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k-boogie Fri, May-16-08 10:57

From Atkins to PP how did it go?
Okay right now I am doing Atkins but after going through the PP threads I am interested in maybe switching. My concern is how it will affect my weightloss. When I went from Atkins to SB the scale went crazy as they are totally different plans as far as carbs.

Sooooooo the burning question is for those who switched from Atkins to PP did you struggle? Did you gain weight? Did you stall for a while before seeing a loss? Why did you switch?


NoWhammies Sat, May-17-08 19:02

Actually, I was stalled on Atkins (8 weeks), and it broke my stall. For me, this was just the ticket, and I like the plan much better. :)

Chell921 Sun, May-18-08 07:28

I'm thinking about doing the same thing.... I've been stuck at 150 for almost a month now and I've been missing strawberries.

I think I need a new something to follow to get things moving. I have PP, but I'm going to buy PPLP and read that, it sounds like it is a much better book than the original PP.

Let me know how the switch goes for you! I'm also considering paleo-ish eating, but I really am not planning on giving up my cheese/dairy!

CindySue48 Sun, May-18-08 11:57

I was eating more like PP than Atkins all along. I love protein....meat, fish poultry, eggs....but I'm not a big fat fan. I don't cut back on fat, and use it "liberally", but still had lower % than Atkins said I should.

For me, the protein and fat doesn't matter, only carbs. If I keep my carbs low enough, I loose weight....and if they go too high I will stall or gain. I think for this reason SB wouldn't work for me....but Atkins and PP are excellent.

kali234 Sun, May-18-08 22:53

i agree. i'd say i am an atkins/protein power hybrid. i think it's the best of both worlds. i've been keeping net carbs at 30 or below, most days. i like atkins because it's a very scripted diet; the directions are all written out to a T and the OWL "carb ladder" and climbing-the-rungs thing is very specific and there's very little margin for error. i tend to have problems with diets that are too liberal or let me eat a very large range of things. to illustrate, in 2004, i went from 170 lbs to 145 or thereabouts on south beach. then i gained a lot of it back, went up to about 168 or so. then went back down to 155, by doing south beach again. but i could never get back down to 140. the problem with south beach was that i would lose weight quite predictably in phase 1. and then phase 2 (when you add back grains, fruits, etc.) would inevitably cause me to gain or, at best, stall out for months. this drove me crazy. then i picked up the protein power and atkins books and read them both cover to cover. they both made a lot of sense to me.

i went from 155 to 140 by doing atkins. i don't pay much attention to the OWL rungs. in that sense, i'm more protein power--i pay close attention to my carb intake but i also enjoy a glass of red wine or half an apple or whatever even if i wouldn't be able to under atkins until later stages of OWL. even though i like the great deal of order in atkins, when i feel like i am being over-restricted (in terms of, 'i really want a spoonful of peanut butter but i can't until i reach the legumes rung of OWL') i tend to quit. in my experience.

that said, i'm very carb-sensitive and have PCOS/insulin resistance so i notice that i have to keep carbs around 30-40 net carbs/day to lose weight reliably. i also use a lot of supplements that atkins recommends--gtf chromium and L-glutamine especially for cravings.

pamlynn Thu, May-22-08 08:39

Glad you asked this question. I'm somewhere in never-never land, as far as the program to follow. I don't feel the need at all to add back grains or even fruit as u should do on SB. Do know I have to up my protein and it sounds like this PP might make me make more of an effort to achieve this by making me more accountable. Will follow this thread closely to see different opinions.


k-boogie Thu, May-22-08 10:36

I am still waiting on my PPLP book to arrive from amazon I can't wait to crack it open.

I too like how Atkins is planned out as far as what to add, however I feel when it comes to OWL you should be able to start from any rung.

The only problem I see if with portion control on nuts but other then that. I know there are some who insist you follow the rungs to a "T". But I am always one to say do what works best for you. ;)

snowgirl73 Fri, May-23-08 11:39

I have followed the Atkins plan in the past, but really like Protein Power better. I really enjoy adding fruits into the plan and they do not cause any cravings for me. I also like the Eades' approach to seems very maintainable to me in the long run.

steph0203 Fri, May-23-08 14:06

would someone mind telling me the difference between the two plans so I can decide whether or not to check out PP?

snowgirl73 Fri, May-23-08 14:53

In short, protein power requires you to eat a minimum amount of protein each day, depending on your height/weight/gender. One main difference from Atkins is that PP does not care what source you use to fill your carbohydrate allotment...if you want to eat a 1/4 cup of corn instead of a good amount of broccoli or salad, that is your choice. That also opens up lots of LC fruits, etc. that you can choose to add to your menus. I don't have the book in front of me, but I (or someone) could look up your minimum protein requirements. You also eat slightly more carbs during the PP "intervention" phase as opposed to Atkins' "induction." (15 carbs per meal, I believe).

The protein power life plan book is an excellent read. They are big on science and actually getting you to understand how the plan works, and they also go into other beneficial things such as taking magnesium & the benefits of sunlight. I have done Atkins in the past, but I really enjoy protein power much more.

Please feel free to ask some specific questions about what aspects of the plan you are interested in...I'm sure there are a lot of people ready with answers!


NoWhammies Fri, May-23-08 15:26

I believe for your height/weight, protein requirement is 34 grams per meal (total 102 per day). Carbs in intervention is 7-10 net grams per meal. Fat to satiation. It is still recommended you avoid sugar, white flour, etc. - but you do have more freedom to choose your carbs as long as you stay under your recommended net carbs per meal. In PPLP, there are several other parts of the entire plan, as well, such as getting some exercise, adequate vitamin D in the form of sunlight, rest, meditation and relaxation - so an overall healthy lifestyle in order to promote optimal good health. There are different levels you can choose - Purist, Dilletante and Hedonist depending on the types of foods and carbs you wish to partake in, whether you will have alcohol, coffee, sweeteners, etc.

LessLiz Fri, May-23-08 17:25

Here's what changed for me when I went from Atkins to PPLP:

1. I started eating more protein. Just eating the PPLP recommended minimum protein for my size made me less hungry without giving me that sick feeling I was getting from eating a huge amount of fat. I was eating a lot of fat on Atkins to stop hunger.

2. Because I was less hungry I started eating less fat. My fat % dropped to about 60%. My caloric intake dropped. I didn't try to do this -- it just happened.

3. I started eating berries, melons and peaches again. They tasted incredibly good. I started eating the occasional serving of beans, which I love. I returned to eating the occasional toasted LC tortilla, which completely killed my bread cravings. I started eating fried chicken pieces and fried pork chops dusted with flour instead of the myriad of substitutions I had attempted on Atkins, and they tasted good. And I did it all without anyone telling me I was doing something wrong, and I have zero carb cravings.

4. My weight decreased.

5. I feel mentally and physically more alert and energetic.

snowgirl73 Fri, May-23-08 17:57

I didn't mean to imply above thata 1/4 cup of corn would be as good of a choice as something like broccoli. I was just saying that those options are there & aren't really restricted as on Atkins. Obviously you want to make healthy choices based on what works for you.

:o I've been cutting too much grass today, my brain is a little fried.

LessLiz Fri, May-23-08 19:05

I didn't mean to imply above thata 1/4 cup of corn would be as good of a choice as something like broccoli.
Depends on how badly you want it. :)

snowgirl73 Fri, May-23-08 19:10

Originally Posted by LessLiz
Depends on how badly you want it. :)

:lol: I guess that is true! I guess you could drown it in butter so at least it would be filling.

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