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bahage Sat, Jan-27-24 10:48

Nicotine Lozenges
Will using Nicotine Lozenges stall weight loss? They contain maltitol and aspartame.

bkloots Sat, Jan-27-24 16:33

Here’s a reference page I found concerning maltitol. Draw your own conclusions based on how much you put into your bloodstream using nicotine lozenges.

You can look up aspartame--an artificial sweetener found in many “diet” products.

Using (and abusing) non-caloric sweeteners tends to prolong the sugar addiction that got many of us into our weight difficulties to begin with.

However, judging by the stats in your check-in, you are a rather small person already. Welcome to a good place to find out what you need to know about maintaining a healthy weight--and a healthy you.

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