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JEY100 Mon, Apr-13-20 10:21

PBS show: Blood Sugar Rising
This Wednesday on PBS, Blood Sugar Rising.
Now available, numerous preview clips about diabetes in general, Interviews with people around the US, and a place to share your story (stories of reduced BG, meds, keto diet, community efforts, etc) The Inkinen trust is one sponsor so it appears will include healthy eating and new technologies to monitor blood sugars, at least it seemed where the preview clips were headed.

deirdra Mon, Apr-13-20 11:10

Thanks, I've set it to record.

Ms Arielle Mon, Apr-13-20 13:11

Praying for change.

If you could only see the "nutrition " taught by the schools still. My son filled me in: fat makes you fat motto .......from an online program required to view as homework.

thanks Janet, put it on my calendar

GRB5111 Mon, Apr-13-20 15:16

Thanks, I also have it set to record Wednesday night, as I found it on two PBS channels. I'm hoping they present the some fact-based information, as this needs to be shared as opposed to the alternative mythology that's seemingly had a half life longer than xenon 124.

JEY100 Tue, Apr-14-20 05:14

I watched quite a few of the clips. The interview with the woman researcher from the Choctaw nation focused on the starchy commodity foods and now gas station foods available. Her T2 father saying it is all carbs makes me think this will be different. But best I hope Sami Inkinenís sponsorship means the results from Virta will finally get some is so frustrating when their two year results barely makes a ripple.

GRB5111 Tue, Apr-14-20 10:26

It is frustrating, as this topic has become a political lightning rod with the pharmaceutical, food manufacturers, and medical establishments playing an unholy alliance. Then add in the disrupting role played by CSPI based not on science but on religious beliefs and "ethics." It's hard to overcome the distorted information represented as today's sound health advice with these players controlling the narrative. The Nutrition Coalition has very little influence and power over this group.

s93uv3h Tue, Apr-14-20 21:06

I'll watch this and see how they do with this issue.

Back in 2015 NOVA did an unbalanced (imho) piece titled The Truth About Fat. This is 5 years after Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat, around 10 years after his Good Calories, Bad Calories, and about the same time as Nina Teicholz' The Big Fat Surprise. And they still put out the calories in calories out mantra with no explanation. Talks about tofi (thin outside, fat inside), metabolically healthy obese (sumo), supermodels. Dances around the issue with the fringe afflictions instead of focusing on it.

Ms Arielle Wed, Apr-15-20 19:08

So far disappointing..... will see if it gets better.

patient told not to eat avocados, no potatoes, no bananas, no leafy greens... it will kill her because of advanced kidney disease.....nothing about changing diet.

sedintary lives and food deserts are blamed.

in an hour and 18 minutes..... very disappointing that PREVENTION is not discussed.

forcing myself and two teens to continue watching....still hoping it will improve beyond poetry as a treatment.

Grade: F

focus on typical treatments but very little on the benefits of changing the diet. It's too much to ask people to give up rice.

Demi Fri, Apr-17-20 03:53

Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic
Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic

"Blood Sugar Rising" follows the diabetes epidemic in the U.S. Diabetes and pre-diabetes affect over 100 million people in the country, costing more than $325 billion each year. The documentary puts human faces to these statistics, exploring the history and science of the illness through portraits of Americans whose stories shape the film.

thud123 Fri, Apr-17-20 05:07

The lost me at 00:14 (click-off)

[opening music]

"In the United States it is estimated that there's about 100,000,000 people with diabetes and pre-diabetes; 100,000,000 in the country affected by a blood sugar problem" I can't argue with the veracity of this claim tho but is a symptom of the problem, not the problem. get at the root and dig it out, don't trim the bloody hedge.


Here, take some Vicodin for your sore thumb - could be rephrased by a tuff luv doctor as...

Stop hitting your F~#$ thumb with the hammer!


I guess I'll still watch it, or at least listen to the audio in the background as I should know what's out there. Heck, there's nowhere but up to go from the opening :)

GRB5111 Sat, Apr-18-20 10:23

Still working my way through this, but it's not gaining momentum in terms of me finding recommended positive lifestyle adjustments to counteract this epidemic of high blood sugar. I'm now about 2/3 of the way through, and from comments above, I'm not very optimistic.

JEY100 Sat, Apr-18-20 10:42

Donít bother with the last third. A big disappointment what remained for the broadcast, when there were some good extra clips you can see on the website. Though T1 is increasing, especially in adults, the emphasis on organ transplants and "bionic pancreas" devices diluted the simple message that T2 can improve their health through food. Especially when the T1 woman gets her double organ transplant and her doctor tells her she can eat whatever she wants!

New study today...Obesity is the primary risk factor for Type 2 Diabestes. That obvious message was missing.

GRB5111 Sat, Apr-18-20 11:08

Yes, I started to lose the will to watch this when one of the doctors stated that eating rice was a traditional cultural behavior, so they needed to find a way to make that happen while adjusting other portions of the behavior. Sorry, this is the problem currently, and to sugarcoat (yes, intended) this behavior is simply another example of enabling by a medical authority. My cynical side thinks that this is a nice way to make a living, as you'll be treating these poor, uninformed folks for the rest of your professional career. Sometimes, tough love is drawing the line based on the consequences, and the prospect of having amputations would seemingly be enough for me to give up a food type. The other observation I had was the theme of sacrifice and empathy by the medical people and Kelly Close who is the head of CloseConcerns and supports diaTribe. If they are really concerned, one would think they would be scouring the literature for any method that can better manage T1D and T2D. Bernstein and Hallberg both have good results. I'm very confused regarding the obvious funding of this by Sami Inkinen.

I won't finish this program.

Ms Arielle Sat, Apr-18-20 13:14

. I'm very confused regarding the obvious funding of this by Sami Inkinen.


Watching was a waste of two hours.

JEY100 Sat, Apr-18-20 13:16

Dr Bernstein was not pleased. Whole grain bread, fruits etc were portrayed as healthy. His message...both T1andT2 need to be on a Very LC diet...."that's what counts"

Dr. Bernstein reviews the PBS documentary on diabetes and highlights glaring omissions. Dr. Bernstein emphasizes that 'its possible for any diabetic to be as healthy as their nondiabetic friends' and teaches how to do it.

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