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maral427 Mon, Aug-20-18 15:49

Walking 50 minutes Taebo 30 minutes
Day two out of six done

izzyfit Tue, Aug-21-18 04:41

You are doing great, keep up with the hard work!

I need to get back to be more active. With the packing and the move to a new house my arthritis flare up and all my joints are very sore. I think I will take this week easy as I finish unpacking and maybe next week I get back to my daily 3 miles walk and then I will start back my exercising.

janetkind Tue, Aug-21-18 09:58

Great plan girl.Something is better then none. So get going.ha

maral427 Tue, Aug-21-18 17:56

Hi Izzy! Sounds like you have been a very busy lady!! have you ever tried the walk away the pounds videos? i have arthritis in my knee and I do them all of the time. They even play them at the fitness center at work. They are easy on the joints and you pick the miles you walk(anywhere from one mile to 5 miles). I've been doing them since March and I really feel they have helped me lose weight! Give them a try!! They have full classes on youtube. I am amazed at how many fitness classes are on there. They even have spinning classes. Give it a try and let me know what you think

Hi janet!! How are you doing? What have you been up to lately?

Good to see your posts on here ladies!!

maral427 Tue, Aug-21-18 17:58

Walking 50 minutes

maral427 Wed, Aug-22-18 17:02

30 minute walk
Will do either some Taebo or zumba tonight

maral427 Thu, Aug-23-18 19:56

Took a break tonight. Had my daughter and my two grandbabies over for dinner. Still have two days to get my goal in of exercise five to six times this week. I've already done four. Hope I have a good weigh in on sunday. Wish me.luck ladies!!

maral427 Sun, Aug-26-18 12:51

Didn't meet my goal last week. Got lazy over the weekend. Going to try again this week. Maybe I need to get back into my fitbit starting tomorrow. That really seemed to motivate me. I love walking too!

izzyfit Sun, Aug-26-18 15:25

I haven't use my fitbit much lately. I might start using it all day again. I am planning on walking more this coming week and see how I feel. My knee and ankles are looking better, so hopefully I will be able to walk and start exercising again.

maral427 Mon, Aug-27-18 12:21

New gym is opening up tomorrow!!! I am very excited!!! Today planning on a long walk. Need the calorie burn. Want a good weightloss. I have 4 pounds to meet my goal!!

doreen T Tue, Aug-28-18 06:26

hello Lisa,

The South Beach section is intended for discussion, questions etc specific to the SBD published (book) program. This exercise thread would be more appropriate in the Gym Logs section, as your personal ongoing exercise log :idea:. Or, if you wish it to be a group log then it can be moved to the Buddies' section, where it's acceptable to start a new thread every month.

The thread title can be changed, if desired ... let me know what you'd like it to be :)

Doreen :rose:

maral427 Tue, Aug-28-18 21:09

Hi doreen,
I am really not sure how to proceed with this. Following the South beach diet supercharged book exercise is part of your eating plan and the program( not doing great at that part but trying) . I really don't want it to be my personal log as I hope more people who are following the books come here to post for support. I am not really sure what the best way to proceed with this. I can always post exercise as part of the food log since again it is part of the food program of you are using the supercharged book
. I am hoping to restart a new food log thread every month if that is acceptable. I am not sure about the buddies section either nor do I know if I would feel.comfortable posting there. I really appreciate having this board here as a means of support and I am not trying to cause any issues. Please advise .

izzyfit Wed, Aug-29-18 15:56

Doreen, would be ok to have a monthly thread for food and weigh in or we need to use the pin thread?

maral427 Wed, Aug-29-18 19:57

Yesterday went to the gym and did 45 minutes. Today I did a bunch of walking. 35 minutes at work and 45 minutes at home.Hoping tomorrow to hit the gym at work or the gym I recently joined.

janetkind Wed, Aug-29-18 21:15

walked 4.5 miles.
So you joined the gym.? Good for you.
Keep up on SB plan and exersicse.
Plus keep posting, it helps.

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