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jewelintan Wed, May-21-03 10:13

Hey Fumih, good to know that I'm not alone in noticing the weird ketone scent. It's not that I sniff my armpits all the time or anything (haha!) ... it's just that the scent can be pretty strong. Yes, especially now that the weather here is soooooooo hot! It's particularly stronger when you sweat alot (and I do!). SInce I can't find Ketostix here to test the ketones in urine, I use the strange BO scent as a sign that my body is in ketosis (I might be wrong, but hey, I've never smelt like this before LC ;)).

Actually, I don't consume alot of sweeteners either (and neither do I crave for it). In fact, the box of Splenda I've got is still unopened. I guess I don't need it for now. I like to drink Chinese tea or unsweetened decaf tea (I found one that is decaffeinated naturally, Lipton). I don't like coffee but I do enjoy an occasional Diet Root Beer or Coke Light. I found out today that the Diet Snapple drink has only 1g carbs per bottle (the regular Snapple bottle). I thought that was a pretty good deal except that it contains aspartame. The Diet Swiss Miss however is sweetened by Splenda.

Can't you find pork rinds in Sg? I thought probably you can find that easily. If I want to enjoy meaty treats like that, I'd have to make it myself. Hey, you can find popcorn here too, couldn't you? heehee :D

Rina, Atkins hasn't started exporting their products internationally so far ... well, I mean to retailers outside US. That's why we can't find Atkins products here. YOu can buy them directly from the website and they will send to you but you can guess that it's VERY costly. Firstly, everything is in US dollars, secondly, the shipping charges are pretty high. I was tempted to get some of the stuff, but I thought the better of it. We can make use of alot of food items here which is low in carbs. We just need to do more work than our friends in the US .... we need to research on which are the ones and find out if they are REALLY low carb. I know sometimes it's nice to have some LC bread or pasta or cookies, but I think the whole point of this WOE is actually to get our body used to eating better and stop craving for those food items totally.

After looking at some forum boards, I found out that many recipes for LC cakes and cookies and muffins use soy flour, or wheat gluten, or almond flour, etc instead of white flour (for obvious reasons!). I've never tried any of the recipes yet and they DO look YUMMY!. At this point, I just don't have the desire to make sweetie treats like that. I'd still like to train my body into adapting the healthier way of eating. But once I'm out of Induction, I might try some of the recipes!

BTW, Rina, have you read any of the LC books out there?

Fumih_81 Thu, May-22-03 06:43


lucky plaza 3rd n 4th floors......those filipino shops do sell pork rinds...they will recommend that u buy their vinegar/chilli sauce coz it goes well with far i have not tried their sauce....

i heard that golden mile complex (a thai workers' heaven) sells pork rinds too.....

think liberty is good enough, you'll find a lot of 'friendly foods'...but recently i am hardly into them.....back at the plaza singapura branch....there were a whole range...but ever since it has closed...only left jurong pt and bishan j8...but bishan NTUC only has a small American corner and Australian corner. Btw, i didnt know that the japanese corner is actually from Meidi-ya...aka the jap supermart at Liang Court.....

Rina Thu, May-22-03 07:42

Haha... no problems... yah.. the weather is getting hotter now... simply cannot stand it...

You mean we can take popcorn??? I guess the only sugar we can take is Splenda rite?? I was thinking of honey... heehee..

Having a friend in US is fine but the problem is I don't have...Hence the thought of bring it in... but I think the shipping costs is higher than the cost of things I am buying... Really don't know what to do...

Rina Thu, May-22-03 07:53

Hi Jewel,

Yup.. I actually found out about Atkins through website and later learn of Atkins book (Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution) and I have gotten a copy of that..

I thought making some low carb bread and cookies even be much more convenience then having to prepare my own breakfast & lunch which I am doing now.. :D Do you mind telling me the forum addresses that you have seen such receipes??

Regarding the sweat smell you mention, I didn't notice ... maybe its because I apply BodyShop body mist after bath and then went to work.. whole day in air-con didn't really sweat until execerise time..:D

Can I tak popcorn?? Are you referring to the unsweeten type?? how about those steam corn with butter??

jewelintan Fri, May-23-03 04:10

Err ... Fumih ... I'm a Muslim, so I don't eat pork :p . I was just being a kepo, wondering how come you can't get pork rinds in Sg, that's all ;).

Dunno about popcorn, Rina. I guess the best way is to read the Nutritional Information at the back of the package. Anything that contains ALOT of carbs is a no-no. Simple rule of thumb. I think Atkins don't recommend popcorn on Induction. Maybe when you're already in Maintenance where you're allowed more carbs? I think corn is not on the list of acceptable veggie (higher carb than most leafy veggies). If you are still on Induction, you should stick strictly to the list of acceptable foods.

If you want to try making LC breads or cakes or cookies, you can try the recipes on this page:

Good luck! Let us know how they turn out ;)

Fumih_81 Sat, May-24-03 02:26

hahaha did i say i cant get pork rinds in sg? i thought i said where it can be bought...? :D

popcorn is not actually on the allowed list.....but to me i dont mind taking a small bunch.....right now my own way of low-carbing is really very much 'relaxed' i am also taking thermogenics during exercise. but popcorn is not my fav usually after some years of LCing.....naturally i will stop taking my bowl of noodles after a few meaning during lunch my colleagues will ask me why is my appetite so small?

but they will never know that if the food is 'correct', i can even gobble 3/4 of a whole spring chicken....or maybe a meal of 3 chicken thighs, some nuggets and 2 small whip potatoes fr KFC...(the buddy meal if u all know.....for the price of $10 i can eat a lot on that)

btw has anyone of u tried Zantrex3 from GNC? personally i find it quite effective as xenadrine....but the caffeine does affect me a little esp i take 2 capsules (they recommended actually)...

lngirl Sat, May-24-03 19:29

Hi there singapore folks.
I wrote a couple of months ago thinking I was going to be transferred but because of SARS that has been delayed. But I am still coming now probably the end of July. I see you are having a problem getting some supplies. If someone wants to write to me offline maybe I can help out until I move. I'm in California so have access to many products.
Splenda is a little pricey, Atkins bars I can find for less than $2US each. And the canned shakes about the same. I think the shakes might be expensive to send due to their weight. I usually only use these products for emergency food when I'm traveling or being lazy about shopping and cooking. Here I can't find the pork rinds I like, I like the hard crunchy kind and mostly in the supermarkets I find the big puffy ones. Look forward to the adventure of finding stuff in SG. And BTW I think popcorn isn't too bad if you can stop at 1 cup. I can't!! Would love to meet some of you when I arrive, we can form a lc-club... :D Ellen

Rina Sun, May-25-03 08:27

Hi Fumih...

Sorry ... need to clarify.. are you still on induction?? Does taking whipped potatoes affect your progress then???

Fumih_81 Mon, May-26-03 11:17

mmmm very good question.

i am quite relaxed on the carb whipped potato becomes an occasional treat......i think it is abt 20-40g per intake....

Ingirl I would like to meet you too....~ but do stock up more of your favourite LC food stuffs (things like splenda, pork rinds etc)...coz you will need some time to understand Singapore. And I just want to say, America is still very much a better place to LC. and Singapore is experiencing ultra hot weather (can be as high as 35 degrees during noon time)... :o

jewelintan Tue, May-27-03 03:01

Hey Fumih, you said you asked your friend from the US to send pork rinds to you, so I thought maybe you can't get them here. Just a miscommunication, my bad ;). My appetite seem to have shrunk too! I used to be a big eater and I mean really BIG! If you "blanja" me to buffet, sure get your money's worth (heehee). Now I eat very little and I don't snack anymore. Well, I like roasted peanuts so I munch on them sometimes but that's about it. Hey, which thermogenics did you take? Xenadrine? I've seen Zantrex3 at GNC. I thought those pills are for those who doesn't have alot of weight to lose (I might be wrong here), just the last few pounds, I was told by the folks at GNC. What do you think of Xenadrine? Do you lose alot of weight while on it? I'd like to try it but I thought I'd just let my food (or lack of carbs) make me lose weight naturally ;). I might use it when I have only the last few pounds to lose.

Ellen, we look forward to seeing you in Sg. Yes, it would be wonderful to meet up! I must say it is quite an adventure to find LC food in Sg. Challenging but not impossible. Do you have Keto foodstuff (pasta, etc), DaVinci syrups, LC bread, ice cream, chocolates and other LC products there? Have you used any of them? You can't find such things here :(. Buying online would be too expensive. Some food items are perisable so it's not possible to have it sent from US either (sigh). I wish you could get all those stuff and start a store here (heehee). At least you know that we'd be your most loyal customers! Ahhh, we can always dream! :daze:

Rina, some food might not affect your weight loss, but some may. According to DANDR, we should stick to 20g of carbs a day during Induction (most of which should come from leafy veggies). 2 weeks is not too long, really :). After Induction you can up your carb a little. Sometimes I keep the carb under 20g, sometimes I over-shoot. Just be aware of your body's signals. Sometimes a single carb loading session can make you gain weight, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you even lose weight! People are different. Just remember that if you put on a bit of weight after eating alot of carb, just cut down a little and analyse what you've been eating that made that happen. Drink lots of water, eat veggies and if you can, exercise.

BTW: I made LC chocolate fudge yesterday and I thought it tastes pretty good! :D

The recipe (all items can be found at Jason's except Splenda):

1 oz unsweetened baker's chocolate
1/2 cup natural, unsweetened/unsalted peanut butter
2 tbsp cream cheese
2 tbsp butter
1/2 - 1 cup sweetener (Splenda, Equal*) <--- depends on how sweet you want it to be

Melt the first 4 items in a pot on low heat. Add sugar and mix well. Put mixture in a shallow container and leave in fridge for a few hours. The fudge will harden a little but not as hard as chocolate. Cut into bite-sized pieces and enjoy!

*Equal contains aspartame and may slow down weight loss.

Wish I could share it with you guys!

Fumih_81 Tue, May-27-03 06:08


blanja to buffet ah? good idea....if the right foods are there lah. in fact if i am having a bowl of fishball noodles for lunch......i can bet that i wont finish up the thats like abt 20g to 30g of carbs purely on that.....but the gist is that i wont finish up the carbs. :D

these days my family has been on buffet binges (oh well indulging a little bit :p Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel Beach Rd)... and i esp pick on the salmon will never know i could take a whopping amount of salmon sashimi. usually at buffets i will eat a contrast to small portions of lunch at work....buffet places like seoul garden and kfc and hotel buffets...

mm lemme see....on last sunday i went there (plaza park royal hotel) again and took abt 6 plates and i specially wanted it to contain '2 servings' each. so that makes 12 servings...12 servings X 6 small pieces that makes 72 pieces. and i have no idea why the chef cut it close to 1cm it made me tired of the fishy taste.

but imagine Sakae Sushi sells one serving for S$6.50....silly me that means I may have to pay S$78 ++ for the whole meal ~sakae and not including the other soft shell crab, and goodie foods/desserts. the buffet is abt $30 per pax including tax....

and one thing, i regretted taking zantrex before i went for the buffet coz it shrunk my appetite! if not i could have taken more than 72 pieces haha :mad:

okie talking abt xenadrine vs zantrex. the very first thermogenic i took was xenadrine. the similar between both of them is they make my skin feel tight even without exercise.....and in fact that prompted me to try exercising to maximise the effect. yeah in fact i have taken various brands of thermogenics.....i shld say zantrex, xenadrine and synedrine are good. but synedrine contains chromium picolinate that may not be that good for the body.

difference between xen and zantrex...guess for me it is the caffeine.

i have irregular heartbeats and irritability when i take the recommended 2 capsules of zantrex before meals. but i dared to take 2 capsules before exercise coz i know it will generate a lot of energy for my body to exert it out. in fact it helps build stamina coz the caffeine ingredient in zantrex accelerates the metabolism rate. u will feel heat all over and sweat at least 1 n half times more.

basically xenadrine will be a so called "safer one" coz it doesnt contain caffeine. my body is rather sensitive to caffeine levels though i am still quite alright after having diet coke, tea...but if u tell me go drink up a cup of coffee from Mac Donalds...sorry but that will make me feel very terrible.... :spin:

i know that the US used to have this ephedrine (aka ma huang) version of xen and it may not be that good for the body though generates very good effects.

but u must try it urself coz some pple can tahan caffeine. me tak boleh lah...

choc fudge? when i first started lcing...i made my own vanilla icecream and i was trying so hard to poke my teaspoon into the hard surface of my 'ice cream'. since then, i have given up and occasionally grab one ice cream at the mama shop...note that i seldom do so.....maybe these days more coz singapore very hot.

Rina Tue, May-27-03 09:39

hmmm... jewel.. can i safely said that after i have passed the 2 wks induction, i can be more prudence in my carb intake.. esp if it doesn't affect me?? when you say affect rright.. what do you actually meant by that?? Can try and be more specific??

I am going for buffet tomorrow night... and i am going to have lots of shushi too... :D my fav... Why not one of these days.. we meet out for a buffet dinner... heehee... what do you all think???

Fumih_81 Wed, May-28-03 09:13

mmm food......slurp! where are y'all suggesting? :D

rina, according to the dandr book...once u are over 2 wks u are allowed to up ur carbs......oh well now u've got a problem.....coz u need to find ur ur tolerance carb level (i forgot what they call it inside the book) basically if u still want to lose weight steadily....u got to keep upping bit by bit till u dont lose at all (ie u stay there).

usually people take abt lowest 20g to highest 60g of carbs a day depending on their tolerance. i think mine is best below 25g...but i heard that protein power allows all pp-followers to go abt 55g a day (correct me if i am wrong) most of the time i am abt 60g...and can go quite high during festivals...heeee but coz i am abt just 10 kg heavier at i dont know.......

i estimate abt 2 spoonfuls of rice can give u 10g. same as potatoes. drinks wise....erm one can may give u abt 30-40g at one can 300ml. unless u take oolong tea thats much lower. or simply go buy coke light......

but now i dont want to weigh myself anymore...i've got some muscles made from running 2X a wk on treadmill...i take note on my inches.

Rina Fri, May-30-03 22:46

anywhr is fine with me... you all got any interesting n nice place??/

Jewel, the receipe that you gave us.. you mention1/2 - 1 cup of sweetener.. you are referring to liquida sweetener??? if it is not in liquid form but in powder form, how much do I need to put in?? any idea???

another thing.. I saw Sweet n Low is the new NTUC at Bishan... can I use that?? and the supplement that you mention.. the womenmega and xenderine... what are they taken for??? will it assist weigh lose???

Fumih_81 Sun, Jun-01-03 11:13

maybe jewelintan has got any good dining suggestions coz jewel only takes halal food...? i anything too~...wahahaha end up all of us go kopitiams...and Ingirl will be experiencing the real Singapore...having to sweat a lot eating good food... :D

Rina, though i live at Bishan but i never really looked at what low-carb stuffs J8 NTUC sells..u just check the carbohydrate contents. think sweet n low shldnt be a problem for low-carbers. i know YEOs chrysanthemun tea now comes with a lower sugar option...not much difference to me...

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