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WereBear Thu, Feb-07-19 08:40

Wow! I won't say you are inspirational, but aspirational: because you show the incredible importance of diet, especially things medicine just does not understand and does not know how to treat.

It really is a journey, and we learn new things all the time. :)

Myca Wed, Jul-03-19 21:47

Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing your story. We shared some of the same issues. Particularly leaving the house. I was able to leave the house, I had to plan for it.

dk_Swan Tue, Apr-07-20 10:05

Your story is inspiring! I have the same health issues as you described, the 'leaky gut'. It is better now but I have a long ways to go. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Brandysnap Wed, Jun-10-20 12:56

Hi Jean this is amazing and what a great outcome. This has really helped me. Since I have no gallbladder it has left me with unable to tolerate dairy soy fructose most artificial sweeteners and was exactly in the position you have been as regards able to leave the house. Done Bernstein and several others but not as successful or maintainable as I would like. Shall get out walking again and do a pure paleo moderate fat like yourself. Health is my main reason too. Your story is inspirational.

sheryl2020 Thu, Jun-25-20 06:39

What a wonderful post. Congratulations. Getting rid of gluten was a game changer for me. Now Iím avoiding dairy and already feel the difference.

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