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dkiewicz Mon, Jul-25-11 15:36

Intro and Progress
Hey everyone. Thought I'd finally chime in as I've been lurking for awhile.

I started the PPower plan (Eades) the first of May. I was 273lbs then and as of the past weekend, 7-23-2011, I am at 236lbs. I have reduced my total cholesterol from 345 to 269 as of 7-18-2011 and Triglycerides from 326 to 114, normal!!!!!

Sugars went from 7.1 to 6.3 (although my meter gives a different avg when using the ADA calculations, so I think I'm closer to 5.7 A1C).

My LDL is still ~196, and I'm 0.1 high on Uric Acid, but with the meat consumption, I'm expecting that. I've tried to up the fluid intake to flush a little better.

I have not found an easier diet, ever! If I would've known it would be this easy, I would have changed my lifestyle years ago! I was always athletic and the carb loading was always the key to endurance they taught me. Hogwash! The carbs are what was killing me, and driving my liver into overtime cholesterol production and fat retention!

I am restricting myself to no more than ~30-50 grams of carbs a day or less, usually less. I started with the intervention allotment of no more than 7 a meal, but I didn't feel well after a week and a half, so I upped it a little.

I have been watching my sugars before, after and randomly during the day, and have not had numbers greater than 120 mm/dl. Lately I've been seeing 80's and 90's ~2hours after a meal. Yahoo!!!

I feel great, am never hungry and now understand this is permanent.

I have always desired a protein diet, and could do without the carbs, bring on the steak!

What really gets my goat is that these big pharmaceuticals know this and yet they market these statins which are hurting a lot of folks. I was on Lipitor for 2 years and started having severe reactions to it, bad muscle cramping and liver tests. They took me off and then tried Crestor when it hit the market.

I had the same reaction 3 weeks after starting it, and they told me I was allergic to statins and I can't have them. Well, nothing else worked and my sugars kept climbing, along with my cholesterol.

Well, just as I found Prolotherapy for my back, I found this site and Protein Power. Amazing that they would let me die from cholesterolemia, and not tell me about this, but just keep shoving more pills in my face.

My goal weight is 210 by the end of summer. I may make it, but if not I will get there. I'm still losing ~1lb a week, and have not stalled yet.

I've had a few BBQ's, a birthday party etc.., and have slightly indulged myself. I will have a bite or two of cake or the occasional beer when I'm in the desert, but its always considered in the daily allotment, and thus far it's worked out. I do this so I won't feel deprived and thus no binges.

I'll keep an eye out and report progress periodically like everyone else.

It's great to hear everyone's stories and to be able to be in the drivers seat for once, it's so empowering!

Take care and I'll write soon,

Best regards,

Dan ...

SueT Wed, Jul-27-11 14:22

Hi Dan! Sounds great!

Didy Wed, Jul-27-11 19:34

Way to go Dan!! Keep up the great work!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

lobolite Tue, Sep-06-11 17:33

Hi Dan. I started Protein Power a week ago and your experience is encouraging that I have made the right decision. You have made great progress

Laura W Sat, Jan-25-14 07:43

Hi Dan-great story!

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