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jewelintan Sun, Jun-01-03 20:03

Hai girls!

Sorry for the long absence. Busy week for me *bleah*. Anyways, good to see that we are still talking with each other here! (YAY!). Hmm ... where do I start? I know some good halal buffet places. I used to frequent them alot but not now. Dunno if I can tahan seeing all the sweetie stuff (the tarts, cakes, puddings ALL look soooooo YUMMY!). One place is the hotel next to Lido (opposite Far East Plaza). What's the name now? Hotel Park Royal? They serve good food! YUMS! BTW, I'd attack the salmon sashimi too, Fumih ... heehee.

Rina, sometimes the "unacceptable" food we take may affect weight loss, or not. What I meant is, the DANDR book gave a list of acceptable foods so you ONLY eat what is on the list. Avoid everything else that is not listed. However, everyone's body reacts differently to food. Example, if you eat potatoes (which is NOT on the acceptable food list), you may not gain weight. But for some others, they may put on some weight after eating them. So, like Fumih, I practice discretion. Sometimes I eat more than 20g carbs a day. I'd monitor my weight/inches for a few days to see if the extra carb will make me gain weight. If I keep losing, I know that whatever "sinful" food I eat does not affect my weight loss. I do take note not to eat too often or too much of it though. Sometimes I indulge in some unacceptable foods, but I exercise alot too. I guess it's a win-win thing.

Fumih, I think you're talking about the CCLL ie. Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing which refers to our daily threshold of carb consumption. If you stay below this level, you will experience ongoing weight loss. If you go above it, your weight loss stalls. How do you determine this? You just incrementally increase the qty of carb you eat beyond the salad and one cup serving of vegetables allowed during Induction. Example, increase from 20g to 25g. As long as you keep losing weight steadily, go up another 5g the following week and continue until you reach a number at which you stop losing. That's your CCLL. Above it, you lose no more, or you BEGIN TO GAIN! Below it, you continue to lose. I personally think that if you incorporate exercise, you may be able to enjoy more carbs :).

Rina, the 1/2 - 1 cup of sweetener refers to powder sweetener. I use the measuring cup for baking. Sweet 'N Low, Equal, Nutrasweet are all aspartame-based sweeteners for diabetics. Splenda and Stevia are the same only that they don't contain aspartame.

Women Ultra Mega is a supplement. When you do LC, you have to take supplements. However, WUM contains iron. Xenadrine, Zantrex, etc are weight loss pills. Some contain caffeine so if you're allergic to caffeine, you should avoid them. On the whole, I think they work for some people especially if they exercise. The folks at GNC told me that Xenadrine makes your heart beat fast. I dunno if I want to go through that. Dr Atkins advised against taking weight loss pills when you're doing LC. I was thinking of taking them (like Fumih) but I'd like to hold it off and see if I can just keep losing weight by eating less carbs.


want2slim Sun, Jun-01-03 23:07

Hi Everyone. i am from Sg and on my 5th day of induction.

I tried atkins a few years ago and i'm sorry i can't remember what i ate but lost 8 kilos in 2 weeks.

now i am a newbie starting all over again.

the problem here is they don't make it compulsory to list every can how much grams or carbs!

and the meat (cold cuts) like ham or sausagaes you don't know if there is sugar in there.

so many things not available here.

as for the one moving from California (i love it there) to SG,
pls bring some splenda, atkins bars are available here.
i am sure we would all buy some splenda from you =)

i use to throw away buns at fast food outlets but thought i look ridiculous doing that and feel sinful!

i don't eat at food courts, that makes me feel sinful too
atkins is VERY EXPENSIVE diet to do as meats are expensive

besides beef, fish, chicken, (i don't like pork altho i'm not a muslim)
eggs what else is there

all the dressing stated are not available here

is philadelphia cream cheese ok?
the one with sour chives, will someone tell me

i do remember on my atkins long ago, i use to buy whiped cream and just spray it into my mouth as i was desperate.!!!!

pls do contact me. we can always meet up for a cosy low carb meeting, only problem is is anyone expert here on low carbing?
not me for sure.

Juliegilla Sun, Jun-01-03 23:31

Hi Want2Slim
I'm not an expert by any means, but I have been doing low-carb in Singapore for a while. It's not easy, but it is possible!

Well luckily I can work from home quite a lot so I try to eat most of my meals there. I just cook plain meat most of the time, and eat it with salad, or vegetables with melted cheese, etc.

Sorry, not sure whether you're local or expat in Singapore? If you're local then presumably you will be happy to visit the local wet markets, where you can get very cheap meat! Even if not (I don't go there personally because as an expat I feel I get ripped off!) you can shop at Carrefour or NTUC and still get some quite good bargains on meat.

Labels (or lack of them) are a problem here yes. Personally yI tend to just avoid things like sausages without a label, not just because of the lack of carbohydrate information but because without a label you don't have much of an idea of the quality. It could be 90% floor sweepings! Try to go to a big supermarket where there is a choice of brands and only buy the ones that can be bothered to use proper labels!

Alternatively for sausages if there isn't any choice, then just be aware that they might have carbs and have only one or two, on a day where you haven't already "maxed out" your carb allowance!

Other tips for low carb in Singapore are that at food courts, you can just ask for an extra large portion of chicken rice or whatever, with beansprouts, and just get rid of most of the rice. Or if you are on OWL just eat a few spoonfuls of the rice.

Don't worry about getting rid of the buns at fast food shops! There are people doing much stranger things than that! My personal strategy is to break off the bun in bits as you eat, and drop the small bits quietly into the wrapper. Then you aren't faced with a huge soggy beefburger!

Finally, if you want to venture into some of the 'false' foods, some branches of GNC and Watsons stock quite a good range of the diabetic foods. So you could have the odd bit of diabetic chocolate, cookies, etc. I don't do that personally but I know they are availalbe certainly in the Watsons at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Good luck!

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 00:50

HI I'm local AND WET MARKETS? NO NO, they scare me.
i live around town so markets are very far and everything near by is very expensive!
people say atkins you can be creative but i am not a cook!!!
and i get stumped JUSt by the metrics used, one cup, Ounce and all the suggestions of brands unavailable here.

oh by the way whoever that said they can't get the strips, i remember getting them from guardian few years ago.

Juliegilla Mon, Jun-02-03 01:18

Well if you don't like wet markets (neither do I) then I would suggest Carrefour (you know, in Suntec city). If you don't have a car (neither do I) then you should be able to get a bus there from most parts of the island. Then you can either get a taxi back with all your shopping bags, or arrange for them to deliver it later (which I think is free)

Don't worry about all the measurements that people use (cups, ounces, etc) if you don't want to. Just get a cheap pair of kitchen scales and weigh everything instead.

Then you can use and enter your foods there to count up carbohydrates, etc. It does still insist on measuring a few things in American cups, but you'll just have to use your best guess!

My understanding is that an American cup holds 8 fluid ounces of liquid. So it's not too hard to estimate how much of a certain food you could get into 1 cup, on the rare occasions where Fitday really won't accept any other measure!

What I would say is just do the best you can. If you don't do the diet perfectly then who cares? As long as you are losing weight at some rate, evenly if very slowly, then don't worry. Bear in mind that by living in Singapore we have challenges that other people in other parts of the world don't (no labels, lots of low-carb foods not available, normal diet of rice and noodles, etc)

So give it a go and just do what you can!

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 01:26

Hi Julie!
haha wet markets scare you too? too much blood.
yes i have been entering in fitday everyday, i have no idea if i am wrong when i enter coz of the measurements.

I just had a myoplex cookies and cream 3 gm carb for lunch . i know people say it stalls weight loss and not recommended for induction but i need it or risk busting my diet.

and salmon raw for lunch

we will see if it stalls my weight loss. i lose 0.5 kg everyday and if tomorrow i am not losing (its only my 5 day it shouldn't stop so fast yet) means bars are BAD BAD!


how you doing so far on yours? Also you mentioned you eat veggies salad, HOW MUCH of that do you eat? the americans say one cup but i don't know how many leaves that is..heehhe seriously i need help! how many lettuce leaves?

Juliegilla Mon, Jun-02-03 01:35

That's funny I had raw salmon for lunch too, with some cheese sticks and a few rapsberries.

Well I've just started doing Atkins again seriously in order to lose a bit more weight. I lost about 16 lbs the first time round, last year, in about 5 months.

Then I pretty much went on to Maintenance, with a few "off" periods when we went on holiday, etc. I kept most of ithe weight off, except about 3lbs.

So about 2 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to re-lose the 3 lbs and also lose another 16lbs if possible. Then I would be at the absolute ideal weight for my height. So that's what I'm trying to do now!

At about 40-50 carbs per day I seem to lose about 1lb a week. I know I could lose more if I cut down the carbs to a lower level but I'm happy doing it this way.

And yesterday I walked round most of Marina Bay so I'm doing okay on the exercise front for once!

Keep in touch!


jewelintan Mon, Jun-02-03 03:23

Hello want2slim & Julie!

It's wonderful to see more people in Sg on this thread (YAY!). Seems like both of you (esp. Julie) are oldhands at LC (Fumih too, if I can recall). I only started in mid-April '03 so I'm a newbie ;). Anyways, as I am a little "kiasu" (local slang for "don't want to lose out"), I try to keep close to Dr Atkins' book. Also, I have a feeling that I will have a tendency to cheat, so I'm strict with myself. In fact, I cheated on Induction a few times (HAHA). Well, eversince I incorporated exercise, I found that I continue to lose weight (or inches). So as I've said in my previous posts, I eat more than 20g of carbs some days but I don't worry too much about it. I agree that it's hard to do LC in Sg, but I'm gonna hang in there. It's great to have buddies to share stories/tips/inspirations with :).

About wet markets, I don't like them either, but my mother does the "marketing" so I'm spared of the daunting task. She gets me fresh and cheap fish, chicken and beef. I don't really like beef so I always end up eating lots of fish and chicken. When I first started LC, I used to eat salads with dressings but now I eat veggies raw (YUMS!). I just love the crunch of raw lettuce. I don't bother too much about cups and such. I just use a medium sized bowl and dump as much leaves it could fit. I usually have 2 of such bowls a day together with my fish/chicken. I'm not creative with cooking either (though I often envisaged myself as the World's Iron Chef ... HAHAHA). To make life easier, I'd pan fry marinated pieces of fish or chicken (I use PAM). I love dory, it's SOOOOO good .... salmon, tuna, I like fish ALOT. My mom sometimes makes chicken meatballs for me or I'd whip up a quick chicken dish (I normally use chicken breast meat). Just a question, when you guys said raw salmon, is this what you get from Cold Storage, sliced into thin slices, drenched in lemon juice and eaten raw? I often wonder what people mean when they say they had raw salmon. I love salmon sashimi ;).

want2slim, if you're losing around 0.5kg a day, looks like you're doing well! I love the Myoplex cookies n cream bars ... they are good! I use my mom's baking cups and spoons for measurements. They are in American measurements so as Julie had said, 1 cup is ~ 8 fl ozs. Maybe you can get those. It's easier than using a weighing scale IMHO ... but still I think most of us can guesstimate.

WOW, I'm happy that there are more Sgeans here talking about LC! Yes, let's all keep in touch here :). It's good to hear from the "veteran" low carbers!

BTW: I throw away the buns from burgers too but I don't feel too bad about ;) ...

One last thing, where did you get the sticks? That was a few years ago? I found something in Guardian a month ago. It's a stick for diabetics but I forgot the name. Not sure if we can use it for the same function. ANyway, I think it's not the most essential thing to me. As long as my body changes, I know that I'm doing the right thing. How about a meet up sometimes?? ;)

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 05:15

jewelintan, pardon me being kpo are you a chinese muslim?
as for the sticks, I just bought it today. They are out of stock in many places but centrepoint guardian and the guardian pharmacy at..emmm..beside planet fitness (the one where you can stand at the window and watch people exercise)

it cost $28 + for 100 strips so you can test it every time you go pee.
mine was good , it was almost the last 2nd heavy loss of ketones
It may mean you are DEHYDRATED.

ITS Called "KETODIASTIX" just ask them "do you have ketostix for a ketogenic diet".maybe it is also for diabetics and the same one you saw as long as that is the namec"ketodiastix" it works fine , for testing ketones in urine!

i'm old 30+ but i think (think only) i have high metabolism because i eat a lot.

breakfast is usually (THIS IS BEFORE ATKINS)
breakfast king meal with a sandwhich, hashbrowns, coffee or orange juice

lunch usually fried stuff like fried chicken and rice (the one at LIDO VERY NICE GARLIC RICE and lemon chicken or teriyaki chicken or sea bass fillet) with a soft drink

Snacks about ONE BIG TUB (a pint of) Haggen Dazs which can last me for 2- 3 daYS THE MOST, Some days i finish one a day. (everyday for 3 days i buy one big tub, after that no money so stop)

Dinner is emmmmmmmm usually rice with some meat

supper is some nice buns or pizza with snickers bar

So you see I EAT A LOT A LOT A LOT for a day so maybe thats why my metabolism is ok but i don't wish to speak too soon. it may die today...

Happy to meet you too and also very kaisu and kaisee. I MEAN if I have to give up my carbs I want to make sure i lose weight and not stall on my atkins you know!

and raw salmon yeah in the japanese section where the sushi is sold, they have either one big chunk or presliced raw one where its prepackaged with soya sauce and wasabi and has a big of radish in it. But if you don't like the look of the presliced raw ones, take the big one, pass it to the chef and tell him 'can you prepare this" and he will prepare'slice it for you, dress it up, and package it and give it backto you nicely. too costly tho.

oh and watch out for the fish. fish is mainly protein. your fats should be double than protein for a good ration.. too much proteins turn into glycogen in the body - thats what "THEY" say.....

too bad you don't live in malaysia or you can buy halal turkey bacon or halal turkey ham. (not real pork of course)

AND JULIE, if you live/work around town like me, that supermarket at Paragon, Marketplace i think is selling blue cheese dressing at $2.10 expires in july but well $2.10 for dressing is cheap. I see you are a financial analyst , then you should be good with numbers and maybe conversion of us standards to ths standards here..hahaha and ooh you are also same age as ME! and same height, well i'm slightly shorter than 5 ft 3.. and oh..anybody like "sex and the city" sitcom, me got season 3 (not the latest but oh well) still something

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 05:47

copied from a LC forum, haven't tried. very lazy

"Ziploc" Vanilla Ice Cream

Recipe By :RLP1
Categories esserts

1 tablespoon artificial sweetener
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
6 tablespoons Table Salt
3 cups Ice
1 Sandwich Sized Ziploc Bag
1 Gallon Sized Ziploc Bag

(No Ice Cream Maker Needed. It really works, trust me!!)

In the sandwich sized ziploc, combine the sugar substitute, vanilla
extract and heavy cream. Seal the bag and shake lightly to mix ingredients.

In the gallon sized ziploc bag, add 3 cups of ice (or fill half the bag
with ice)and add 6 tablespoons of table salt.

Place the seal sandwich sized bag into the gallon bag and seal the
gallon bag. Shake the entire contents for at least 4 minutes (shake longer
for harder ice cream).

Once desired hardness has been achieved, remove smaller baggies and
rinse throughly with cold water (if you miss this step, you may wind up with
salty ice cream!)

Recipe makes about a 1/2 cup of ice cream.

I have doubled the recipe and it still works well. I am also sure that
you can add additional ingredients (cocoa powder, etc) to create different
flavors of ice cream. Lastly for our friends and relatives who aren't
on low carb diets, they can use milk and regular sugar rather than the
cream and sugar substitute.

417 Calories (kcal); 44g Total Fat; (92% calories from fat); 2g Protein; 5g Carbohydrate; 163mg Cholesterol; 41924mg Sodium


if it works for you, let me know.

Rina Mon, Jun-02-03 08:41

Hi want2slim... nice to meet you... I am also quite new to Atkins.. i am 1month old liao... I have been packing lunch to office.. Dinner will be yong tou foo soup if i am lunching out... Juz learn that the salad at coffee bean is quite nice but abit ex.. :D

I have been trying to do some baking using Sweet n Low... have failed. sigh... the artificial sweetener doesn't taste very good.. ;P

Jewe, you mention stevia contain the same ingredient as Splenda is it? Any idea where can I get hold of it?

So when are we going to meet up for dinner or are we waiting for ingirl to come 1st??

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 08:50

HI Rina, Anybody coming to town (orchard) can send me a mail anytime!I was thinking, maybe it sounds rather foolish or kiddish but maybe we could all go tot he supermarket together and together check out what is low carb. coz seriously one person, becomes forgetful , see something remember, see something else forget.

Maybe we can go to the supermarkets, make notes, show each other what we are or are not missing/ have a day trip visiting certain supermarkets, but PLANNING IN ADVANCE, where to eat for a low carb meal.

Something like that. (sorry I'm not too great with organising things, never have been)

I can't cook or bake, i'm a fast food junkie so i will appreciate expert expertise. :roll:

jewelintan Mon, Jun-02-03 19:09

Hello hello!!
want2slim, it's ok to be kepo, sometimes that's the only way to find out about things (heehee). No, I'm not Chinese, I'm a Malay Muslim (do I look like CHinese in my pic?) ;). Thanks for the tips on the sticks, I'll be looking out for them (just wanna see if I'm spilling ketones ;)). Y'know, I can get halal turkey/chicken bacon and ham here in Sg. At the Cold Storage at Causeway Point, they even have a section of halal meat, cold cuts, even BBQ-ed meat. I've been eating turkey/chicken bacon & ham for breakfast :). Like you, I'm a BIG eater too!. I was telling Fumih and Rina that if anyone blanja me to buffet, sure won't rugi (heehee) ... cos I'll be eating your $'s worth! I love ice cream too! Especially Ben & Jerry's *drool!* ... YUMS!!! Thanks for the LC ice cream recipe. I might try it sometimes ;).

About eating fish, I'm not too worried about over-eating it 'cos fish is chock-full of healthy omega3 fatty acids. There are many reports stating that people who eats more fish (like the Japanese and Eskimos) have lesser risk of heart disease ;).

The idea of going to a supermarket together sounds wonderful! I LOVE supermarkets (heehee). Shall we make a date??? We can then go for a nice lunch together and talk about LC. Anyone game? I go to Orchard frequently because I am a member of Amore and I work out 3 - 4 times a week. Do you gals wanna join Amore too? Exercising is fun when you are with friends :). We can motivate each other!

Rina, you can't get Stevia in Sg either :( ...

want2slim Mon, Jun-02-03 19:29

yeah who wanna go supermarket and join amore?
(not me amore) i haven't exercised for as long as forever.
but i did walk around the neighbourhood (got to start small)

and i made enquiries for indoor tanning yesterday
when i lose weight i wanna go for indoor tanning to get a nice new look before i can go outdoor tanning

i can't ever let anyone see me in my swimsuit until i lose weight .
i am fair and wanna be bronzy!and my hobbies are typical movies watching, cosmetics, shopping (ok frankly just LOOKING at nice clothes coz the sexy ones too small for me) etc etc

jewlintan, i just thought your nick sounded chinese you wear those sexy baju kurong made famous by those women like paula malai ali (dunno how to spell), you know NOT those straight type but got shape type, sort of like the singapore airlines type? well you can when you lose all the weight you intended. how far have you come? :wave:

jewelintan Mon, Jun-02-03 20:26

want2slim, walking is sooo good if you are starting to exercise again. How many km do you walk and for how long? Sometimes I walk to and from work. The distance is about 2.4km (one way) and I walk really fast (brisk walking). I normally take about 20 - 25 mins. But nowadays the weather is SOOO hot, I skip walking when the sun is out (pant pant!). Do you think that your sweat smells a little weird? It's not stinky or anything ... just weird. I guess that's all the ketones ;). Hey, maybe you'd consider joining a gym (Amore is fabulous because it's all-ladies, it's good for me 'cos I can take my scarf off when I work out ;)). I find that after about 3 - 4 weeks of LC'ing, I have ALOT of energy. I join a lunchtime step aerobic class at work on Tuesdays and try to go to the gym at work 3 times a week. On top of that, I'd go to Amore (normally for an aerobic class and weight training) once or twice a week. Before LC'ing, I'd be totally exhausted, but not anymore. I feel like I could do more! Oh, and I drink LOTS of water! ;) ...

Wah! Indoor tanning! I wonder what it's like. I am bronze (more like golden brown) all year round ... heehee. Heck, I don't get sunburned anymore, I just get browner. Have you seen Xmen2? I think I must be the only person in Sg to not have seen it :(. No friends to go with and my bf is in the US *sigh*. Well, I'm a stay at home girl anyway. I spend alot of my time reading, watching TV, chatting with my bf on the net, drawing and one of my passion is henna painting. You can see my work here

I have those dresses! They are called sarong kebaya. I have the loose ones and the fitting ones. Yes, if you have a good figure, it's a really sexy thing to wear. But since I started wearing the scarf, I don't wear anything too tight anymore ;). How far have I come? I started Atkins on 17 April 2003 weighing 186 lbs (~85kg) and now (as of this morning) I weigh 170 lbs (~77kg). Inches loss is around 18 - 20 all over (maybe more, I haven't been measuring). I stand at 5'5" (~ 167cm) and I have a big, strong frame. If you see me, you'd probably won't think that I'm THAT heavy, I'm just big boned. My goal weight is 130 lbs but that's just the ideal weight for a 5'5" tall girl. I think it's a little unrealistic because if I go lower than 140 lbs, I'd be too skinny. I think I'd be happy to get to 150 lbs. I'd work to lose another 20 lbs for now and see where I'd go from there :). I don't want to be too skinny. Girls should be fleshy at the right places and voluptuous don't you think? ;).

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