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NikiRenee Sat, Feb-01-20 09:38

Originally Posted by NikiRenee
My next goal is to break the 300 lb Mark. Iím so embarrassed, no shocked to even say that. :blush:

Woohoo- yes Iím finally in the 200ís.

I believe the fatter 🐖 I got, the more reclusive I became. Getting out to the pool I feel is good for me mentally if nothing else. The weather is cloudy 🌦 here, havenít seen the sun ☀️ pop out in days and didnít go to the pool in days as well. Iíve got to change my mindset.

February is a new month ♥️ Swim on!

Bangle Sat, Feb-01-20 12:29

Welcome! Yes, people are here......I am here too. I've gone from 267 to 173. I was at 170 briefly but have sat at 173 for a while. I need a kickstart to get me losing again. I check in most everyday....not posting but reading. I always find something to inspire me. I too need to add some exercise - for my health. I have bad knees so a lot of options don't work for me - however, I do have a pool and when it gets warm enough this spring I intend to begin trying VERY had to swim each day the weather permits. I have had a few sick years that really zapped me from everything, but I am better now and need to exercise....just a little bit :help:

Anyway, welcome! People are here. Read journals, talk to folks and they will respond. The support is helpful :wave:

bluej Sat, Feb-01-20 18:02

Originally Posted by NikiRenee
Woohoo- yes Iím finally in the 200ís.

Congratulations for the 200's :cool:

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