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Lammie22 Tue, Dec-30-03 22:02

I made this tonight for the first time and it's heavenly! I thought it to be better than a lot of pizza I've had.


Highly recommend it!

mattad Thu, Jan-08-04 12:16

WHOA! Tastes great. I just skimmed it down to 2 servings and put it in a cake dish. Came out 4 x 8 " 1/2" thick. Ate it all... breakdown for the base is:

Fat: 38g
Prot: 30g
Carb: 8g
Fib: 1g

Total Calories: 490

Ingredients List:
2 tbsp cream cheese
1 egg
1.5 tbsp heavy cream
1 tbsp parmesan
1/2 cup mozzerella
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp italian seasoning

1 tbsp tomato sauce (no sugar added)

1/4 cup mozzerella on top



pzoric Fri, Jan-09-04 18:51

Not Bad & sauce receipe
Not bad, but coming from a Chicago guy, you know it would be good. The sausage, green pepper, onion, shrom combo worked just fine. Here is my sauce reciepe for this za:

saute finely chopped small onion and course chopped green pepper in 2 T olive oil until soft - do not brown.

Add 1 clove garlic pressed through crusher and .5t italian seasoning (or oregano and basil), cook for 1 minute.

Add 8 oz can t. sauce - look for the lowest carb version, simmer for 5 minutes.

Take off heat and stir in 1T Parmigano Regiano.

Makes about 1 cup - I used the whole amount for the za..


mcmc Thu, Jan-15-04 19:33

oh my gosh this was awesome, everyone loved it will be a real keeper in my recipe book i used italian sausage, onions, and lots of mushrooms outstanding thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

Tracey71 Sat, Jan-17-04 11:29

I can't believe it!!!! Pizza is one of my favs and this is so perfect. My toppings ----pesto, grilled chicken, red onions and a bit of feta mixed with the mozerellla.

crowe Thu, Jan-29-04 10:53

Hi all. I became very excited when I found this recipe. Haven't cooked it yet but think I know what we're having for dinner on Saturday! (Celebration--pizza night returns to the household!!!)

I noticed all the questions about nutrition info so I checked the whole thing at FitDay. Here's what I come up with:

Note: the only pizza sauce I found there was Contadina Deluxe Ready to Serve Sauce. Per half cup this brand contains: 8.4 carbs and 68 calories. (Its also high in vitamins A-17% and C-24%.)

For the whole base pizza (including sauce) we come up with:

2,214 calories (divide by eight slices to get 277)
178 g. fat ( " 22.25)
27 g. carbs
-3 g. fiber
24 g. carbs ( " 3 g. net)
117 g. protein ( " 14.6 g.)

I also checked to see that 1/2 C pepperoni slices for the crust treatment would add: 254 cal. 1.5 carbs 10.7 g of protein to the whole pizza.

For additional toppings, you are on your own. Hope this helps and thanks for the recipe!


Wenzday Fri, Jan-30-04 10:37

I think I know why I didnt like this so much now.... I made this whole thing in a little pie plate...the egg part was SOOO thick and I ate half of it to be full... less toppings, less surface. I am going to try it again with the bigger pan on a day when I can eat (sick today)

doogieb Fri, Jan-30-04 15:21

Just made this today OMG how much does this rock! :D

I made the base pretty standard, but I made the topping by mixing zero carb walden farms bbq sauce with some tomato & oil paste that I have (which says <0.5g/100g), added put loads of mushrooms, roast chicken and bacon on it..... yummy :D :D :D

JohnP Sat, Jan-31-04 09:14

I saw this recipe months ago and I am now kicking myself that it took so long to try it. It is delicious and if there is ever a sticky for best recipes, this should be on the list.
Thanks Donald,

FrecklFluf Sun, Feb-01-04 21:05

Originally Posted by Wenzday
I think I know why I didnt like this so much now.... I made this whole thing in a little pie plate...the egg part was SOOO thick ...
Ooh, yeah, I don't think that would be good. Too eggy. Try it again in a 9x13 pan.

Donald, after being underwhelmed by some of the low-carb recipes I've found (including the pork rind French toast, which I really wanted to like)ówell, this just blew me away! I asked my non-LC husband if he could eat this instead of pizza, which he HAS to have at least once a week, and he said probably. So you just might be the guy that gets my husband to do Atkins, and for that I couldn't possibly thank you enough.

Oh, I made it with pepperoni, bacon bits, and sausage (breakfast sausage; I didn't have Italian). So good!

KC Ramone Wed, Feb-04-04 21:26

I've got to try this tomorrow!

KC Ramone Thu, Feb-05-04 21:36

This was indeed wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JMALEYZ Fri, Feb-06-04 14:37

Is This Pizz Okay During Induction?

madpiano Sun, Feb-08-04 13:16

I just tried the recipe. I did the original from the first page of this thread.

I didn't find it spicy enough and a bit salty, otherwise lovely.
Next time I will replace the Parmesan (one of teh cheeses I don't like) with something milder and I think I need to add some pepper/chilli.

Definitley a keeper. Yummm

Julie10 Sun, Feb-08-04 16:50

I tried this for the first time last night and it was great....Thank you so much for sharing this recipe....It is a keeper!!!!....My toppings were red peppers, mushrooms and shallots......Julie

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