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valkyrie9 Thu, Aug-28-03 08:48

i have a question on how to prepare this dish, as i'm going to attempt it this weekend. if making a papperoni crust, do you place the pepperonis on the bottom of the pan, then add the cheese and egg mixture? do you need to crisp the pepperoni in the microwave first, or just put them in "raw"?

i can't wait to try this...

locarbs4me Thu, Aug-28-03 09:09

I put them in the 13x9 baking dish and microwave/crisped them first, then added the egg mixture.

Kristine Thu, Aug-28-03 09:10

I just put them in before the egg mixture. :thup: It still comes out crispy. I think if you "pre-crisped" the pepperoni, it would get burnt. (Edited: I didn't see the last post, so maybe it *wouldn't* get burnt. :) )

valkyrie9 Thu, Aug-28-03 09:32

okay i have another question...the egg mixture is poured over the pepperoni and 2 cups of cheese right? or do you mix the two cups of cheese with the egg mixture and then pour that in over the pepperoni? or do you put the pepperoni down, pour egg mixture over, and then spread cheese over that? (in case you haven't guessed, i'm a pretty terrible cook)

locarbs4me Thu, Aug-28-03 10:06

I microwave the pepperoni in a single layer in the microwave in a 13x9 pan, then top with the cheese, then the egg mixture. If you go to the first page of this thread, it will give the recipe.

NickFender Mon, Sep-01-03 15:03

add another vote for this recipe. I was amazed how "crust-like" the egg/cheese layer tasted. I'll be making it again, and often!

Wenzday Tue, Sep-02-03 18:17

made this tonight with what I had....didnt really tate like pizza to me but it WAS fANTASTIC! I think I could do more to make mine taste like pizza though! lol first of all it IS deep dish! lol next time I am putting it in a BIGGER pan!

saltnpeppa Thu, Sep-04-03 07:28

has anyone tried this with egg beaters?

joanne42 Mon, Sep-15-03 21:34

There is a recipe out there in the recipe world which is sinful to we low carbers.. it's called "Better Than Sex Cake" Do you think we can rename this "Better Than Sex Deep Dish Pizza Quiche"?? ROFL.. There is so much raving about this pizza.. :D

geo53562 Mon, Sep-15-03 22:35

Made this up this weekend. Roasted a pound of cauliflower florets to golden brown in the 13" x 9" baking dish first, then resprayed the dish and poured in the mixed quiche layer over the florets. We skipped the crisped pepperoni layer...guessing (rightly) that the cauliflower would provide additional body. The base came out about 1.5 inches deep, fluffy and lightly browned. (we allowed the quiche crust to "rest" for 10 minutes.)

Topped with 4 oz. Contadina Tomato Sauce (that's what we had on hand), then added 1 lb. cooked spicey sausage (Jimmy Dean), 8 oz. canned mushrooms lightly sauteed in the sausage grease, 1/2 medium onion (diced), 10-12 black olives (sliced) and a cup of shredded Moz. cheese. Back in the oven (Broiler) for just a few minutes, and it was ready. (we let it "rest" for another 5 minutes before cutting.)

1/8 portions of the 13" x 9" concoction were plenty big enough for a satisfying meal. The next time we'll probably use a couple more ounces of tomato or pizza sauce, but our results as prepared were excellent!

saltnpeppa Tue, Sep-16-03 06:47

I tried it with egg beaters. made a small one in the toaster over with 2 eggs and the rest of the recipe adjusted. it was thin but tasty. thanks

Reckupjd Wed, Sep-24-03 11:52

Can anybody tell me if this is ok during induction and what the net carb count is?

llp51 Wed, Sep-24-03 11:54

Taco Variation
Donald -

I'm new here but have made the pizza and love it. One of your subsequent posts said you made it with a variation using the Taco Meat recipe. I would like to try that also, but cannot locate the "Taco Meat recipe." Is it the same as the Taco Cheesecake? Please help!



DWRolfe Thu, Sep-25-03 11:43

Hi Lynn! Here's the recipe for Taco Meat that I use. It's quite good for taco salad, soft tacos with LC tortillas or on DDPQ!



Steph44 Fri, Sep-26-03 14:28

Originally Posted by amy001
i have a question: what is the base like?---taste wise. i haven't made very many LC recipes. just thinking about it, i can't really imagine what eggs, cream cheese, cream, cheese and spices taste like baked.

and congratulations. it looks pretty good, especially since you claim to not cook.

:roll: amy

The base is really close to "norma" pizza. You could pick it up and eat it if you really wanted. Tho I suggest just using a fork!! :)

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