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Rosebud Tue, Jan-04-05 08:09

Index to interesting/useful Oz/NZ threads
Pork rinds/crackles
Subway Wraps
Online low carb foods
Oil of Oregano (availability)
Low carb stuff in NZ
Sugar free bacon in NZ
Yam Bean/Chinese Potato - Substitute vegetable for apple and potato
Konnyaku and shirataki noodles in Perth
Konnyaku and shirataki noodles in Victoria
The best low carb foods in Australia
Aria Farm Meat Chips in NZ
Protein shakes
Wheat protein isolate source
Brown sugar substitute

Carb counts:
Carb counts on Australasian food labels
Carbs in Vegemite & Bonox
Carb counts for Golden Circle soft drinks
Carb count for Splenda tablets

Oz/NZ–specific recipes:
LC coconut slice
Recipes using WPI

madamezola Sat, Oct-01-05 21:11

Hi Rosebud

Thank you for your kind words and the direction to this site. Whilst I will still check in on the main web site and do think this site will probably be my home base as recipes posted would have ingredients more readily available.

Also I love the links you provided as well as the other web sites in you other posting.



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