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FaithLeigh Fri, Oct-25-13 04:04

CFS (Chronic Fatigue)
For those with CFS, do you exercise? and if so, would you mind sharing a bit of your exercise information such as what activity you do, how long, etc? On days that you exercise, do you find it gives you a bit more energy or even more fatigued?

Bonbon41 Tue, Aug-19-14 22:38

Giving up rigorous activity was very hard for me but I've slowed down and now have learned to enjoy more gentle exercise. I do a form of chi gong every morning, almost without fail. No matter how I feel, it always makes me feel better. It's gentle and slow and soothes me quite deeply. Gentle yoga, also good for me. If I'm feeling good, maybe Pilates or weights. The one activity that really helps is walking. Even if I am feeling poorly, a short (or long walk) gets me in touch with the sights and sounds of the season, the community, myself and generally improves mood while not taxing the body too much. Sometimes it can feel pointless to just take a walk around the block, but if it lifts me out of the land of the unwell, even for a short while, it's worth it. Gentle exercise usually never depletes me too much - it might a little, but I find this is offset by the lift in mood and sense of wellness I get from it.

mardatha Fri, Jul-03-15 10:35

Walking helps me too, not too much and not too fast. And pottering around the garden.

SilverEm Sun, Jul-12-15 13:49

Mardatha, same for me, and some modified Callanetics and restorative/senior yoga. Slow, not too much, and rests in between.

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