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Nordic Fox Fri, May-15-20 09:09

Atkins 72?
Anyone still around that is following the original Atkins 72 induction guidelines? I did a search and found a group that no longer updates, and thats it. Anyone? *crickets*

GRB5111 Fri, May-15-20 09:37

Hey, Nordic and welcome. Many are following Atkins 72 on this forum, but they may refer to it as something else. I made a personal decision years ago that I would remain in induction permanently, as it helped quite a bit with improved health, lower weight, and more energy. "Why increase the carbs?" I reasoned. So, I've been maintaining as what I once referred to as a VLCHFKD (Very Low Carb, Higher Fat, Ketogenic Diet) state. I now refer to it as keto or VLC. I've increased my protein, tempered my fat consumption, and still maintain my health and weight using this approach.

So, when I say very low carb, I'm staying around or less than 20-25 carbs per day depending on the day. I think Atkins induction makes sense for those of us who have experienced carb addition in the past, yes, it's a real thing. I just made it my permanent WOE (way of eating). You'll find many on this forum who have a very similar WOE with interesting variations. We tend to find what works best, and it's an individual thing in many cases. Enjoy the group, as there is lots of good information shared here.

DancinGurl Fri, May-15-20 10:22

Hi, Nordic Fox :wave: I have found that Atkins 72 induction works best for me. Keeping carbs to induction level is my best strategy for overall health, reduced joint pain, reduced cravings, and more stable mood and blood sugar. I have reactive hypoglycemia that is only an issue when I try adding even a few more carbs, especially berries. Teresa

bluesinger Fri, May-15-20 17:59

What Rob said. :) I add TheraKeto to my Atkins 72 label. I try to keep my blood ketones between 1.5-2.5 mmol/L to ward off aches and pains and keep my brain from calcifying.

Nordic Fox Fri, May-15-20 21:32

Okay that's awesome news. Thanks everyone :)

Mayflowers Tue, Jun-09-20 06:26

Hi, Just Watched a very recent video by Dr. Westman who co-wrote the last Atkins book and he said he follows general low carb and he feels that keto is not necessary and can be problematic. Its really only used therapeutically for seizure control and he feels there is not enough evidence/studies to prove its more effective than Atkins. I know I have a ton of difficulty trying to follow it. I feel lousy on keto even after months of being on it.

bluesinger Tue, Jun-09-20 08:40

I understand. If ketosis makes you feel bad after the initial break-in time, I can see that it would be difficult to continue.

However, Dr. Westman isn't the only doctor out there, and there are others who tell us that Ketogenesis is good for all neurological disorders.

Drs. Bredesen, Wahls, and Perlmutter are doing groundbreaking work with Ketogenesis to treat Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's respectively.

Just don't give up.

GRB5111 Tue, Jun-09-20 09:26

Agree with Glenda. I've been burning primarily fat for energy for many years as opposed to glucose other than the small amounts of glucose from the very few vegetable carbs I consume and that produced by my metabolism. I eat a very varied and rich diet. I've found this WOE very reasonable to maintain. My health has improved over the years, as I'm now approaching age 69 no longer needing any prescribed medications. It's important to find how things work for you, and while I have the utmost respect for Dr. Westman, he is simply one voice on the topic. Having been in a ketogenic state for many years by making adjustments and course corrections along the way by learning from experts including the many good people on this forum, I can state confidently that keto works and works very well.

That being said, there are many ways to construct a low carb lifestyle that works for you. Having a thirst for and consuming related knowledge serves you well in achieving your goals. Be willing to experiment along the way as you continue to construct your eating lifestyle.

gzgirl Tue, Jun-09-20 15:50

It is somewhat individual too. I stay in ketosis up to about 35-40 carbs but it only works if my carbs are coming mostly from fresh veggies. I can't get away with the processed stuff or too much dairy. I lose and feel best at between 25 and 35 net carbs per day and my macros are not the typical keto or Atkins either. about 50-55% fat, 25-30% protein and 10 - 15% unprocessed veggie carbs (for the most part)

bluesinger Tue, Jun-09-20 20:37

Totally agree. Each body has different requirements. We can't see what is going on inside, which is why individual experimentation (n=1) is so useful.

There are on plan foods that I crave. While I can eat them in moderation and not gain, those foods keep me from losing. Dairy and nuts. Oh how I miss dairy!

Mayflowers Wed, Jun-10-20 14:43

Originally Posted by bluesinger
There are on plan foods that I crave. While I can eat them in moderation and not gain, those foods keep me from losing. Dairy and nuts. Oh how I miss dairy!

I can't lose either with dairy. I have to severely limit it or avoid it all together.
I know a lot of people do well on strict keto. I can't seem to get out of the 'keto flu' after months on it. I increase my water, salt, potassium, drink broth, do all the recommended fixes and I still feel lousy.

gzgirl Wed, Jun-17-20 17:14

Glenda, I thought I was crazy because all these folks could eat dairy and mayo and nuts and lose like crazy but it never worked for me either. I finally did the candida elimination diet after reading the candida section in DANDR and discovered a lot of triggers, many of which were "safe" foods.

tree nuts, peanuts, eggplant, pumpkin, mayo, most dairy - just a lot of things that when you have a little of several of them meant yoyoing the same 10 pounds all the time. Love that so many of us have become so much more aware of our bodies' individual needs to find a WOE that works

2bigtxgal Sun, Oct-04-20 09:09

Just throwing my voice in here - I can only really lose weight when carbs are very low. Meat & eggs low, lol. I can maintain by adding low-carb veggies & a few nuts & dairy. If I add anything more than that, I'll gain weight. After a long health struggle w/ medication etc I'm back to Atkins '72 to lose the weight & hoping not to have to lose it again. (Prednisone is the devil)

JEY100 Sun, Oct-04-20 09:32

Just Jo hasnít posted since last year, but for many years, she maintained a Buddy Group for Atkins '72. All the rules summarized, recipes, great info. Click on the Blue link In her signature, for all Atkins Ď72 plan info needed in one place.

Here's the last post I found for it:

Dr Eric Westman did his clinical research with the diet Dr Atkins used in his clinic...not what ended up in the books, even the ones Dr Atkins wrote. Still used at Dr Westman's clinic at Duke.

2bigtxgal Mon, Oct-05-20 04:53

Thanks very much, I appreciate that!

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