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sqkitty Mon, Jun-14-04 18:53

Tastes like See's chocolate lollipops
I just thought I'd share a discovery of mine with you all. I was in the midst of trying to up my fat for the day and I concocted this dessert type thing that tastes Just like See's chocolate lolipops. If you don't know what it is, it's old fashion buttery tatsing hard candy. Some of the best. I put about 1/2 cup whipping cream in a bowl and whipped it, then I took 2 T of butter and melted it on the stove and put about 1 tsp of cocoa powder in it. Lastly I added 2 (I think it would taste fine with 1 though) packets of splenda in it and let it cook for just about a minute. Let it sit for a minute or two then added it to the cream mix. I whipped the whole thing together and it was soooo good. I added a few pecans also. But if you like stuff like that it's good and it helped boost my fat % for the day.

iwill Tue, Jun-15-04 06:09

Yum, sounds great!

libra81 Tue, Jun-15-04 06:12

I"ll have to try it

bob2112 Tue, Jun-15-04 06:37

Sounds delicious!!

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