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JohnGibson Mon, Oct-24-05 15:12

Made it a couple of days ago....

All my kids loved it. Even my mom who isn't LC loved it.

I used pepperoni as the bottom crust and it was excellent. I am going to try to use a bit of soy flour in the crust to see if I can get it to the point where you can hold it in your hand like real pizza.


Stardust Wed, Nov-09-05 03:10


Just wanted to say the this recipe is a hit at home. I have even used just the crust part as a bottom to other quiche recipes I have and it worked great.

Thanks for sharing.

ShayKNJ Fri, Nov-11-05 17:37

I just made this and it is excellent! Tasted like I was eating pizza one of my favorite foods I haven't had since LC'ing. I made mine in two 8" round cake pans. Thank you, thank you.

jjb2000 Sun, Dec-04-05 16:59

I stayed away from this because the name sounded weird--to me pizza and quiche don't mix and both need a crust. But after reading the reviews I had to try it. Being a big pizza lover and only LC'ing for six weeks, I figured people just hadn't had pizza in so long they forgot what it tasted like. I was wrong. It's as good as any pizza I've eaten. I did the pepperoni "crust" and topped with Italian sausage, bacon and green pepper. Everyone swore there was a real crust (even picked it up to show me the crust). Whoever first came up with this is a genious. It's wonderful.. Can't say thank you enough.

penelope Sun, Dec-04-05 17:01

jeeezzz.... I miss Donald.

canucksrus Tue, Dec-06-05 13:22

This recipe ROCKS!! I love pizza and it's the one thing I hate having to give up when LC'g and this totally fixed that problem. Thanks so much!

serrelind Wed, Dec-07-05 06:58

I CANNOT believe I waited this long to try this recipe. I made it last night. The aroma was incredible coming out of my oven. It was absolutely delicious! Who needs real pizza when you can treat your body healthily with this???

love-kills Tue, Jan-03-06 09:48

I just made gosh, it is wonderful!
Thanks so much for the recipe! :-D

vixen69 Mon, Jan-09-06 23:02

This stuff is great even without the topings.

LadySarai Wed, Feb-01-06 08:25

I agree, Vixen! I made a pan of just the crust, sprinkled it with garlic powder, and had cheesy garlic "bread." It was great.

sarah_82 Fri, Feb-03-06 14:31

mmmmm made this for the first time on sat and less than a week later i have made it 3 more times (and we are talking BIG pans!!) I'm going to go have a piece right now!

Thank you!


Bagpuss Fri, Feb-03-06 16:58

Read the entire thread and feel compelled to try this out. Someone mentioned possibly adding ground pork rinds to the crust for texture, I'm going to try and add half ground pork rinds and half ground sesame seeds, but from what I've read, it may not need it.

I can hardly wait!

Thanks for the recipe.

BlitzedAng Fri, Feb-03-06 18:10

I just love making this with Carb Options alfredo sauce,chopped broccoli and chicken peices.. Very yummy.


Bagpuss Sun, Feb-05-06 17:15

Made this dish today, it is delicious and filled a primal longing for pizza. As others have mentioned, great Friday evening meal and of course Saturday lunchtime.

A resounding thank you from us both.

skinnyRay Thu, Feb-09-06 00:11

it's tooooo good
I made this and loved it....infact i loved it so much that i haven't made it since because i don't trust myself (portion wise) :yum: :yum: :yum:

btw love your avatar JohnGibson :)

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