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Mrs.K Fri, Jan-18-08 23:33

I love the recipie for the pizza quiche! I LOVE pizza and this is the perfect thing for me! Thanks for posting it!

missymagoo Sun, Mar-09-08 18:26

have you guys still make this pizza. it is awesome. sue

shy__anne Fri, Mar-14-08 16:55

OK I tried something new with this fabulous recipe. Has anyone ever had the chicken alfredo pizza from Olive Garden? It's so good so...I made the alfredo sauce recipe that I found here (OMG I almost ate it all with a spoon) and used grilled chicken and green onions on top of the quiche crust. THen I broiled it for like 2 minutes. It is SO GOOD! Mmmmm. I wish I had some LC friends living next door so they could try it. YUM!!!

missymagoo Tue, Mar-18-08 21:50

i love alfredo chicken!! yummy- i am going to have to try this way with my pizza quiche. sue

MizKitty Wed, Apr-02-08 22:03

I tried this tonight for the first time, and now understand why this thread is still active after 6 years! A real winner. Thanks for my first piece of pizza (and 2nd!, 3rd! and 4th!) in 19 months.

DWRolfe Sun, Jun-01-08 18:55

I just tried it again for the first time in a long, long time and it was like catching up with a dear old friend. I'm packing it for lunch tomorrow!

Lie2MeJL Fri, Jul-25-08 09:42

Making this tomorrow for the first time in almost a year. Can't wait :D :yum:

Jo-Anne42 Wed, Jul-30-08 19:36

I made this last week again!!! I love this recipe...

pammieanne Tue, Aug-05-08 16:27

thank you!
Whoever bumped this up deserves a reward!

I made this tonight... even food snob hubby had a piece and remarked at how good it was.

Only problem I foresee with this is... how to eat just one serving! :lol:

I will definitely make this again and again!

I have so many ideas on how to Top it! Olive oil/garlic instead of pizza sauce and then chicken spinach and feta cheese on top! I can't wait!!!

This time I did the pepperoni on the bottom and then mushrooms on top of a pizza sauce I found (6g carb per serving, not great ,will look for better)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's recipes like this that further convince me that I can do this forever!

Jo-Anne42 Wed, Aug-06-08 15:22

I must have bumped it up when I posted here last week..LOL..
This is by far the best pizza recipe.. But there is also one out there where the crust is made of ground sausage meat which is just as delicious..

IrishShrty Tue, Sep-09-08 17:38

Oh My God Yum!!! I made this tonight and boy is it delish!!!
I used bacon bits and ground turkey for meats.

Jo-Anne42 Wed, Sep-10-08 06:32

Isn't it just the best??? I don't even miss the bread crust.. I've got my 81 year old mother hooked on this pizza..haha

skeeweeaka Wed, Sep-10-08 07:00

Geez I need to give this a try....need to get the ingredients first...

TJ :rheart:

skeeweeaka Sat, Sep-13-08 17:11

Ok, I got the ingredients and have the crust in the oven as we speak... Hoping it turns out as everyone has said it would... Will report back after eating it....

TJ :rheart:

missymagoo Tue, Oct-14-08 22:47

i am wanting this again. i will make another one this weekend. sue

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