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Sabbath Thu, Nov-03-05 14:37

Blaines Low Carb Cooking
Hi everyone!

My name is Brian Fox and I am a Low Carbohydrate believer as many of you are as well. As you are aware finding support, recipes and basic information is difficult for the most part and we strive to keep the little that we do have. I do admit that the amount of support we currently do get is growing.

However there is one area where I see it shrinking. Low Carb cooking shows, Blaine Low Carb Cooking to be exact. They are giving Blaine’s show the axe. No more Blaine! You can either watch repeats of his show on FIT TV or buy the DVD collection. I am not sure if any of you are aware of the show but I can assure you this show is worth getting and asking your cable provider to carry it. Blaine makes the most unbelievable low carb dishes to suit anyone’s taste. There are recipes ranging from fish, to lamb, beef, chicken, stuff I have never heard of and yes, yes folks desserts that actually taste like the real thing and are low carb as well. I am asking that if you care about a good resource of information, recipes and ideas then please join me on the FUT TV forum and help me save Blaine’s show.

Here are the links you will need. Please speak up if you have seen the show and would like to see Blaine come back.


Site Link:

Blaine’s Show:

Forum Link:

cnmLisa Thu, Nov-10-05 22:19

I loved Blaine until the cable company switched channels and made it an extra in another package that you had to pay extra for:mad: It's really a shame that they are cancelling it. How much weight did he end up losing????

Sabbath Fri, Nov-11-05 08:31

I think he got down to 246...we have to move all channels into digital!

You can thank the gov for that, Big Bro knows best!!!

Voice your opinion and try to save Blaine since you love his show...I would love the help.


Ecclectic1 Fri, Nov-19-10 14:45

I know this thread is old but I recently started watching this on Food Network...or the Cooking channel one or the other, or maybe fit TV..he does make incredible lc meals however , He would probably lose more weight if he cut down on those carbs, I heard he stopped doing low carb after an injury...

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