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luzdafuzz Wed, Oct-16-13 00:31

Coconut milk yogurt
I've recently seen Co-yo popping up in health food stores all over the Gold Coast (and probably everywhere else) and I got pretty excited until I saw the price. However... those macros are amaaaazing!! Decided to have a go ar making my own (I've never even made normal yogurt). Dug out a brand new yogurt maker I got for Christmas several years ago and actually had awesome success! Here's what I did:

1 270ml tin ayam coconut milk
1 cup homemade almond milk
2 droppers vanilla stevia
1 tsp xanthan gum
2 inner health plus capsules (just the powder inside)

I added everything to a blender and made a smooth mixture, added it to the yogurt maker and switched it on. Left it about 11 hrs, then refrigerated the yogurt overnight. Its now my morning pre - workout!

Nutrition info for entire recipe
Calories: 725 Fat: 71g/88% Carb: 11g/6% Protein: 5g/3%

Shelleyvdp Wed, Nov-13-13 21:38

Coconut Yoghurt
My woolies here in Brisbane sells it. It's not crazy expensive, more than normal yoghurt, sits next to the goat's milk yoghurt and it's the same price. For those that don't want to make their own........

Shawin Sat, Jan-10-15 13:23

Here in NZ, Naturally Organic sell it. It is more expensive than regular yoghurt, but at least it's available. See their website:

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