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angiebiker Mon, Jan-20-14 11:39

Turbo Jam Workout
I started the Turbo Jam workouts at the beginning of the year and I love them. I have lost a little over 9 lbs and have lost several inches. Anyone else using these workouts?

Grapeapril Sun, Jun-21-15 17:57

I know it's been a while since anyone has answered. I have the whole kit and some of the exercises hurt my knees, so I had to bail out. I do love the HIIT's though and wish I could do it!!!

BenLC Sat, Aug-12-17 03:14

what's this Jam workout consist of? I have never heard of it before

lisaward4 Tue, Oct-20-20 08:36

I just recently bought the program. figured i would try it. will post and let you know how it goes as i will start tommorrow

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