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phoenix31 Wed, Aug-31-16 13:31

Question about brownies/erythritol
I made some flourless brownies today that I thought turned out pretty well in texture and taste, considering that they had no coconut or almond flour in them.

The goal was to serve them to my kids, which I did, but the kids didn't like them because they tasted too much like dark chocolate.

The recipe calls for cocoa powder; that's the only chocolate I used. However, it only called for 3 T. sweetener (for a 8" square pan of 12 brownies.) I upped it to 6 T., but apparently that wasn't enough.

I use a monkfruit/erithrytol sweetener that's supposed to be a 1:1 replacement for sugar. I have a regular brownie recipe that tastes just like the box kind, which is what my family likes, and it calls for a cup of sugar. If it were you, would you try a cup of the sweetener next time? I didn't know if that would taste bitter/strange or anything.

Just wondered if any experienced bakers have an opinion before I try again...I hate wasting the sweetener because it's expensive, but if I can get my kids to eat sugar free, flourless brownies, that would be a plus!

JAnn Wed, Aug-31-16 13:55

FWIW I use a combination of xylitol and erithrytol in my baking. I do not use it cup for cup because most things are too sweet for me but if I was baking for others I would do cup for cup. Good luck, experimentation is the key.

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