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mlk18 Mon, Jan-31-11 22:32

So here's what we did:

Same crust recipe only replaced mozzarella with cheddar and italian seasoning with taco seasoning (from Linda's low carb recipe). And yes, we still put in the grated parmesan. Next I made some fresh salsa (heavy on the jalapenos and cilantro) in our food processor and used that as the sauce. Then I covered that with cooked ground beef also seasoned with the aforementioned taco seasoning. The final topping was some more cheddar cheese. When it was done we cut it into servings, dished it up and put a dollop of sour cream and some lettuce on each piece that was about to be consumed. I am sure it has been done before, probably in this very thread. But if you like Mexican food you will like Taco Pizza Quiche. Next time I will be trying it with shredded chicken and guacamole.

subaroo62 Thu, Feb-24-11 08:17

I just tried this recipe this morning - the original version - and it was incredible! I just used what I had in the fridge for my toppings, ham and mushrooms with a little bit of green pepper. I can't wait to try some of the modifications that are posted on this thread. I'm sure they will be equally delicous.

gweny70 Wed, May-25-11 13:39

I think it's about time to make this recipe again!!!!

jeffr6596 Sun, Jun-19-11 20:42

Wow!!! Absolutely delicious. Is this really low carb? I will admit that many of my first time lc recipe attempts don't end up being repeated lc recipes. This one definitely will be. I feel like I was cheating when I ate it. Crazy good!!!

jbmoore Thu, Aug-18-11 18:37

I'm going to bump this recipe.
After seeing this recipe on here over the past several years, I finally made it and it really is as good as everyone says it is. My husband raved about it - said he would rather have it than real restaurant pizza.

The only thing I changed was that I used 1 cup of sauce instead of 1/2 cup. My toppings were hamburger, pepperoni, and green pepper.

So add my name to the list of Pizza Quiche fans.

haylog0609 Sun, Aug-21-11 18:09

Made this tonight for the first time and WOW- amazing!

fshockley Tue, Aug-23-11 18:15

I've made this twice and it is yummy! Someone asked, so I calculated the carbs. It is approximately 44 for the whole recipe. Divide accordingly for portions and add carbs as appropriate for toppings. Pepperoni has 0. Mushrooms are .3 for small, .6 for medium, and 1 for large. Enjoy!

jbingle Mon, Sep-05-11 20:46

This sounds so good. I will be making this later this week. Thanks for sharing.

Kirsteen Thu, Sep-08-11 13:27

Oopsy sorry - I posted this in the wrong thread.. But I will leave it. I wanted to make Donald's pizza but didn't have some of the ingredients, so I adapted it into an omelette. This version has less cheese, so it might suit people who have to watch their calories, like me.

Here it is in My Plan:

Sauce (makes 2 servings)
1 tbs. olive oil & 2 tbs. water
2 clove Garlic
1 small/medium onion
tin chopped tomatoes
1/2 teaspoon herbs (I used a mix of rosemary, marjoram, 2 bayleaves etc.)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Other ingredients:
2 eggs mixed with a little water and 1/2 teaspoon herbs
grated cheese (2oz)
4 slices of pepperoni or similar
1 tbsp oil for frying (gently)

To make the sauce:
Chop onion and simmer in olive oil and water. When transparent, add tomatoes, garlic, seasoning and herbs. Boil without the lid to thicken the sauce.

Make the Omelette
Mix up the eggs with some herbs, a little water (or milk, cream, yoghurt etc. would be fine too).. Put a tablespoon of oil into a frying pan, heat, add the eggs and cook gently. If you have uncooked egg on top, you can tilt the pan, raise the edge of the omelette and let the liquid run below it. Grate a little cheese on top of the omelette, cover with some slices of pepperoni or similar, make sure it's still cooking, then pour over the tomato sauce (use only half of my recipe above). Cover it with a lid for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt, then use a fishslice to help slide it out onto a plate and serve with your choice of veggies or salad.

The extra sauce could be used the next day to top chicken, pork, salmon, broccoli or cauliflower, then garnished with cream or greek yoghurt.

Values per serving:

carbs: 7.2
protein 27.8
fat: 57.64
fibre: 1.36
calories: 654

scrlt9900 Tue, Sep-13-11 21:27

I made this tonight for my family. Before my LC'ing days I used to make a homemade pizza using the Chef-boy-ar-dee pizza kit boxed crust as a base.. I made the pizza the exact same way but I replaced the crust with the posted recipe..They all loved it!. The best part was when my non-lc'ing fiance says "I don't know what you did to this one but it's better than the one you used to make" couldn't believe it when I told him there was absolutely no bread in the pizza crust. My toppings were a little bit of pizza sauce,hamburger meat,pepperoni,banana pepper rings and pineapple on half for them to have..It was yummy!

WereBear Sat, Sep-24-11 11:17

Oh, deep dish pizza quiche! Everything they said about you was true.

I used 8 oz mushrooms instead of one cup of the shredded cheese for the base. This created an excellent crust that cooked the mushrooms for me.

Now I'm both amazed and thrilled. This is a keeper.

Wutsupdoc Wed, Feb-22-12 20:56

Just made this and all I can say is God bless you Donald. I let mine brown a bit more while tbe mozzarella melted, and the crust came out like real pizza crust! Thank you thank you!

rightnow Thu, Jun-21-12 18:36

Bump. This is one of the half dozen most-divine recipes of this forum.
You can't screw it up. And there are like 2,914 variations.


AlluraD Thu, Jul-26-12 07:35

Memorable after 10 years!
I was a regular here ten years ago and made this every week! It was one of my very favorite recipes and came to mind again as I restart lo carbing..very memorable it's that good!!

I have it baking now....added fresh garlic and a combination of cheddar, mozz and Monterrey jack cheese to the crust, pepperoni lining the pan...toppings of cooked ground beef, red & green peppers diced, mushrooms and mozzarella. It is an amazing and satisfying dish.......:yum:

cincin11 Mon, Sep-17-12 14:35

I was shocked, just now, seeing one of my favorite recipes from about 10 years ago, also, on the first recipe page. I restarted last year. Its easier second time around. For me, anyway.

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