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Sheena82 Sat, Nov-16-13 17:21

Thats amazing!! Well done!! Happy birthday x

Judynyc Sun, Dec-08-13 15:41

Originally Posted by SmallHorse
It's in just under two weeks =]

Good Luck with this!! :thup:

and please come back and tell us how it went!! :agree:

Maori Wed, Apr-30-14 15:10

THank you so much for sharing your journey. Very inspiration.

Any update on how the surgery went?

glidergirl Thu, May-15-14 21:34

Congratulations! You look great! I hope you are still maintaining!

Entropy39 Mon, Jun-23-14 11:46

just seeing these pictures now amazing progress!!! what ever ended up happening with the operations - and what is MMA?

virgiga Tue, Jul-08-14 04:34

read these posts improves mood and increases the hope!

Maori Wed, Jul-09-14 15:40

Yep - Reading the member success and progress threads are very motivating and encouraging.

squashtoo Wed, Jul-09-14 16:32

Congrats on your current and continued success.

tibet Wed, Jul-16-14 19:19

Happy Birthday! Late though the wish is.

What an amazing story you have. Best of luck going forward - what an inspiration you are!

Hope the surgeries go well.

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