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4debbs Mon, Jun-12-17 08:41

Cholesterol Buddies
Please help!
I have been on Atkins induction for over 3 months and feel that I have been doing very well 22.2 lbs. I have read all the forums I can on cholesterol and I am still at loss why my cholesterol keeps rising with this new lifestyle change.

I am extremely disappointed in my blood test result. My cholesterol is very high 700's (compared to pre dietary change mid 500's) and my doctor said with my family history I have to start meds. I haven't decided to restart them, since I get such terrible side effects.

I have reassessed my diet and the only thing i can contribute this to is the amount of eggs that I have been eating. I understand when starting LC eating that cholesterol may elevate somewhat, however by +200??

If anyone could please help me I would appreciate it. I really don't want to start meds however I don't want to die with heart disease as my entire family have done.

DelaneyLC Mon, Jun-12-17 11:48

My cholesterol went way up on LC. I know that cheese and coconut oil raised mine. I too didn't want to take the meds, but eventually had to. I make sure to take CoQ10 with each statin each day. So far I haven't noticed side effects. It is a cause for concern to have such high cholesterol in my experience. My whole family has high cholesterol, so that's more of a factor than food. But that doesn't explain why my already high cholesterol doubled when I changed to low carb. Even a year later and at goal my cholesterol stayed high. Now I will be on statins and aspirin for life.

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