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missymagoo Sun, Dec-13-09 21:52

bump it up , up

Katthleen Fri, Jan-15-10 20:11

I can't wait to try this one.. Thanks!

shandarose Fri, Jan-15-10 20:57

Ok, just saw this. Copied it down. Making it sunday because I've been dying for pizza!!!! I have all the ingredients except tomato sauce. (I make my own pizza sauce) ... so I'll get that tomorrow :)

shandarose Sun, Jan-17-10 17:10

I made it and even my prego daughter loves it!!!!

2007 Tue, May-11-10 22:35

Happiness is having all the items in your fridge and pantry to make this yummy dish. Awwwh...feels so good not to have to make any runs to the store.

One deep dish pizza quiche in the oven now.

Can't wait. I already know this is a really yummy dish. Yoohoo...some yummy for my tummy. :lol:

michellesv Sat, May-22-10 13:45

Another thumbs up! Hit the spot!

mlk18 Thu, Jun-24-10 09:07

Simply awesome! This will DEFINITELY go into the menu rotation.

gweny70 Thu, Jun-24-10 13:05

Hmm..I might need to make this again tonight. Think I'm fortunate enough to have all the ingredients too! Yay!

dr_manal Sun, Jul-04-10 13:37

low carb pizza !
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HI all :)
i don't know if any body posted this recepie before me, because i am new here :)
today i made a low carb pizza !! and its YUMMY !!
i got the recipie from this web site

and in the attached picture is the one i MADE :D :yum:
try and ENJOY !

PilotGal Sun, Jul-04-10 13:41

you must try the Meatza... that's pretty awesome and depending on what you load it with, it can be nil in the carb department!

pammieanne Sun, Jul-18-10 17:25

I just want to keep this post up high... because I love this recipe! It's my favorite, and I don't make it enough!

shy__anne Wed, Jul-21-10 18:06

You should also try the chicken alfredo version, homemade alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and green onions (like the olive garden) oh man is it AWESOME and pretty darn easy.....YUMMM

skinnyRay Tue, Jan-04-11 19:21

Dear Donald

Thank YOu, Thank You ,Thank you


This recipe rocks... it's sooooo good

i didn't have cream cheese or cream so used sour cream

Still fabulous!!

I can think of so many different ways to do this, not just pizza.

I used it like bread, and used it as a base to make open faced sandwches.
I also cut them up into bite size peices and spread them with cream chese and salmon like little canapes

Great hot or cold!! :agree:

This thread deserved to get bumped.

:wave: :wave: :wave:

gweny70 Tue, Jan-18-11 20:29

I haven't made this in awhile but it is sooo good. Definitely making again soon!!

mlk18 Wed, Jan-26-11 23:36

On Saturday I am going to adapt this recipe to make a Taco Pizza Quiche, something I am sure has been done before (and is somewhere in this thread). I am pretty excited about it too! I will be sure and let you know how it turns out.

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