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laffn Sun, Oct-03-04 15:12

I made this today and it is awesome!

Two thumbs up :thup: :thup:


mrsstevens Tue, Oct-05-04 18:59

Is this suitable for induction?

4beans4me Wed, Oct-06-04 08:51



cococarby Wed, Oct-06-04 22:18

Tried this for the 1st time tonight. TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!!

PartyChica Mon, Oct-18-04 11:36

I made this last night, followed your recipe. It was sooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!!! it was great!!! I used Hunt's tomato sauce (3 carbs, I believe), they have a new basil, garlic, tomato sauce. I brought some for lunch today and I can't wait to have it.

Question, (anyone), How do you get a more crunchy "crust" with the pepperoni again??? my cooking skills are out of practice...

mrsstevens Sat, Oct-23-04 06:13

This was sooo good!! If I didn't make it, I wouldn't have thought it was LC!! Thanks Donald! :yum: :yum:

2brickie Tue, Oct-26-04 20:45

I cant believe it took me a whole year and a half of lcing to try this, and oh my gosh it is so awesome I wont be without it again. I always do once a month cooking aka OAMC and this is going to be perfect for my pizza on family pizza night. Hope it freezes well. Thanks so much for a great recipe. I followed the instructions but made a double batch, it turned out nice and browned then I added my toppings and back in it went. Super. I have some friends who LC but dont cook well or dont like to cook, so they want me to do all the cooking and they will pay for their meals. My husband thought that was quite funny. He loved the smell of this and he doesnt lc. Once again why did I wait so long to try it?

4beans4me Tue, Oct-26-04 20:50

Hope it freezes well.

It freezes great! :thup: I cut mine up into individual servings and freeze them in freezer baggies. 2 minutes in the microwave on high, and you have a tasty, in a pinch, meal! :yum:

Karen D. Wed, Oct-27-04 00:35

I found that it freezes very well for a short time, but last time I left it in the freezer for a few weeks and it wasn't as good. It's hard to describe what happened - the texture seemed to have deteriorated - it was not very appetizing. It's great for a couple of weeks, though.

Karen D.

Nancy LC Thu, Oct-28-04 12:28

I just made this again last night and I must say.... this recipe is so fantastic!!!!

PKV Sat, Oct-30-04 16:54

Just joining the fan club....made it today and the family loved it :thup:

*Christy* Fri, Nov-05-04 08:07

Donald you're my hero! I made this last night so that it would be ready to eat today for lunch. I couldn't wait that long though, so I ate it for breakfast.

This is the best recipe I have tried so far. I followed the directions *almost* I used dried spices and I added about 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese to the egg mixture. I topped it with only pepperoni. Oh, I also made it in a 9x9 pan as that was all I had available (meatloaf was cooking in the 9x13). It came out nice and thick just like a lasagna.

Maybe it is me or the addition of the ricotta cheese but mine tasted just like lasagna. It had a wonderful creamy yet firm base and the taste was devine.

I had made this thinking no one would eat it other than me since no one in my family can be considered *quiche* eater (but me - I'll eat However this turned out so well that I am going to serve it as dinner tonight for the whole family with ceasar salad and garlic bread. I bet they don't even realize it is low carb.

Thanks again Donald for sharing this great recipe. i am considering making another one today so that I can freeze it in individual servings for lunch.


BlitzedAng Fri, Nov-05-04 08:50

I buy some Italian sausages, cut the meat out of the casings and fry up mini meatballs. Then add that as a topping with fried peperoni slices.. Yummy stuff. The children prefer it over regular pizza now.
Another way was I left out the sauce and added Alfredo sauce instead with cut up chicken,mushrooms,and chopped broccoli .. Made a delicious meal.


willywanka Wed, Nov-10-04 06:51

I had tried the low carb tortilla pizzas, and thought those were good, but NOTHING compared to this blessing. Thank you so much for posting it here for me to see. The wife loves it so much and she is not truely on the low carb thing, in fact she wants me to make it two days in a row!

I use hunts spaghetti sauce, and if I use a whole can the entire dish comes out to be 62 digestible carbs, if I use half a can only 41 digestible carbs. I eat a 1/4 of the pan and love every bite!

I never would have thought it would taste so good, the eggs just did not sound right in there, but boy did it all work so great together.


LittleStar Fri, Nov-19-04 18:22

I made this tonight, what a great recipe, the whole family loved it and now I wish I would have made two! THANK YOU!!

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