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eeyoremn Fri, Jan-24-03 07:27

Thanks so much for this recipe. My husband was a bit leary of trying it (he does not follow a LC WOL) but he even enjoyed it! Tastes just like pizza. :D I'm new to this forum and I've already found so many good recipes and tips! Keep them comin'.

nicksmom Sat, Jan-25-03 10:51

OK, I tried this and was really surprised. I crisped the pepperoni and added it to the crust. It was pretty good. What shocked me was how much this tasted like pizza when I ate it cold! YUMMY!

Thanks for sharing it with us all and keeping it bumped so we newbies can find it!

victoriamy Sat, Jan-25-03 20:13

Thanks Donald for this awesome pizza recipe. My husband and I really love it and it tastes just like regular pizza to us. I saw you mentioned Taco Meat as a LC recipe here. Where is that one located? I love to make taco salads for dinner, but the mix you put in the hamburger has quite a few carbs.

DWRolfe Sat, Jan-25-03 22:40

Taco meat
Hey victoriamy--here's the link to the taco meat recipe. I really like this too...

Donald :wave:

stuu Mon, Jan-27-03 15:19

I have to say I was sceptical about this. I went out and bought the ingredients for my first attempt at cooking something 'Atkins'. This is fantastic!

I have made two so far and they really make a change to a lump of chicken or bacon & eggs.

I can't wait to try more stuff.

Thanks DW

Mahoney Wed, Jan-29-03 19:30

I'll Pile On...
When I read the ingredients, I wouldn't have expected it to come out like it did. It was great - Thanks for sharing it.

afcgirl Thu, Jan-30-03 11:47

Question re: Deep Dish Pizza Quiche
For some reason, I still am not sure what the carbs are for the deep dish pizza quiche recipe for the entire pizza, even after reading the nutritional info. The carb count had a 10 and then another number next to it, so I don't know which one to use. Is it 10 per serving? For the whole pizza? Thanks, and sorry if I am being slow or posting in the wrong place! :confused: I really want to try the recipe but I am on induction and need to be real careful with what I eat. Can you eat it on induction?


DWRolfe Thu, Jan-30-03 12:01

Carb count
It will vary a bit, depending on the toppings you use and such. I usually eat one sixth of the total pie (OK sometimes I eat a full fourth) and I figure the sixth is about 5 or 6 carbs.

Anyone else have a better idea of the count?

P.S. Kudos for being so careful during Induction. You're wise.

Donald :wave:

blondie617 Thu, Jan-30-03 14:41

Pizza Quiche
With all my recipes (and since I always make adjustments), I just add up the carbs as I add the ingredients. Then I divide by however much of the total I eat at that meal.

And Pizza Quiche is great! -- it never affects my ketosis even with all the cheese. Since I don't like anything on TV on Wednesdays and I don't get home until 8:30 p.m., every Wednesday is Pizza Quiche and Movie Night!

wangeci Thu, Jan-30-03 15:59

I figured this out once, of course my vegetable amounts very, but I do use lots of onion, Green pepper and mushrooms when I make mine

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per 1 serving
Calories 370
Calories from Fat 234

% Daily Value *
Total Fat 26g 40%
Saturated Fat 13.25g 66%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.75g
Monounsaturated Fat 9.12g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Potassium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 7.12g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1.12g 4%
Protein 25g 50%
Alcohol 0g

afcgirl Fri, Jan-31-03 11:13

Thanks for your replies!

eva123 Fri, Jan-31-03 11:25

where is this mouth-watering PizzaQuichythingie...???

hungry somebody.....somewhere far........

lkonzelman Fri, Jan-31-03 11:47

Whenever i'm not sure I go on and go to a fresh day and plug in all the ingredients. Then the daily at the top will show me all the stats and I can divide and figure out servings sizes.

Oh then when i'm done I create a new food option and plug in all the totals so I have it in the future.

Hope this is helpful.

pegva Fri, Jan-31-03 13:39

I use too, but with Recipes I use Mastercook...
Does any one else use this?
It's Cookbook software.
I keep all the great recipes that I find here in Mastercook and it has a really good nutritional count utility. :D

digwig Wed, Feb-12-03 16:34

bump :wiggle:

this one's worth bumping!

DWRolfe Tue, Feb-25-03 16:12

It's a winner
bumping this forward for newbies...


Donald :wave:

oakejs Tue, Feb-25-03 20:37

Newbie here. :) It sounds great. Is it okay for induction?

digwig Tue, Feb-25-03 23:56

Hi oakejs,

I ran it through Fitday and it's 5 grams each piece if you use pepperonni as your topping and cut the pie into 6 pieces.

If you miss pizza, this can save your life. Serve it with a big salad and one or two pieces will leave you stuffed. The non-low carbers in your life should enjoy it, too.

Happy pizza-ing,

S_Hysmith Wed, Feb-26-03 00:13

Originally posted by pegva
I keep all the great recipes that I find here in Mastercook and it has a really good nutritional count utility. :D

I love MasterCook for the organizational ability, and because I keep a LOT of recipes in it. I started a new cookbook just devoted to LC cooking; when I take an existing recipe and convert it to LC I copy it over there.

Beware however , I found that MasterCook's nutrition information is not always accurate. I've compared a lot of Nutrition Facts labels to what it says in the MC Ingredients List and found some truly glaring discrepancies! Fortunately (unlike CalorieKing), the nutrition database in MC is editable. But take care to double check before trusting it. (I posted a recipe here a while back, Parmesan Chicken Bake, and MC calculated the carbs for the entire recipe, not for each serving!)

oakejs Wed, Feb-26-03 11:40

Thanks Digwig,

I'll make it this week. :cool:

pegva Wed, Feb-26-03 12:30

I found that MasterCook's nutrition information is not always accurate.

Yes, me too... usually I've noticed that MC over estimates the carb count. But it's just another tool.
I made a LC cookbook as well.
It's one of my favorite programs.

S_Hysmith Wed, Feb-26-03 12:55

Re: Mastercook
1 Attachment(s)
Originally posted by pegva
I made a LC cookbook as well.

Trade you! :D :D

Mine is still fairly short, since I'm just starting out with this WOE, but you might find some interesting ones in there.

S_Hysmith Wed, Feb-26-03 12:58

Actually, you know what? I think I'll start a new thread about it. There are other MC users out there, I'm sure, and we could create an aggregate cookbook of all our good ideas!

pegva Wed, Feb-26-03 13:03

Originally posted by S_Hysmith
Actually, you know what? I think I'll start a new thread about it.

Excellent idea. Actually, my LC cookbook is extremely small, and it's at home (I'm at work now)...
Let me know when you start the MC thread.

S_Hysmith Wed, Feb-26-03 13:08

I started a discussion about Mastercook here

Hopefully the other MC users will chime in!

lperk002 Wed, Feb-26-03 15:18

This is probably a good place to announce this new LC product
I found a marinara sauce with just 4g of carbs per 1/2 cup and no added sugar. It is called Frank's All Natural Marinara . The email address on the label doesn't work, but the snail mail address is POB 916, Glastonbury, CT 06033.

The sauce is very flavorful, and I find the 1/2 cup is more than enough for the DDPQ.

Chickadee Sat, Mar-08-03 19:00

Great recipe, Donald. I have made it about three times now and I just can't believe how good it is. It definitely cures my pizza cravings! How did you come up with the recipe idea? :yum:

PoofieD Sat, Mar-08-03 23:53

did I mention??
How many people in the SLC area have this recipe and are enjoying it??
Well except for all the people that Jen's aunt Syd makes it for.. she is keeping it a "secret' so she looks good making it.. LOL

Kayakker Mon, Mar-10-03 11:48


Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I made it for our Chick's weekend getaway in the mountains this past Friday.

I didn't *have* all the ingredients on hand, so made a Spinach and Feta version. Made exactly to your recipe, omitted suggested toppings, used all your cheeses plus feta on top of the was to die for...

Thanks again Donald. xx

DWRolfe Mon, Mar-10-03 18:59

I also made one this weekend with spinach and loved it. Of course mine also had sausage and canadian bacon and mushrooms and onions and red and yellow peppers and pepperoni!


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