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Molleyk Wed, Apr-25-07 19:21

Ferrara, Italia
I'm going to Italy all year next year. This does not bode well for the whole low-carbing thing since the stereotypical meal is pizza o pasta con un po' di vino.

so it'd be sweet to hear from someone who's there now and living la vida atkins.


edenaries Mon, Mar-24-08 09:17

Here is your help
well I lived in Ferrara for 4 if u want my help here I am.
Actually low carb in Italy is so easy the meet is delicious there, they have a huge varity of ham,salami, crudo etcall low carb then there is fiocchi di latte and real cheese (real cheese!!!!) tell me if u have a specific question and i might be ablt to help u

carb0mints Thu, Oct-29-09 09:40

I agree..I lived in Italy for 5 months...and while I did break down and eat carbs every once in a while, their meat and salad are so awesome that I didn't have a hard time staying away from pasta most of the time. Their veggies are so fresh and their olive oil is awesome, so making healthy meals is easier than you might think

findus Fri, Dec-09-11 04:35

Fresh veggies + great quality olive oil: low carbers welcome to Italy :)

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