing. When??? Anyway, you guys can always email me. I used to use ICQ but not anymore. I have Yahoo Messenger. Feel free to IM me. My nick is jewel_intan.

Fumih, there are a few halal buffet places here. I don't know there's a Breeks at Marina Sq. I know that the ones in Wisma and Tampines are halal. I'd like to try their food someday. I'd be happy to help myself on the meat and veggies. No potatoes please ... thank you ;).

No, I'm not a full time artist (wish I was!). I have a day job (one that I'm getting tired of) ... but hey, it pays the bills and my school fees ... I'm starting my advanced diploma course in Multimedia Devt in July.

I try to keep myself motivated with exercise by envisaging myself with a slim, sexy, tight body (heehee!). Well, let's just say that I love to exercise. Being fit and healthy is really more important than looking slim and sexy (Thank God that's what you also get from exercising! ;)). I try not to go more than 2 days without exercise (I find that I will start to miss it!).

shawnee Fri, Jun-13-03 02:30

10 days into Induction in Singapore

Down 4.5Kg
Blood Sugar dead normal

Any body know where to get low carb pasta or bread in Singapore

I've taken the hint on Shirataki noodles from this thread
Thanks useful info

Juliegilla Fri, Jun-13-03 03:28

Low carb bread
Just thought I would say that you can get low carb bread in Jasons in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

It's German, so it's called "Diabetik" or something like that.

I bought some once though, and personally I didn't like it at all! Quite tasteless and chewy!

You can also get rice crackers in Jasons, which aren't too bad for carbohydrates as long as you only eat 1 or 2!

shawnee Fri, Jun-13-03 03:33

Jason's has Melba toast w/ 2 Grams Carbo's
but never saw the diabetic bread, but I go to Jasons
at Orchard Towers, thanks the tip I'll look

By the way check out thread
'Diet' under 'Social & Entertainment' message
board at
You'll find it interesting

jewelintan Fri, Jun-13-03 03:37

WOOHOOOO!!! Way to go Skank! Congrats on the loss and normal sugar level! I had mine checked 2 weeks ago and it was dead normal too. My doc was on a diabetic diet herself (even though she wasn't diabetic). She was very encouraging of LC (though she said that a little bit more than 20g of carbs a day is ok as long as it's not ALOT more).

You're an inspiration! I think I lost only 6 - 8 lbs in my 14 days Induction period (must be mostly water). I've lost 16 lbs so far. I know that I've not been very good with keeping the carbs low so my weight has not gone down since 1.5 weeks ago. I've been exercising hard too and that might be another reason why I've not lost anymore weight (muscles are heavier than fats). Ohh well ... I hope to see more inches/weightloss in the next couple of weeks. OK, ok ... I will try to keep the carbs below 25g too.

In my endless hunt for lowcarb food, I've still not found any LC pasta or bread here :(. I found some "diet" bread in Marketplace (Jason's?) at City Hall but the nutritional information is all in Swedish/Belgian/Dutch ... some European language .... so I have no idea at all what it says.

Do try Shirataki ... it's really good! Not as tasty as pasta, but good! Could you post your typical daily menu here? If you don't mind! ;) ...


jewelintan Fri, Jun-13-03 03:50

WOW .. gotta love that forum ... seems like there are more active lowcarbers talking there ... thanks for the link!

BTW, if anyone wants to get anything from GNC, I will be able to get a 40% discount on all items in July (they have this Birthday month special for members, one time purchase only though). So if you guys want to get anything a little cheaper from GNC, let me know.


Fumih_81 Fri, Jun-13-03 06:28

jewelintan, where are u taking that multimedia devt course? NP ?

anyway congrats to those people who have managed to shed some kilos off their shaping figures... you go girls!

my bdae is in october, so dont fret for those who miss jewel's july gnc discount hahahhaha... but sickening that gnc doesnt allow members to use the points to minus some dollars away... we got to use the points to exchange for far my amt cant change a decent pdt that i want.

btw i dont like those protein bars ....tasting whey protein seems so weird....

Rina Wed, Jun-18-03 05:56

Hi all,

Seem like long time never talk in this forum...

Hmmm... okie... let me introduce myself... I have been working full-time and studying part-time at Inland Revenue Authority of S'pore and uni of Western Aust.. life has been kind of hectic for me ever since I start takg part-times courses... i am curently single and available.. heehee...

So when is our dinner outing on??? Do you think we can arrange it on beginning of jul??? cos my exam ends on the 28th...

Makan/Supermarket Outing

1. fumih_81
2. Rina

fumih.. how much did you pay for your notebook?? what brand izzit??

Fumih_81 Wed, Jun-18-03 06:05

Rina, you ~ IRAS ah? I'm working quite near you, over ~ MHA....

So you must be checking out often ~ Novena Square....kekek

i am using compaq presario 2100, i bought it at 2299 and with goodies such as hp printer, mini thumb drive and 256mb ram.

Rina Wed, Jun-18-03 08:23

fumih.... wat does MHA stands for??? yah lor.. have been hanging out at Novena Sq and United Sq lor...

Wah... tats abit expensive leh... is it better to use a laptop then a desktop??? wat makes you decided to buy a laptop..

Fumih_81 Sun, Jun-22-03 04:43

mha is ministry of home affairs...

sekali you may look familliar as both of us hang around at novena square often... :p

laptop...first is space constraints...2nd i believe their power is about on par with desktops with regards to graphic creation...and also when i go for courses if they need a laptop...i can grab my home 'puppy'. last time a colleague had to bring his IBM thinkpad for me...quite troublesome for him ah.

debbie16 Mon, Jun-23-03 09:46

hi. new here
hi everyone! finally found a group of people who are lc'ing in singapore! i thought i was the only one! phew.. finally some people i can relate too. i'm doing something like a modified version of atkins just that cut out some of the fats. and i see other people say lidat can lose weight faster.

so i'll tell everyone abit abt myself la. i last time 57kg that exercise until 48kg. but then old eating habits come back then now i weigh 54. very sad and disgusted about myself now. so decided to eat healthy now. haven't start exercising but going to. 1st few days feeling all the carb withdrawals so abit no energy to work out. will be starting soon.

i also want to join amore leh! but i want to lose a bit more weight first. hee. anot like go there the people will like EEE so fat still come. i want to join pilates. anyone interested in that?

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