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Kristine Fri, Sep-08-17 17:08

Green Giant Riced Cauli, Mashed Cauli and Veg Tots
As discussed in this thread, Green Giant came out with some LC veggie products. It looks like they've made their way North of the border! :wiggle:

The pic below is from my ad for Metro. Maybe they'll also be at Sobey's, and hopefully soon at FreshCo *cough * way cheaper * cough* .

I can't wait to try them. As I mentioned in the other thread, riced cauli wasn't worth the effort for me, but I'll definitely buy it pre-shredded. I'll also try the cauli mash and those tater-tot thingies damn, should have known the tots would basically be a wheat-loaded step above pastry. :rolleyes: Oh well - the riced veggie mix and cauli mash still look promising.

That's more than I like to spend on veggie sides, but for convenient LC comfort food, I'll treat myself for those cold nights when I'm at work until 7:00 pm.

Kristine Fri, Oct-06-17 23:09

Update: I've tried the riced cauli, and the garlic herb mashed cauli. And yes, I found them at FreshCo. :thup: A tad expensive at $3.99, but still worth it to me for the convenience.

Riced cauli: very good. Highly recommended if you already know you like riced cauli. It still has that funky cabbagey smell and flavour. The texture is okay. Not great, but good enough. I recommend pairing it up with something strongly-flavoured like a spicy curry. If you've never tried riced cauli as a rice sub, I still recommend trying it, but keep your expectations realistic. If you expect it to taste like basmati rice, you'll be sorely disappointed, but it gets the job done, as I often say.

Mashed cauli: The pros are that it's absolutely delicious and easy, with no cleanup. The cons are what's added: rice and milk. :thdown: Basically not induction-friendly, and I'd consider this a laziness backup plan or rare treat. Perhaps something to serve if you're having guests for dinner and you want something fast, easy and not-potato. A half-cup serving has 8g carb/2 g fiber, but I dare you to stop at a half cup. I ate it all in three sittings.

Next on the to-try list: the cheddar bacon mash, and the riced cauli medley, which has onions, carrots and peas added. I'll try a faux fried rice.

JEY100 Sat, Oct-07-17 04:03

See there is a Costco in Sudbury. If you have a friend with membership, go with or have them buy a gift card, there are ways to shop Costco without membership.

Anyway, mention because our Costco carries Green Giant Organic! Riced cauliflower no sauce no flavors in one big about 4 pound bag for US$ 8.
Until this month, they had carried Cascadian Farms in a box with 4 one pound bags. Way more convenient than a big frozen lump, but Costco must have arranged a better deal with Green Giant.

Kristine Sat, Oct-07-17 07:12

That's good to know, Janet, thanks - I'll check it out, though I'm about 250 miles from Sudbury ;)

I'm pretty sure my boss has a Costco membership. I think I'll give her some money for a gift card. I hate the experience of shopping there, but I could stand it every now and then. I wouldn't mind having a look at their frozen veggies. Avocado oil mayo is another blip on my Costco radar. :thup: I saw it the last time I was there with my hubby's boss, but I was feeling sick and just wanted to get in and out of there with the two or three things she had to pick up.

I just inherited a small chest freezer, so the timing would be good.

doreen T Sat, Oct-07-17 09:20

GG's frozen riced cauli and cauli-mash products (340g) are also available at Food Basics, same price as FreshCo at $3.99.

Loblaws (a.k.a. Real Canadian Superstore) carries *fresh* riced cauli in the bagged salads section, 454g bag for $4.99 (Taylor Farms Cauliflower Pearls). Being fresh, it's dependent on seasonal availability .. product of California. Warning .. plan to use it soon after purchase, as it gets really stinky really quickly :eek:. Don't ask how I know this ...

As for Costco Canada .. I let my membership expire years ago. Not worth it unless you have a large family, IMO ;). However, reading various shopper forums it seems both fresh and frozen riced cauli products have been available there since early 2017. Various prices and various sized packages, depending on region.

p.s. - avocado oil mayonnaise is available at Loblaws/Superstore in the health foods section. Just sayin' ;)

JEY100 Sat, Oct-07-17 09:45

250 miles!! I didn't get a Costco membership when it was only 15 miles away, waited until they built new store only 3 miles away. A big bag of cauliflower is so not worth that drive. :) I do make my own mayo from their Avocado Oil, only $8 for a liter. Organic EVOO also great buy. My newest find is the cooked by sous-vide Australian grass-fed beef, but the brands and foods are always changing. Frustrating to go there with a specific product in mind.

Kristine Sun, Oct-08-17 01:48

Whoops, Janet, I live 250 miles South of Sudbury in the outskirts of Toronto. There's a Costco here. :)

Doreen, thanks for the heads-up - I go to the Superstore regularly and it's easier to get to than the Costco - one bus instead of two. I haven't browsed their health food section in a while. No Food Basics in town, unbelievably.

So I did the cauliflower medley tonight, and it gets two thumbs up. :thup: :thup: I made a faux fried rice with some scrambled egg, pork, olive + sesame oil, tamari, a few drops of liquid Splenda, and a tad of Huy Fong chili/garlic sauce. It was really good, plus hubby really liked it. We agreed that it was a keeper. I also like the fact that it was pretty quick and easy with minimal dishes to wash.

teaser Sun, Oct-08-17 04:30

The green giant cauliflower products showed up at the WalMart in Orillia lately. You can buy cauliflower rice, but you can't buy just a bag of plain old frozen cauliflower anymore. :lol:

Kristine Sun, Oct-08-17 08:39

Same here! I've had a hard time finding it. I thought I was just shopping at the wrong time or something. I've had to buy "California" mix with broccoli and carrots instead, and pick out all the cauli to make mashed. Hrmph.

doreen T Fri, Oct-13-17 15:48

Just a heads up about avocado oil mayo at Loblaws/Superstore .. it's on special this week, $10.99 for 355 ml jar Chosen Foods brand (link to product info). No added sugar, Paleo friendly :). Not sure what brand Costco carries, but I've heard it's a big "family size" jar. Might be worth trying a smaller jar first to see if it's worth the investment :idea:

re - frozen cauliflower florets .. I guess this season's crops were late to harvest? Only this week have I been able to find frozen cauli florets (PC brand) at NoFrills. Thankfully fresh heads of cauli are in season now. Better enjoy 'em now, because I have an uneasy feeling us folks up here in the north country will be paying a huge price for hard-to-find cauliflower (and other produce) this winter :(

doreen T Tue, Oct-31-17 16:39

Looks like Presidents Choice has hopped on the riced cauliflower bandwagon :cool:. Just bought a bag of *fresh* PC Cauliflower Pearls at NoFrills .. $2.97 for 340g bag.


JEY100 Wed, Nov-01-17 02:53

Cauliflower everywhere :) back to Costco, now in the prepared food area an organic mashed cauliflower tray, sized as other traditional holiday side dishes. Think it was 10g carbs, has some "organic" potato starch in it and other ingredients, but at first glance seemed Ok. I will definitely try it for a meal when more servings are needed. It was not carried last year during the holiday.

barb712 Wed, Nov-15-17 12:04

I just tried Green Giant riced cauliflower and sweet potato today. Boy, was it good! Had it with shrimp. I also bought GG riced cauliflower mixed with asparagus and mushrooms. There are numerous varieties with just vegetables and no junk added. I was skeptical at first, thought it was silly to pay extra for chopped up vegetables, but after trying it I'm sold.

JEY100 Thu, Nov-16-17 04:35

More cauliflower everywhere (a convergence of Paleo and Vegan eating?) . Just opened last week, a brand new 40,000 sf Whole Foods and it has a "Cauliflower Rice Bar"!! I didnít even look at the frozen and fresh versions...I was on my first scouting mission of the store so rather taken by that one in their many buffets.

I did buy the Cauliflower Stuffing at TJ's too..thinking I should probably try it first before springing it on my family Thanksgiving :lol:

Merpig Sat, Nov-18-17 22:36

Iíve been finding frozen riced cauliflower just about everywhere these days, even my local Publix, I have some in the freezer right now. A nice convenience as Publix is less than two miles away. I do maintain my Costco membership as it pays for itself just in the price of dog and cat food alone, but there is only one in all of Jacksonville, about 20 miles away. I did love their avocado oil mayo too but they have not had it the last few times Iíve been there. I do stock up on the Kerrygold butter though!

I did find Sir Kensington avocado oil may at the local Fresh Market just two miles from home though. More expensive than Costco but certainly more convenient.

Oh I also checked out the new Earthfare market, only about 12-13 miles away, lol. They had Mark Sissonís Primal Foods avocado oil mayos. The chipotle lime mayo is awesome. They also had heavy cream with no added carrageenan or gellen gums - only place Iíve seen that.

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